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Chapter 292: Father vs. Son, Great Battle!

Chapter 292: Father vs. Son, Great Battle!

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When Lin Zhe Tian said that, everybody instantly understood that Lin Zhe Tian was Lin Feng’s son. Many disciples of Sword Mountain were speechless. Lin Feng was Lin Zhe Tian’s father?!

Lin Feng was extremely strong, all the disciples of Sword Mountain knew it and surprisingly, Lin Zhe Tian was Lin Feng’s son, no wonder… When the father is a lion, the son cannot be a dog. But Lin Zhe Tian was so depressed those days, which actually made many disciples of Sword Mountain feel sad for him.

“You don’t deserve a father like me. My son, Lin Zhe Tian, is the king of the Snow Clan. He’s a role model for his little brother. He’s the pride of his son. He’s a perfect son for his mother. What about you?” said Lin Feng indifferently. Lin Zhe Tian’s face became even paler.

“Could Lin Zhe Tian be depressed? Is he a mess? Do you know what your name means? Do you know?

“Zhe Tian means someone as great as the sky {Translator’s note: zhe tian means blot out the sky}, and surprisingly, you are depressed because you lost against against a trivial top disciple of Sword Mountain?

“Lin Zhe Tian, I am disappointed!” thundered Lin Feng. As a father, he couldn’t cheer his son up. He had to shake him a little. Meng Qing held her son’s arm.

Lin Zhe Tian felt guilty, but he was really tired. He didn’t feel like studying or fighting anymore.

The Mountain Protecting Elder didn’t get involved. Even though Lin Zhe Tian was his disciple, Lin Feng was his father, and had authority over his son. Besides, Lin Feng was completely right.

Like this, Lin Zhe Tian was just a useless piece of trash.

Tian Chi couldn’t help but think of when he had become strange and dispirited. If Lin Feng hadn’t rescued him, he wouldn’t be who he was anymore.

“Zhe Tian, my boy, I went through something similar, but I came back to my senses. When there is a problem, there is always a solution. Look at your father, he’s never been dispirited or depressed.”

“Lin Zhe Tian, don’t forget that you’re your father’s oldest son, your father must be very disappointed to see you like that, I…”

“Fellow disciple, forget it, he doesn’t understand anything,” said Lin Feng, interrupting Tian Chi and waving him off. If it had been easy to reason with Lin Zhe Tian, the Mountain Protecting Elder wouldn’t have been that furious.

“Lin Zhe Tian, will you fight against me?” asked Lin Feng suddenly, just as everybody thought Lin Feng was going to abandon his child. They all looked at him strangely.

Lin Feng wanted to fight against his own son? Lin Zhe Tian was already dispirited and depressed, did Lin Feng want his son to get even more depressed?

Even the Elder of Punishments who initially looked indifferent was surprised. He knew how strong Lin Feng was;, he had broken through to the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and could definitely defeat cultivators of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer now, and even cultivators of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer if he remained vigilant.

Lin Feng surprisingly wanted to fight against his son, wouldn’t that crush Lin Zhe Tian’s last hopes?

“Lin Feng, you can’t do that!” said the Mountain Protecting Elder. He had only one disciple, Lin Zhe Tian, he couldn’t let Lin Feng fight against his own son. And even as a father, wasn’t he going too far?

“Husband, you want to crush Little Tian?” said Meng Qing raising her head and holding Lin Zhe Tian. She seemed angry. It was the first time she looked at Lin Feng angrily. She wasn’t happy about Lin Feng’s way of handling the whole thing.

“Lin Zhe Tian, if you are a piece of trash, a coward, then piss off, you don’t deserve to be my son. If you are really Lin Feng’s son, then get ready to fight!” said Lin Feng, ignoring the Mountain Protecting Elder and Meng Qing.

Lin Zhe Tian shook from head to foot and looked at his father. He clenched his fists.

“Lin Zhe Tian, don’t you hate me? You hate me, right? Because of me, your mother and you couldn’t have a free life.

“Don’t you hate me? You hate me because you suffered too much because of me? Our family could have been crushed anytime because of me.

“Lin Zhe Tian, don’t you want to fight against me? If you don’t want to listen to me, then show me!” shouted Lin Feng.

Lin Zhe Tian looked furious and clenched his fists, which crackled.

He looked much less depressed all of a sudden. He suddenly raised his head and stared Lin Feng in the eyes.

“Mom, I’ll fight him!” Lin Zhe Tian said to Meng Qing heavily.

Meng Qing shook her head, almost crying. “No, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“… Mom, I don’t want that man to despise and underestimate me,” sighed Lin Zhe Tian, taking a deep breath. He looked at Lin Feng coldly.

When Meng Qing sensed her son’s ice-cold energy, she was stupefied, and also looked sad. She looked at Lin Feng and let Lin Zhe Tian move.

Lin Zhe Tian instantly flashed forwards and threw himself at Lin Feng.

A great battle was starting between father and son. It drew the attention of many disciples in Sword Mountain, as well. Many of them came to watch, including the disciples of the top ten.

“Father, you’re right, if I am a piece of trash, a coward, then I should piss off, but I’m neither a piece of trash nor a coward, I am Lin Zhe Tian!

“I shouldn’t be dispirited and depressed because I am your son. Come, father, fight against me!”

Lin Zhe Tian clenched his fists, his Qi ice-cold. He was from the Snow Clan, so he also had the Qi of the Snow Clan, very similar to the Qi that Meng Qing had possessed back in the days, very powerful.

Even though Lin Zhe Tian had the strength of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer, when he used his full strength, he could easily defeat cultivators of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

When Lin Feng saw that his child looked normal again, he was relieved.

“Come, little boy, and show me what you’ve been learning this whole time!” he shouted, and attacked first. Of course, Lin Feng controlled his own level and used the same strength as Lin Zhe Tian. He didn’t want to injure his son!

Lin Feng jumped forwards and kicked out swiftly. It was as sharp as a blade and move straight towards Lin Zhe Tian’s chest. Lin Zhe Tian looked focused. He also moved, sliding sideways and threw himself at Lin Feng, aiming for his shoulders.

Lin Feng made a throwing motion with his hand to rotate and threw his left foot at Lin Zhe Tian’s hands.

Terrifying Qi rolled in waves. All the disciples who were watching ran farther away. Of course, Lin Feng controlled his Qi, otherwise, he would have bombarded all those disciples.

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  1. Regnaroc June 23, 2019 at 3:06 am - Reply

    Zhe tian isn’t even the oldest son. He was conceived first but Meng Qing had a long pregnancy so You You’s son was born first.

    Author isn’t even trying, probably why he cant decide on how old Lin Feng is even though he was over 1100 when he left the continent of nine clouds.

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