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Chapter 287: Fate?

Chapter 287: Fate?

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Someone laughed loudly and then a man in grey clothes came out of the Sword Tower and collided with the Elder of Punishments.

When the Elder of Punishments saw that, he was startled, quickly releasing even more strength and bombarding the man in grey.

Boom boom!…

Their Qi collided. Lin Feng was stupefied and jumped away. Everybody did the same as Lin Feng, because a huge rift appeared after the two men’s energies collided.

The terrifying strength appeared quickly and disappeared just as fast. The lights dispersed and everybody saw Mister Li Jian’s face clearly.

He was wearing a grey robe, had dark skin, a long beard, and looked like a young countryman. However, from the expression in his eyes, it was easy to see that he had an advanced understanding of Dao. His knowledge of Dao might be as high as the Elder of Punishments’!

“The elders’ top five changed today,” Lin Feng whispered to Meng Jin.

Meng Jin was impressed as he looked at Mister Li Jian and the Elder of Punishments. They had both used their full strength, but the Elder of Punishments hadn’t defeated Mister Li Jian, which meant that the latter wasn’t weaker than the former.

“So, what do you think, old pal? Not bad, eh?” said Mister Li Jian, smiling teasingly.

The Elder of Punishments pretended to look displeased, but Li Jian knew he was teasing him. They had a good relationship.

“Hmph! You just broke through to the top of the ninth layer. I broke through to the ninth layer dozens of years ago. You still have work to do!” mocked the Elder of Punishments aloofly. They looked like kindergarten kids arguing like that.

“Pfff, if I didn’t study sword skills and techniques, I would have broken through before you!” retorted Li Jian coldly. He turned around and ignored the Elder of Punishments, getting ready to leave the Sword Tower.

“Master, hello!” shouted Lin Feng when he saw the older man was about to leave.

All the disciples of Sword Mountain looked at Lin Feng. Most of them had already seen him. The others had at least heard of him, therefore, nobody dared provoke him.

Mister Li Jian frowned and turned around. Who was this young man he didn’t know?

“What do you want?” he shouted at Lin Feng impatiently. He had just broken through, he now needed to stabilize his cultivation as quickly as possible, so he didn’t want to waste time and Lin Feng was slowing him down.

Lin Feng knew that his intervention wasn’t welcome, but Uncle Zi Jian had given him Li Jian’s talisman and Lin Feng had come to Sword Mountain for him to make Zi Jian happy.

Lin Feng slowly walked to him and a purple wooden talisman appeared in his hand, which he threw it at Mister Li Jian.

Elder Li Jian grabbed it with his left hand and looked at it, frowning.

“What’s your name?”

“Lin Feng.”

“Alright, tonight, come to my palace,” said Li Jian, then disappeared with the talisman.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng strangely. They all knew that Elder Li Jian usually didn’t invite anyone, not even the top disciples.

However, Lin Feng had just thrown a talisman at him and been invited. It was unimaginable.

“Ok, everybody can disperse now and get back to their duties!” shouted the Elder of Punishments.

Instantly, the number of disciples present decreased drastically. In less than a minute, apart from Lin Feng and Meng Qing, there was nobody left, as even Meng Jin didn’t dare go against the Elder of Punishments’ orders.

The Elder of Punishments looked at Lin Feng and then at Meng Qing. “This the young lady who defeated Lu Li?”

“How do you know?” asked Lin Feng. He was surprised that the Elder of Punishments already knew about that.

The Elder of Punishments shook his head and coughed, “Everybody knows your wife in Sword Mountain now, why are you surprised that I know about that, too? She defeated Lu Li, one of the top disciples, after all!”

“Hehe, right!” said Lin Feng a little awkwardly. The fact that Meng Qing had defeated Lu Li had already spread around in Sword Mountain, everybody paid close attention to the top disciples, and Meng Qing was starting to build a reputation, at least in Sword Mountain. Outside, nobody knew about her.

“What you gave Elder Li Jian is his disciple’s talisman, right?” the Elder of Punishments asked with a frown.

Lin Feng nodded.

“Oh, I see,” the elder nodded. He glanced at the Sword Tower and smiled. “Lin Feng, I’ll give you and your wife an opportunity!”

“An opportunity?” repeated Lin Feng, eying the elder’s strange smile. Meng Qing was curious, too.

They said nothing. The Elder of Punishments was amused. If he had said that to any of the disciples of Sword Mountain, they would have been extremely excited, but Lin Feng and his wife were on the lookout.

“Lin Feng, this is one of the two holy cultivation places of Sword Mountain. Each floor has some priceless items and godly imperial weapons. Of course, they are mostly swords and daggers.

“Apart from that, there are also many skills and techniques, most of them of the godly level. I know that you received the Birth of a Buddha technique from the Assassin God, which is one of the top ten godly techniques.

“However, you’ll need other godly skills and techniques in the future during battles. Not all your opponents will have top-class godly skills and techniques, you don’t want to bully people, right?

“Besides, even if not for you, Meng Qing is strong, but she lacks skills and techniques, so it’s a good opportunity for her, isn’t it?” proposed the Elder of Punishments.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing glanced at each other, hesitant and happy at the same time, and not a little surprised.

“Alright, since you kindly proposed that to us, how could we refuse?” Lin Feng smiled back. “But…” Lin Feng suddenly looked at the old man, wanting to ask something. “I have a fellow disciple, can he come too…?”

“Yes, alright, no problem. After you go in, I’ll send someone to call him,” said the Elder of Punishments, smiling and stroking his beard in satisfaction. A genuinely strong cultivator never forgot his friends!

He appreciated Lin Feng as a person, and Lin Feng was definitely going to become a really strong cultivator someday, so Sword Mountain had to be good to him. Lin Feng would never forget their kindness.

“But you can’t go higher than the seventh floor. The eighth, ninth and tenth floors are secret places. You can’t go there…”

“Alright, don’t worry. We’ll respect the rules!” promised Lin Feng.

“Very good!” said the pleased Elder of Punishments. He raised his left hand and golden lights appeared around the Sword Tower. The big gate opened itself, emitting rumbling sounds. Many people in Sword Mountain heard the rumbling sounds, but nobody dared come and look.

“Go in!”

“Thank you very much, Master. Meng Qing, let’s go!” said Lin Feng ,bowing hand over fist gratefully. He took Meng Qing’s hand and brought her with him. A second later, they were in front of the big gate, then they jumped into the tower. The big gate closed itself again.

“Someone go and call Lin Feng’s fellow disciple!”

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