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Chapter 284: Curry Favor With Everybody!

Chapter 284: Curry Favor With Everybody!

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“Law enforcement elder, you’re out!” one of the vice leaders said numbly when the Elder of Punishments came out. He smiled gently and looked at the Elder of Punishments respectfully. The Elder of Punishments wasn’t any weaker than him.

“Yes, I’m out. Why are you here? Because of me or the young man? Hehe!” said the Elder of Punishments, grinning and pointing at Lin Feng.

Everybody looked embarrassed and smiled wryly. Some of them scratched their noses and looked at Lin Feng. Indeed, they had come for Lin Feng, he was a beast who had managed to spend three days and nights in the Court of Punishment, after all. They had never seen that before.

“Elder of Punishments, you’re joking, actually, we…” Even though the vice leader really thought that way, he still wanted to give the Elder of Punishments face, but the Elder of Punishments waved and interrupted him.

“It’s alright. My young friend and I were playing chess, we played for three days and nights. I’m exhausted. You can all leave. If you have anything to tell me, you can tell me tomorrow,” said the Elder of Punishments. He turned around and smiled at Lin Feng kindly, “Young friend, we’re not done playing. We should finish the game soon. Haha!”

“I wouldn’t dare refuse, Elder of Punishments. Hehe!” replied Lin Feng, bowing hand over fist, but grinning. The Elder of Punishments flashed away and disappeared, slamming the door of the Court of Punishment behind him.

The three vice-leaders glanced at each other and sighed. Then, they looked at Lin Feng, confused but satisfied.

“Let’s go. Lin Feng must be tired, let’s not bother him,” said one of the vice-leaders. He glanced once more at Lin Feng and left the Court of Punishment.

The two other vice-leaders walked up to Lin Feng before leaving,

“Young friend, I am a vice-leader in Sword Mountain, my name is Jian Yan. When you have time, you should come to my palace. We could chat about cultivation, equal to equal. I hope you’ll come.”

“Thank you very much, Master. I will definitely come when I have time. I am very grateful, not only to you, but to the two other vice-leaders as well, and all the elders. I will visit you all. I just hope that before then, nobody will annoy me,” said Lin Feng bowing hand over fist with a polite smile.

Jian Yan looked satisfied as he left.

“Young friend, I am also a vice-leader here, Deng Jia! Please come visit me when you have time, too. We’ll talk equal to equal.”

“Young friend, I am the Mountain Protecting Elder, Tang Fan, if you have time, come and visit me. We’ll talk equal to equal.”

“Young friend, I am the Cabinet Protecting Elder Protecting Elder, Wu Jun Long, if you have time, come and visit me. We’ll talk equal to equal.”

After Jian Yan, all the other elders of Sword Mountain said the same thing to Lin Feng. All the disciples were astonished and gasped in amazement.

Lin Feng was stupefied, too. These extremely strong people’s reaction was beyond expectation. Of course, Lin Feng didn’t realize that staying three days and three nights in the Court was something incredible, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been surprised.

Of course, Lin Feng replied to all of them politely. When he saw they were satisfied with his answer, he was relieved. When they left, Lin Feng glanced around and noticed that all the disciples of Sword Mountain were looking at him in admiration and amazement.

Lin Feng nodded at them kindly, then he flashed away and disappeared from the Court of Punishment. He flew in the direction of the courtyard where Meng Qing and the others were.


At that moment, something bad was happening in the courtyard.

“What about Lin Feng? He doesn’t come out and sends his wife to fight against me? Hmph!” said Lu Li, clenching his fists furiously. The whole courtyard was filled with his evil energy.

Meng Qing looked at him indifferently, the Qi around her ice-cold. Tian Chi, Meng Jin, and Meng Ke were next to her, looking furious.

“Lu Li, you escaped, you broke the rules, and now you’re causing trouble. Lin Feng is a guest of honor in Sword Mountain, you shouldn’t cause trouble!” shouted Meng Jin furiously, hating Lu Li. If Lu Li and Lu Yi hadn’t been brothers, he wouldn’t have almost been punished by the managing elder, he had almost been sentenced to death!

If Lin Feng hadn’t saved him, he would be dead already, so he hated Lu Li even more.

When Lu Li heard Meng Jin, he just sneered mockingly, looking quite sinister.

He was inwardly astonished; an ordinary disciple of Sword Mountain was talking to him this way…?

“Alright, hehe, very good, Meng Ke, that’s your little brother? Lin Feng killed my little brother already, so I will bury your little brother with mine! Hmph!” shouted Lu Li, gathering speed and rushing towards Meng Jin extremely quickly, before throwing out his fist. Meng Jin groaned as Lu Li’s Qi pushed him backwards. He stared at Lu Li’s Qi rolling towards him.

Meng Ke’s expression changed drastically. He thrust out his left hand. Lights flashed and exploded in front of Lu Li. At that moment, Meng Ke jumped and grabbed Meng Jin, dragging him away.

“Meng Jin, listen to me, hurry up and run, go and find Lin Feng, he’ll save us!”

“But, brother, you…” said Meng Jin, worried and nervous. He wanted to say something, but Meng Ke interrupted him and shouted.

“Hurry up, I’ll get very angry otherwise!” Meng Ke then pushed Meng Jin hard and raced towards Lu Li. Even though he only had the strength of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he could withstand a few attacks without any trouble.

“Hehe, not bad. The two of you are going to join my brother. No problem!” shouted Lu Li, grinding his teeth so hard that some almost broke. He clenched his fists and ran towards Meng Ke.

Meng Ke paled, but tried to persevere. He didn’t intend to give up.

“Meng Ke, move, I’ll fight against him.” Meng Ke sensed an incredibly cold energy pushing him away as Meng Qing spoke softly. The beautiful woman in white flew in front of him and landed before Lu Li, throwing her fist at him, ice and frost floated around it.

“Hmph! Since Lin Feng brought you here, he thinks a bit too highly of you! I will kill Lin Feng’s wife today! When you die, he won’t feel like living anymore, hahahahaha!” shouted Lu Li. His eyes were bloodshot already, he was almost in a trance. The only thing he had in mind was revenge. Blood called for blood. He wanted to make Lin Feng regret everything!

“Hmph! We’ll see!” said Meng Qing icily. Her face was covered with frost, as was the whole courtyard. Tian Chi and Meng Ke had no choice but to release pure Qi to protect themselves.

Tian Chi was stupefied. If Meng Qing had participated in the Top-Class Great Competition, she would have finished in the top ten, at least!

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