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Chapter 289: Breaking Through!

Chapter 289: Breaking Through!

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“Don’t belittle yourself. I am extremely old and I’ve never seen a beast like you. You’re not even two hundred years old and you’re already so strong. It’s impressive. And if you’re here, it means one of the elders of Sword Tower allowed you to come in,” Meng Tian Lü observed.

Lin Feng confirmed and said the Elder of Punishments had him come inside.

Meng Tian Lü laughed easily, then shook his head and said, “That old fart seems so kind to you, he must have changed.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

Meng Tian Lü smiled indifferently and told Lin Feng about the Elder of Punishments.

The old man and the Elder of Punishments used to be friends when they were young. One day, the old man courted a woman the Elder of Punishments liked too, and they had had a child together, Meng Jin and Meng Ke’s father. The Elder of Punishments then become solitary. he had cut off ties with many people.

Time passed and many people started considering him as a perfect option to become a great elder because he had time. He had quickly risen and become one of the top elders, and then was chosen to manage the Court of Punishment.

After the Elder of Punishments became the ruler of the Court of Punishment, nobody dared provoke him anymore, they started fearing him. He had started rising even more.

“I see,” said Lin Feng nodding and sighing. That was the reason why no elder dared fight against the Elder of Punishments.

Meng Tian Lü looked nostalgic. Even though they had become rivals after he had courted the woman the Elder of Punishments liked, he had never thought of killing him or anything, they were just rivals and he had won that woman’s heart.

“Young friend, I am a broken soul, but I have a good life in here, I can’t go out anymore, but I hope you can help me with something,” said Meng Tian Lü, looking very serious and sounding nervous.

Lin Feng frowned and nodded, thinking of Meng Jin and Meng Ke, “Please tell me how I can help you, Master, if I can help, I will do my best.”

“Thank you. It’s not something difficult but it could be dangerous, do you accept…?”asked Meng Tian Lü carefully.

Lin Feng looked worried suddenly, if someone else had said that, maybe that he wouldn’t have been worried, but Meng Tian Lü was telling him that meant it was definitely going to be something dangerous.

But Lin Feng wasn’t afraid, and he liked challenges.

“Please tell me!” stated Lin Feng, nodding without the slightest hesitation. Meng Tian Lü had even more esteem for him.

“You know how I was injured and died? Song Tian, that bastard, attacked me while I was refining a sword out of greed. He attacked me by surprise and destroyed my circulatory system. I ended up badly injured and died.

“But he can’t use the sword to the fullest because the soul of the sword he stole from me is here with me!” said Meng Tian Lü. He shook his hands and an illusory sword appeared in midair. Instantly, the Qi in the tower became terrifying. Cold sweat dripped down Lin Feng’s back.

It was a high-level sword soul! As expected, it was truly impressive!

“The sword he stole from me is called Buddha Sword, it’s a sword I refined based on the Great Buddha Formula. If you practice cultivation with the Buddha Sword and the Great Buddha Formula, the results are even better.”

“When you are strong enough, you should take the Buddha Sword back from Song Tian, then put its soul back in. You’ll have the real sword, a high-level godly imperial weapon!” said Meng Tian Lü. He was proud of his sword, and furious that an enemy had it.

When Lin Feng heard that, he found himself asking silently, Why was the name of the sword and the formula so similar to the technique the Assassin God had given to him? Birth of a Buddha? Buddha Sword? Great Buddha Formula?

And why had Song Tian stolen the sword, but not realized that its soul wasn’t inside. Why didn’t he look for the soul?

Meng Tian Lü could see that Lin Feng was asking himself questions. He smiled and explained, “Young friend, don’t doubt about what I am telling you. When Song Tian stole the sword from me, it had no soul because I wasn’t done making it. I finished it when I was badly injured and about to die.

“Otherwise, even though my circulatory system was destroyed, I could have lived on, but finishing the Buddha Sword’s soul killed me.

“All of this because of Song Tian, that bastard!” shouted Meng Tian Lü furiously. His eyes were suddenly filled with flames of fury.

“Don’t worry, Master. I won’t forget what you told me, but I have a question,” Lin Feng agreed, implicitly accepting to fulfill the old man’s request, but he had a question.

“Tell me?” said Meng Tian Lü nodding.

“Is there a link between the Great Buddha Formula and the Birth of a Buddha technique?”

“Birth of a Buddha? You mean the technique the Assassin God has never transmitted to anyone?” said Meng Tian Lü, his eyes wide.

Lin Feng raised his left hand and used the Birth of a Buddha technique. Meng Tian Lü was delighted and astonished, asking, “You… you’re the Assassin God’s disciple?”

“No, I am not his heir. He just gave it to me,” replied Lin Feng, smiling lightly.

Meng Tian Lü was astonished. He sighed, “You are definitely qualified to help me! The Assassin God thinks highly of you, which means you must be extraordinary!

“Young friend, there is indeed a link between the Great Buddha Formula and the Birth of a Buddha technique. The Birth of a Buddha technique is also called the Little Buddha Formula.

“When you’re done practicing the Little Buddha Formula, you can study the Great Buddha Formula. The gods are on your side, young man. I thought I’d die with the Great Buddha Formula, but now I have no choice but to give it to you!” said Meng Tian Lü. He raised his left hand and a small yellow book appeared in his hand. Words came out of it and flew towards Lin Feng’s celestial spirit.

Lin Feng had the impression his brain was going to explode, as this process was extremely painful. He ground his teeth as the Great Buddha Formula became ever clearer in his brain.

He groaned with pain, then the lights disappeared, Lin Feng opened his eyes and raised his arms. Golden lights emerged from his eyes and he shouted, “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

The whole tower trembled. The strength which appeared around Lin Feng could kill Meng Tian Lü. Luckily, he reacted in time and dodged.

Dying because he had transmitted the Great Buddha Formula to Lin Feng would truly have been a pity.

Meng Tian Lü raised his head and looked at the golden lights surrounding Lin Feng, his eyes wide.

“Eh… you broke through just by reading the Great Buddha Formula!? That’s just stupefying, amazing!… With the Little and Great Buddha Formula, you’ll be even stronger! Hehe! Awesome!”

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  1. Haider Shakir April 5, 2019 at 12:40 am - Reply

    Holy makaroni

  2. suicai99 April 5, 2019 at 1:36 am - Reply

    Yeah. lucky chap. Other cultivators risk their life to even advance a stage, LF just had lucky encounters most of his life. So is this one of Mr Time’s arrangement for him too?

  3. Gray June 10, 2019 at 4:26 am - Reply

    Don’t belittle yourself. I am extremely old and I’ve never seen a beast like you. You’re not even two hundred years old and you’re already so strong. It’s impressive. And if you’re here, it means one of the elders of Sword Tower allowed you to come in,” Meng Tian Lü observed.

    2 Hundred years old your ass, who will believe that shit in the world of cultivator?
    What the hell is wrong with this world..

    And again another breakthrough for Lin Feng, no need to risk life anymore, just reading a formula then here we go.. Level up. What a joke.
    It is totally plain writing.

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