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Chapter 288: The Thousand Frost Feather Fan!

Chapter 288: The Thousand Frost Feather Fan!

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“Meng Qing, be careful. It’s a holy cultivation place in Sword Mountain, this place must be dangerous, too,” Lin Feng breathed, glancing around. The atmosphere was dark inside, and the Qi was piercingly cold, so Lin Feng couldn’t help but warn Meng Qing.

Meng Qing nodded. She could sense that the Qi in there was dangerous.

“There’s nothing interesting here, let’s go to the second floor,” said Meng Qing. Apart from the fact that she found the Qi a bit strange there, she had no other feeling. There were no precious items, either.

“Alright, to the second floor then!” Lin Feng nodded. He walked towards the flight of stairs and climbed up.

“I can smell some very rich sharp Qi. It must be a precious item, a sword,” Lin Feng said before even arriving on the second floor. Meng Qing didn’t say anything, just following along.

Lin Feng didn’t say more. When they finally arrived on the second floor, and saw what it looked like, they gasped in surprise.

There were many golden items, dazzling and priceless.

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t intend to take those items. He looked at three of them. Two of them were swords, and the last was a knife.

“These are godly imperial weapons, but only low-level ones. They’re useless for us. Let’s go to the third floor,” said Lin Feng. Low-level godly imperial weapons were nothing now. All they could do with such items was sell them for Godly Stones.

“Yes, alright,” agreed Meng Qing. They held hands and walked up to the third floor.

The third floor was similar to the second floor, a few golden items, low-level godly imperial weapons, and there were two books as well, but Lin Feng wasn’t interested.

Time passed. Lin Feng and Meng Qing arrived on the fourth floor, and the fifth, and finally, they noticed a few things which drew Meng Qing’s attention.


On the fifth floor, the Qi was very cold. It was the first time they sensed such cold energy in the Sword Tower, it was now at least a few hundreds of degrees below zero. Weaker cultivators had to release pure Qi to protect themselves in such conditions.

Meng Qing was Xue Ling Long and the heir of the Snow Region, she didn’t fear cold. Lin Feng was extremely strong, so he didn’t need to use pure Qi to protect himself either. They both walked ahead slowly.

The Sword Tower consisted of ten floors, each floor a bit smaller than the previous one because the tower was pyramidal. The fifth floor was already quite small, but the Qi there was very dense, and there was a white feather fan out of which an ice-cold Qi emerged.

That feather fan seemed to be at least ten thousand years old. It looked very strange.

Something was written on it which drew Meng Qing’s attention. She was very calm, but when she saw that, her heartbeat accelerated, and so did Lin Feng’s.

“That’s something from the Snow Region, Miss Snow’s item?”

“Yes, look, something is written there! It’s called the Thousand Frost Feather Fan, it’s a high-level godly imperial weapon!” Lin Feng pointed out.

Meng Qing was very happy. Apart from Lin Feng and Lin Zhe Tian, nobody could make her feel so happy. At that moment, she was extremely pleased, showing how much she cared for the Snow Region.

The Snow Region’s Leader and Godly Leader had treated Meng Qing as well as they could. Meng Qing would never forget that, or she wouldn’t have cared about the destiny of the Snow Region that much.

“Meng Qing, it seems that the Elder of Punishments was right, it’s a real opportunity. Since it’s that way, you should practice cultivation here on the fifth floor. See if you can break through. Regarding the Thousand Frost Feather Fan, if you can take it, that’d be great!” Lin Feng smiled.

Meng Qing nodded to him, then sat down in the air and an extra layer of glittering frost appeared on her dress. Lin Feng felt even colder.

“I’ll go upstairs and see.” said Lin Feng. He didn’t want to bother Meng Qing while she was meditating. He headed up to the sixth floor.


The Elder of Punishments had told him that he could practice in there, but he couldn’t go above the seventh floor.

Lin Feng arrived on the sixth floor and frowned.

There was a cold yin Qi which seemed like it wanted to absorb him. Lin Feng had already had that sensation in the Evil Soul Sect, but it was even stronger in the tower.

Lin Feng glanced around. There was no item there, just Qi.

I’ll go to the seventh floor. If I don’t find anything interesting, then it means I’m not lucky, Lin Feng sighed to himself, trying to cheer himself up. He headed to the next flight of stairs.

A grey broken soul suddenly appeared and startled Lin Feng. Since when was there a broken soul on the sixth floor?

“Young friend, it’s the best room in the tower!” said the broken soul. It was an old man wearing a grey robe. Even though he was just a broken soul, he seemed quite strong, of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Of course, for Lin Feng, that kind of cultivation posed no threat at all.

“Master, may I ask you…?” said Lin Feng, frowning.

But the old man interrupted him and shouted, “I am Meng Tian Lü! I was the fifth elder of Sword Mountain, then someone attacked me by surprise. I was badly injured and died. What you see is just my broken soul.”

“Meng Tian Lü? Are you Meng Jin and Meng Ke’s grandfather?” Lin Feng asked immediately, quite pleased.

The broken soul looked happy when he saw Lin Feng’s reaction, and replied, “You know my beloved grandchildren?”

“Yes, we’re friends!” said Lin Feng nodded.

Meng Tian Lü sighed happily. “They’re lucky to have a friend like you.”

“You’re flattering me, Master.”

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