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Chapter 295: Astonishing Result!

Chapter 295: Astonishing Result!

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The Mountain Protecting Elder looked at Lin Feng, embarrassed now. He took a deep breath and controlled himself not to intervene, but he still remained vigilant and ready to attack if needed. Even if Lin Feng tried to block him then, it’d be useless.

Meng Qing watched her son, satisfied now. She was proud of him. Regarding her son’s safety, if Lin Feng was there, she didn’t need to worry.

“Lin Zhe Tian, if you apologize to me now, I will spare your life, otherwise…” Tu Su said proudly, as if he had already won.

“Attack!” said Lin Zhe Tian, interrupting Tu Su mockingly.

Tu Su’s lofty expression fell instantly. He ground his teeth and shouted angrily, “Alright, alright, show me what else you can do!”

“Great Sky Destroying Net Formula, go!”

The atmosphere weighed down, the ground trembled, and some weaker disciples were pushed away a thousand meters. Some of them immediately left to avoid being killed by the Qi.

Lin Feng frowned. That godly skill was, as expected, extremely powerful!

My son, you fought well so far, but if you lose now, I’d be embarrassed, thought Lin Feng, staring at his son.

Lin Zhe Tian looked fearless. He started forming some hand seals, and made a cross with his index fingers before his chest. A golden seal appeared and grew to a gigantic size. It was as big as a sun, and just as dazzling.

“What’s that?” murmured the Mountain Protecting Elder when he saw that, astonished.

“Dazzling Golden Seal Formula?” The Elder of Punishments was astounded.

“Dazzling Golden Seal Formula?” Lin Feng repeated.

“Yes, the 87th godly skill… but there is a huge level difference between the two,” said the Elder of Punishments worriedly.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He didn’t know whether he agreed with the Elder of Punishments, anyway.

Lin Zhe Tian’s godly skill began to hum loudly. Tu Su looked ice-cold. He hadn’t thought Lin Zhe Tian would also have a godly skill. Lin Zhe Tian was confident he could handle the situation!

“Go!” The Great Sky Destroying Net Formula’s Qi looked like an ocean of flames rolling forth. Tu Su wanted to crush Lin Zhe Tian, but the lights around Lin Zhe Tian grew even more dazzling and intense. Tu Su couldn’t see anything anymore.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but close his eyes as well. The lights could hurt people’s eyes. When Lin Feng closed his eyes, he suddenly heard a scream.

A silhouette flew out of the dazzling lights; everybody opened their eyes and saw it fly away. Their expressions suddenly changed. Someone spoke up, “Lin Zhe Tian must have lost, right? He’s so much weaker…”

“He managed to fight to this point, if you give him six months, Tu Su won’t be able to fight against him anymore.”

“Yes, right. Lin Zhe Tian is really strong, and so is his dad…”

Many people watched Lin Zhe Tian’s silhouette streak across the sky, a wound on the chest. He crashed to the ground, a two-meter crater appeared around him. That battle was fierce!

Lin Feng’s expression changed, but he didn’t believe Zhe Tian had lost. The battle had been quite incredible already, but Lin Feng was still a bit disappointed.

The lights dispersed. How was Tu Su doing? Well, the crowd couldn’t see him. There was just a gigantic crater in the middle of their battlefield and thick smelly blood everywhere.

Everybody’s eyes were wide. Gradually, a few brave disciples slowly walked to the edge of the crater and looked inside.

“That… it’s… Tu Su…”

“What?! Tu Su? Lin Zhe Tian defeated him?!” a disciple shouted, and the crowd burst into an uproar.

The Mountain Protecting Elder looked stupefied, flashing up to the edge of the crater. When he looked inside, cold sweat appeared on his back.

Tu Su didn’t even look like a human anymore. His left arm was cut off, and instead of his right leg, only his femur remained sticking out.

His Qi was extremely weak. People who didn’t have acute perceptions would think he was dead.

He had no eyes anymore either, only bleeding, torn flesh.

The Mountain Protecting Elder smiled wryly. Lin Feng was right, he knew his son better. No wonder Lin Feng looked calm during the battle. This father and son were both incredible.

But where had Lin Zhe Tian obtained that godly skill?

“Dad, you’re not disappointed this time, right?” said Lin Zhe Tian, walking up to Lin Feng and smiling. He looked exhausted, but proud.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and nodded, “I’m not disappointed, I’m proud. Your efforts paid off. I wonder how your brother Qiong Sheng is doing.”

Lin Feng suddenly looked worried. He had found his oldest son, but what about Lin Qiong Sheng?

Zhe Tian also wondered where Qiong Sheng was. They had all come to the Continent of the Gods together but they had been teleported to different places. But Qiong Sheng couldn’t be a weakling, he was just as talented as Zhe Tian. Lin Feng’s blood flowed in their veins.

“How insolent! You dared injure my disciple, you will die!” someone shouted furiously. A terrifying Qi rolled across the battlefield, and a man in blue clothes appeared.

Many people swallowed.

“It’s Deng Jia, vice-leader of Sword Mountain?”

“Will he humiliate Lin Zhe Tian again?”

“He will not just humiliate him this time, he will kill him!” many people whispered.

Lin Zhe Tian also looked grim, and clenched his fists. Back then, he wouldn’t have gone crazy if Deng Jia hadn’t bullied him. Zhe Tian had suffered so much because of this asshole!

Lin Feng raised his head, looked at the vice-leader, and frowned. Back then, in front of the Court of Punishment, Lin Feng had noticed Deng Jia was the least sympathetic elder. He was also the only one who was quite young.

“Lin Zhe Tian, you little bastard, you injured Tu Su! You want to die?!”

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