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Chapter 290: Lin Zhe Tian’s Whereabouts?

Chapter 290: Lin Zhe Tian’s Whereabouts?

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Time passed slowly, Lin Feng was seated cross-legged with his eyes closed. His face was pale, but his Qi was even more powerful and stable.

A Buddha had appeared inside Lin Feng’s body. Meng Tian Lü looked on with wide eyes, stupefied by Lin Feng’s changes.

“Pfew…” Finally, Lin Feng put his hands on his knees and took a deep breath. The Qi of the sixth floor became more stable and normal again. Meng Tian Lü only dared come closer to Lin Feng then, no longer worried that a powerful Qi would emerge from Lin Feng’s body again.

“Young friend, you’re very talented. I’m truly amazed,” said Meng Tian Lü, smiling wryly as Lin Feng opened his eyes.

Lin Feng slowly came back to his senses and smiled softly. He said to the old man, “I had no idea the contents of the Great Buddha Formula would have such consequences, I hope you’re not mad at me.”

“Haha, how could I? I can only blame myself for forgetting how powerful the Great Buddha Formula was,” Meng Tian Lü replied ironically. He raised his head, looking nostalgic. He remembered how powerful the Great Buddha Formula was.

“When I was five hundred years old, I had just become a High-Level Holy Emperor. I had just come back to Sword Mountain, and I bumped into a group of young criminals. They killed an old man who was healthy and strong, then stole the old man’s things.”

“Back then, I was too weak, and I couldn’t help the old man. I buried the old man’s body in an unnamed mountain, and as I was about to leave, the old man’s remaining energies penetrated into my brain.

“He was thankful that I hadn’t abandoned his body in the open, and transmitted the Great Buddha Formula to me. He knew I wasn’t very talented, he just asked me to transmit the Great Buddha Formula to someone so that it wouldn’t go forgotten.

“I didn’t even have time to thank him before his broken soul dispersed. I’ve always felt guilty about that.

“Hehe, now, it’s done. I finally found someone to transmit it to, and on top of that, you already had the Little Buddha Formula. In other words, you’ve got the Full Buddha Formula!” Meng Tian Lü said gleefully. Lin Feng was the perfect heir for the Great Buddha Formula, since he already had the Little one!

“I will always remember your kindness, Master,” said Lin Feng, kowtowing before the old man earnestly.

Meng Tian Lü smiled and sighed, “When you go out, don’t tell anyone my broken soul is here, especially Meng Jin and Meng Ke. Let them think I’m completely dead.”

“Alright, Master. I will remember that, but I can’t go out yet, I also want to go to the seventh floor,” Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t intend to leave yet.

The old man didn’t prevent Lin Feng from going to the seventh floor. He knew it wasn’t dangerous.

“By the way, if you see Li Jian, don’t tell him what happened here. He meditated in seclusion for a hundred years in here and didn’t even notice my presence, but he succeeded and broke through. He probably sensed someone was watching him, let him doubt the identity of that mysterious spy.

“Don’t mention my presence, don’t tell anyone you saw me!” Meng Tian Lü said again.

But at that moment, Lin Feng was already on the seventh floor, Meng Tian Lü didn’t know if Lin Feng had heard him or not.

The old man’s silhouette gradually vanished again.


Lin Feng arrived on the seventh floor. It was much smaller than the sixth floor, but the shelves there were filled with items: godly imperial weapons, including medium-level godly imperial weapons, swords, daggers, axes, long whips…

On the other side were many skills and techniques. Some skills and techniques were almost godly ones. Lin Feng remembered that the Elder of Punishments had told him he needed some, even if he was strong. In terms of results, he would get twice the results with half the effort if he knew more standard godly skills and techniques.

“Standard godly skill, Heaven and Earth Crown.”

“Standard godly skill, Ever-Conquering Flood Dragons.”

“Standard godly skill, Chiliocosm of the Great Tao? Eh? Chiliocosm of the Great Tao?”

Lin Feng read the titles of the different standard godly skills, but the last one drew his attention. He grabbed the yellow book, but didn’t open it immediately. He first looked at the requirements written on the cover.

“People who don’t have the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor can’t practice it,” he read aloud. He smiled confidently. Since he had broken through, he now had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, so he met the requirements.

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao, one punch seems invisible and intangible, one finger, one hand, millions of different forms, the true nature of the self, the goal is to kill in any way.”

Lin Feng read the introduction. It was a funny one, it made him chuckle. Lin Feng already understood the Dao of the Chiliocosm of the Great Tao, so he didn’t really need to read the rest.

He took a deep breath and put the book back into the shelf. He was in Sword Mountain’s holy cultivation place, he couldn’t take these things.

“Eh? That Qi?”

At that moment, some Qi drew Lin Feng’s attention. He looked higher up the shelf and saw an ordinary-looking paper sheet. Lin Feng had the impression that Qi was familiar.

“Little Tian? That’s… that’s Little Tian’s Qi? And that’s his handwriting?!”

Lin Feng suddenly looked alarmed. He grabbed the sheet with the greatest care and read it. There weren’t many things written on it.

“Wrong path? Why wrong path? To go back home, but how? Dad, Ma, I am an unfilial son, I feel too ashamed to see you. I made a mistake in terms of cultivation.”

“Little Tian, what…”

Lin Feng suddenly looked glum, he had a very bad premonition. What had happened to Lin Zhe Tian? Had Lin Zhe Tian come to Sword Mountain before?

Lin Feng suddenly had millions of questions. He put the paper in his pocket. Meng Qing was Zhe Tian’s mother, she had to know this as well.

Lin Feng was convinced that Lin Zhe Tian had been in Sword Mountain before. Lin Feng had to ask the Elder of Punishments about it…

Thinking about that, Lin Feng left the seventh floor without the least hesitation. When he arrived on the sixth floor, he sensed Meng Tian Lü’s Qi, but he didn’t care, all he was thinking about at that moment was his son. He hurried down to the fifth floor.

When he arrived, Meng Qing was already awake. She had also broken through!

“Fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, you advanced too!” Lin Feng smiled. Meng Qing was very talented. If she hadn’t met him, maybe she would be even stronger.

“Husband, I sense Little Tian’s Qi on you, you…”

“Meng Qing, look at this.” Lin Feng handed the sheet over. Meng Qing suddenly looked alarmed, too. Her face paled. Lin Feng took her in his arms.

“Meng Qing, don’t worry. We’ll ask the Elder of Punishments, he’ll tell us what is going on. We finally have some news from Little Tian, but it doesn’t look good.” said Lin Feng, taking her hand and running.


Very quickly, they arrived at the exit. The gate opened itself. Lin Feng and Meng Qing narrowed their eyes at the sudden sunlight. The Elder of Punishments was still standing there.

Lin Feng didn’t even have time to react before Meng Qing was flying towards the Elder of Punishments.

Lin Feng sighed. A mother always seemed to have superpowers when it came to her children. He was worried about his son too. He kept iron control of himself, however.

Lin Feng followed Meng Qing and landed in front of the Elder of Punishments.

When the old man saw their Qi had changed, he was stunned; they had BOTH broken through?


“Master, where’s my son? Where is Lin Zhe Tian?” demanded Meng Qing, interrupting the old man. She looked extremely nervous.

The old man’s expression changed to even more astonishment. “What? Zhe Tian is your son? Your biological son?”

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