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Chapter 293: Best of the Top Disciples, Tu Su!

Chapter 293: Best of the Top Disciples, Tu Su!

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Lights dispersed, Lin Feng was standing in the air, with no expression. Lin Zhe Tian was also standing there before he disappeared. Lin Feng smiled. His little boy imitated him, but wasn’t as perfect as when he did it.

Lin Feng shouted and moved. He raised a finger, lights emerged from his finger. A hundred meters behind Lin Feng, Lin Zhe Tian appeared looking focused. He had to be extremely vigilant. He flew towards Lin Feng as fast as he could.

Lin Feng smiled broadly, moving forwards again. He raised his hand and two small tornadoes appeared near Lin Zhe Tian. Lin Zhe Tian laughed loudly, landing on the wall of the courtyard, which exploded and turned to dust.

Lin Zhe Tian bounced away and threw his left foot at Lin Feng with full strength. At the same time, he also raised one finger. Lin Feng was stupefied, as he sensed a strength surround him he couldn’t compete with.

However, Lin Zhe Tian just smiled teasingly, then disappeared again. Lin Feng wanted to get away as fast as he could, but at that moment, Lin Zhe Tian suddenly appeared behind him. Lin Feng sensed something ice-cold behind him, and sharp like a sword.

All the disciples of Sword Mountain gasped with amazement. Lin Zhe Tian had surprisingly defeated Lin Feng? The son had defeated his father?

Lin Zhe Tian was amazed, he could defeat his father? Even though he knew Lin Feng had restrained his strength to the same level as him, he was still astonished.

Lin Feng turned his head and saw the tip of a sword pressing against him. If Lin Zhe Tian had pressed a little bit more, the tip of the sword would have pierced through Lin Feng’s skin. Lin Feng didn’t feel humiliated; on the contrary, he felt quite proud. He was extremely happy and satisfied.

“My son, you can even defeat me… nothing is impossible for you. You’re my son, if you ever dare act so dispiritedly again, I will crush you!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Then he condensed strength in his foot, Lin Zhe Tian couldn’t stop that kind of power, and Lin Feng kicked him. Lin Zhe Tian was blown away and crashed onto the ground of the courtyard. The whole courtyard turned into a crater and debris.

Lin Zhe Tian put his hand on his chest and breathed roughly, coughing. He seemed angry at his father.

“Little Tian.” Meng Qing rushed over to her son. Some blood dripped from his mouth. Meng Qing looked glum, she turned around and shouted furiously, “Lin Feng, you hit my child! I will hit you too!”

“Uhhh… Darling, you… Ah! Come on! No!”

Lin Feng wanted to say something but he didn’t have time, Meng Qing threw her fist. Lin Feng shouted, he had to dodge the attack.

Everybody smiled happily. Lin Feng was afraid of his wife… it was normal as a husband, right?

The situation wasn’t so sad and tragic anymore. Lin Zhe Tian had recovered, he didn’t look sad anymore, but sharp as a sword again. He glanced around aggressively. If anyone provoked him, he’d crush them!

The Mountain Protecting Elder looked at Lin Feng. Without Lin Feng, his precious disciple wouldn’t have come back to his senses. He would have drowned in depression.

“Thank you very much, little friend. You reasoned with my little disciple,” said the Mountain Protecting Elder. He was quite happy. Lin Zhe Tian was his only disciple, he would have been very sad if Lin Zhe Tian never came back to his senses.

Lin Feng smiled at the Mountain Protecting Elder, “As a father, I have to take care of my son.”

“Haha, indeed!” replied the Mountain Protecting Elder, bursting into laughter.

The atmosphere calmed down. Meng Qing walked to center of the courtyard and looked at a man in blue clothes icily.

The man’s hair was hanging to his shoulders. He looked quite good, not proud, either, but his Qi was enigmatic.

“Tu Su, you humiliated me back then. Today, I want to get my revenge, will you fight against me?” said Lin Zhe Tian. Initially, all the disciples of Sword Mountain were going to leave, but they all turned around and looked at Lin Zhe Tian. He wanted to fight against Tu Su?

“Tu Su?” Lin Feng looked at the man in blue clothes.

“He’s the best of the top ten disciples. He’s Deng Jia’s direct disciple. He has the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor, he is enigmatic and unfathomable,” explained the Elder of Punishments to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded indifferently. Then, he looked at his son, who looked fearless and proud again. It was sometimes necessary, even if the enemy was strong, one had to be determined sometimes.

Tu Su was also about to leave. Nobody had thought Lin Zhe Tian would want to fight again! Tu Su looked grim and said icily, “Lin Zhe Tian, you think that you can challenge me because you’re mentally stable again? Have you forgotten how you became dispirited and depressed? Hehe!”

“Eh? Was there another reason?” Lin Feng asked the Elder of Punishments, frowning when he heard Tu Su.

The Elder of Punishments’ expression shifted, and he smiled wryly. As expected, nobody could hide anything from Lin Feng. If Lin Feng knew something, with his personality, he wouldn’t leave the matter at that. After all, Lin Feng was Lin Zhe Tian’s father, how could he let anyone bully his son? How could he just ignore that?

“Eh, it… it’s…”

“Let me explain it myself,” said the Mountain Protecting Elder, when he saw the Elder of Punishments looked hesitant. The Elder of Punishments seemed embarrassed. The Mountain Protecting Elder looked at Lin Feng and said, “The thing is that Lin Zhe Tian challenged Tu Su during Sword Mountain’s Great Disciples’ Competition, but Tu Su defeated him in five strikes. Back then, Lin Zhe Tian had been in Sword Mountain for only half a month.

“But Lin Zhe Tian didn’t give up. Three months ago, he challenged Tu Su again, but this time, after a hundred strikes, nobody won. It was a draw. Who would have known that on that night, Deng Jia would go to Lin Zhe Tian and teach him a good lesson. He told Lin Zhe Tian that he wasn’t allowed to challenge Tu Su anymore, otherwise, he wouldn’t forgive him.”

“But with his personality, your son challenged Tu Su again. This time, he defeated him, Deng Jia went insane and stopped the competition. After that, he humiliated Lin Zhe Tian.

“I am Lin Zhe Tian’s teacher, I didn’t leave the matter at that. I fought against Deng Jia, and lost in the end. That’s when Lin Zhe Tian started changing and suffering from depression,” said the Mountain Protecting Elder. He looked furious as he explained that. He hated Deng Jia.

When Lin Feng heard that, his eyes were filled with murder. The Elder of Punishments remained silent and looked worried. He was afraid Lin Feng would do something which could have a bad impact on Sword Mountain.

“Tu Su, I am just asking a simple thing, will you fight against me or not? Would you dare lose your position as the best of the top disciples?” shouted Lin Zhe Tian, drawing everybody’s attention. Lin Feng calmed down and looked at his son.

Since his son wanted to challenge someone, Lin Feng supported him. If Deng Jia got involved, Lin Feng wouldn’t mind teaching the vice-leader a good lesson.

He could hit and insult his son, but other people couldn’t!

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