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Chapter 286: Elder Li Jian Is Done Meditating in Seclusion!

Chapter 286: Elder Li Jian Is Done Meditating in Seclusion!

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On the day after, early in the morning, Meng Jin called for Lin Feng. Meng Jin informed him that Mister Li Jian was going to stop meditating in seclusion.

Lin Feng couldn’t wait to meet Mister Li Jian. He already had some respect for him, because he was Uncle Zi Jian’s teacher. Lin Feng was much younger so he had a junior’s respect for him.

Meng Qing followed Lin Feng. Since she had decided to walk on her own path in terms of cultivation, Lin Feng had to support her. Meng Qing didn’t lack strength, she lacked reputation.

Lin Feng would help her build her reputation!


Mister Li Jian meditated in seclusion in the Sword Tower. The Sword Tower was a holy cultivation place in Sword Tower. It was a bit like the Dark Temple in the Dark Palace, but the Sword Tower was much better.

In the Sword Tower, there were many priceless swords, spiritual weapons, godly imperial weapons… all sorts of weapons. There were also many types of other weapons, not just swords.

Of course, there weren’t priceless swords just in the Sword Tower, there were priceless swords everywhere in Sword Mountain, and the best place for valuable swords was the Sword Cabinet. Only the great elders and the top disciples could use them, ordinary disciples weren’t qualified.

The Cabinet Protecting Elder naturally protected the Sword Cabinet.

The Sword Tower was different. Apart from valuable swords and other weapons, there were also sword energies, which represented deep knowledge. There were also many sword skills and techniques. Of course, they couldn’t be compared with the Birth of a Buddha technique, which was considered one of the top ten godly skills and techniques.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing followed Meng Jin, crossing the Court of Punishment, the leader’s palace, and then they arrived at the Sword Tower.

There were already many disciples there, even some elders were watching the area. When Lin Feng saw that, he understood that Mister Li Jian’s rank was probably very high, otherwise, all those elders and disciples wouldn’t have come.

“Brother Lin Feng, Elder Li Jian’s rank is inferior to the Elder of Punishments, the Mountain Protecting Elder and the Cabinet Protecting Elder, but is slightly higher than the managing elder’s.

“In Sword Mountain, there are six elders. The oldest one is the Elder of Punishments, the Cabinet Protecting Elder is the second elder, the third one is the Mountain Protecting Elder and the fourth one is Elder Li Jian. The fifth one is the managing elder, the sixth one is…”

Meng Jin suddenly looked sad. Lin Feng wondered what he was going to say.

“What’s wrong with the sixth elder?”

“To tell you the truth, the sixth elder is my biological grandfather, he’s a sword maker, but…”

“Once, as he was making a sword, someone attacked him by surprise, he was injured and died…” said Meng Jin. Lin Feng raised his head and noticed that the Elder of Punishments looked grim and was looking at him.

Meng Qing hastily bowed hand over fist when he saw the Elder of Punishments, and raised his head. Lin Feng and Meng Qing greeted him too.

“Lin Feng, I’ve heard that you had Elder Li Jian’s talisman, and that’s why Meng Jin let you come in Sword Mountain?” asked the Elder of Punishments.

Lin Feng nodded, “Indeed. I received Mister Li Jian’s talisman. His disciple, Zi Jian, gave it to me.”

“Oh? That young man, hehe! He left Sword Mountain a hundred years ago. How is he doing?” asked the Elder of Punishments with a smile.

Lin Feng said he was fine. He could see that the Elder of Punishments was just pretending to be interested.

“Meng Jin, your grandpa died and I understand that your brother and you must be sad, but don’t worry, I’ll avenge him whenever I have the opportunity,” said the Elder of Punishments, clapping Meng Jin’s shoulder and trying to cheer him up.

Lin Feng frowned and asked Meng Jin, “Meng Jin, what’s going on? Who attacked your grandfather by surprise?”

“Meng Jin, go on and tell Lin Feng about your grandpa. Maybe that Lin Feng will be able to avenge him. Haha!” said the Elder of Punishments, smiling broadly.

Meng Jin nodded and told Lin Feng everything about the Sword Refining elder.

“My grandpa was refining a sword and Song Tian attacked him by surprise. He was badly injured and then he died. Song Tian then stole the Sky Destroying Sword my grandpa was forging and escaped.

“Now, that bastard is in the top ten of the list. Even the leader of Sword Mountain doesn’t dare offend him.

“I… I feel so guilty that I’m not strong enough to crush him! Thinking that he escaped safe and sound makes me furious!” swore Meng Jin, clenching his fists and grinding his teeth. He really hated Song Tian!

When Lin Feng heard Song Tian’s name, he couldn’t help but think of Song Yuan. Song Yuan was Song Tian’s biological older brother. He was also in the top ten of the Gods’ List, he had the strength of the ninth layer already. One more step and he’d be at the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

“Song Tian is in the top ten, Gods Country pays extra attention to him, so nobody dares offend him, except during the competition for the Gods’ List,” explained the Elder of Punishments.

“Master, was the Gods’ List created by the Gods Country?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed, the Gods Country created it. It is said that those in the top three have the opportunity to receive a talisman of the Gods Country and that ten years later, they are invited to go there. I don’t know if it’s true, though,” said the Elder of Punishments, sighing and stroking his beard. He was very interested in the Gods’ List. However, he was already too old. People above a thousand years old couldn’t be on the list.

“Meng Jin, don’t worry. I will avenge your grandfather when I have the opportunity,” said Lin Feng nodding and clapping Meng Jin’s shoulder.

Meng Jin smiled. He was touched, but on the other side, he also hoped he’d be able to avenge his grandfather himself…

Boom boom!…

Lin Feng wasn’t even done talking when the ground suddenly started shaking. All the disciples gasped in amazement. Lin Feng raised his eyes and looked at the golden tower, which was a thousand meters high. Golden strength appeared on the seventh floor.

“My old buddy is done meditating. I wonder how strong he is now,” said the Elder of Punishments, raising his head and taking a deep breath. He disappeared, reappearing high up in the air and throwing a punch in the direction of the seventh floor.

Everybody was stupefied and stared at the Elder of Punishments.

“Hurry, come and look! What is the elder doing?”

“He must be trying to see how strong Mister Li Jian has become!”

“Come on, how could he do that? Elder Li Jian has the strength of the top of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and the Elder of Punishments has the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer already!”

“You’re forgetting that he had the strength of the top of the eighth layer before going to meditate in seclusion, maybe that he now has the strength of the ninth layer, who knows?”

As the disciples were talking, the whole territory of Sword Mountain was shaking. Many beasts howled furiously and birds whistled stridently and cawed.

“Old pal, you’re not very patient, are you? So you want to see how strong I am?”

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  1. Niiquito April 12, 2019 at 7:11 am - Reply

    Lin Feng is more than 1000 years old, it would not be strange to say that he has 2000 or 3000 for the time he spent in Ganges Time and in his little world.
    Then I should not be qualified to participate in the competition for the Talisman of the Country of God.

    • Mu Feng November 1, 2019 at 9:25 pm - Reply

      The time he spent on Ganges time remember he had to go to a competition in one year before he went to Ganges time? The competition in the Fortune shrine. A lot of time passes in Ganges time but in the outside world is like 100 ties slower. So is his spirit world, maybe one year in his spirit world is like one minute or one hour in the continent

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