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Chapter 296: Lin Feng vs. Deng Jia

Chapter 296: Lin Feng vs. Deng Jia

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Deng Jia glared at Lin Zhe Tian and released explosive energies. His eyes were filled with murder. The area went dark around them.

The Mountain Protecting Elder was grim. His disciple had recovered, was Deng Jia going to ruin everything? If something happened to Zhe Tian again, he would be devastated.

Thinking about that, the Mountain Protecting Elder got ready to attack, but Lin Feng reacted faster than him and flashed ahead. He landed in front of Deng Jia in the blink of an eye.

Deng Jia looked a bit surprised, but then he smiled mockingly, “Sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer? You want to fight for Lin Zhe Tian?”

Lin Feng hated people who jeered at him, so he instantly became even more furious.

Deng Jia looked grave.

“Lin Feng is going to attack Deng Jia… That would ruin the relationship between Sword Mountain and Lin Feng!” said the Elder of Punishments to the Mountain Protecting Elder suddenly. He looked extremely worried.

The Mountain Protecting Elder nodded glumly. “What should we do?”

“Let’s go and talk to the leader. He’s the only one who can reason with Lin Feng. Besides, even though Lin Feng is strong, Deng Jia has the strength of the very top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He’s stronger than you. He will definitely crush Lin Feng!” whispered the Elder of Punishments.

The Mountain Protecting Elder nodded. Even though he didn’t want to admit Deng Jia was stronger than he was, it was a fact. Deng Jia was a terrifying fighter. Lin Feng didn’t stand a chance.

The Mountain Protecting Elder looked at Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Feng, extremely worried, then disappeared.

“Who are you? What makes you think you can get involved in my personal matters?” said Deng Jia. He was in the Court of Punishment the other time, but he had seemingly forgotten Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned, he couldn’t believe that Deng Jia had forgotten him. He was doing it on purpose.

“It doesn’t matter. All you have to know is that if you want to fight for Tu Su, go ahead, let’s do it, he’s your disciple after all. However…” Lin Feng raised his voice, “However, if you want to cause Lin Zhe Tian harm again, it’s not possible anymore, hehe!”

“Oh? Why?” Deng Jia sneered. He suddenly looked amused.

“Because he’s my son, and I am Lin Feng.” said Lin Feng, smiling confidently.

Deng Jia frowned. He hadn’t known Lin Feng was Lin Zhe Tian’s father. He was very surprised, but no matter what, Deng Jia didn’t look impressed. As he saw it, even though Lin Feng was talented and strong, he only had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and he himself was at the top of the ninth. The difference was just too big.

Indeed, the difference between the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer and the sixth was gigantic, but people who knew Lin Feng well didn’t think so. When Lin Feng only had the strength of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he could easily defeat cultivators of the fifth, and he could even compete with cultivators of the sixth.

When Lin Feng had the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he could defeat cultivators of the eighth. Now that he had broken through, he could easily defeat cultivators of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer and could probably compete with cultivators of the ninth!

But the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer was different from just the ninth. Therefore, Lin Feng couldn’t be sure he was going to win. He wasn’t going to let Deng Jia win easily, either. Even if Deng Jia won, he would also end up injured.

“Hehe, I would have never thought you were his father, but…” said Deng Jia sneered, “But you think you can stop me? You think you’re qualified to say anything… to me?” said Deng Jia. He looked evil and ferocious. He wanted to scare Lin Feng away, but that was impossible.

“You can try!” Lin Feng declared coldly. He flashed away, and explosive energies rolled in waves around him. Deng Jia suddenly felt pressured.

“Hmph! It seems like you want to give up your position on the Gods’ List!” spat Deng Jia icily.

“You wouldn’t deserve my position!” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. On the inside, he knew that Deng Jia was dangerous. He was probably the strongest cultivator he had ever fought so far.

“Alright, alright. Hmph! The father likes to bark like the son, eh? Show me if you’re qualified to bark in front of me then. Hmph!” Deng Jia looked even more infuriated.

Deng Jia threw a punch at Lin Feng, Qi sparkling around his fist.

His Qi smells very bad, thought Lin Feng, it reminded him of the Qi of the Evil Soul Sect’s members.

Lin Feng remained vigilant. He raised his hand and a terrifying brightness strength surged out. Deng Jia’s fist collided with his.

The crash of two terrifying strengths resonated far away. Everything exploded around Lin Feng and Deng Jia, walls and buildings cracked and collapsed.

Lin Feng took half a step backwards, impressed. Deng Jia looked as angry as before, and jumped towards Lin Feng again. This time, he raised his foot.

Lin Feng grunted icily. He raised his left hand and released brightness strength and absorbing strength. Lin Feng shouted and then released a space and time cage.

Deng Jia’s expression changed, throwing a punch to break the cage. When he broke the cage, he opened the way for the brightness strength and absorbing strength.

“Bastard!” said Deng Jia. He was furious, Lin Feng’s strategy wasn’t bad. Deng Jia kept throwing out punches.

At the same time, he stepped back.

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao, one punch!” Lin Feng used the godly skill he had studied in the Sword Tower, throwing a punch using the strength of the Chiliocosm of the Great Tao. A gigantic mountain made of the true essence of the Great Tao shot towards Deng Jia, he could sense how oppressive it was.

Deng Jia’s face changed. He looked ferocious and shouted furiously, “Asshole! Ten Thousand Worlds of Suffering And Damnation!”

Deng Jia raised his arms and suddenly, it was like the vault of Heaven was about to collapse. The sky became blood-red. Two dazzling light balls appeared in the sky.

“Oh no! Deng Jia is really furious, Lin Feng, run!”

“Lin Feng, run! I will fight against him!” shouted the Elder of Punishments, jumping in to help Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng ignored him, closed his eyes and gradually, different kinds of strengths and lights appeared around him. They condensed, and suddenly Lin Feng opened his eyes and two extremely sharp light beams appeared.

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao, strength condensation!”

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao, cut!”

His threads of energies intertwined and lanced towards Deng Jia at an incredible speed. Deng Jia’s evil blood strength also moved towards Lin Feng extremely quickly.

The two sorts of strength collided. Instantly, the atmosphere went completely silent. The Elder of Punishments’ eyes were wide. If they had been fighting in a mountain range, it would have collapsed.

Two explosions echoed out. A terrifying strength rolled over Lin Feng, and he coughed blood and landed on the ground, looking furious.

Deng Jia was also having a hard time, blown hundreds of meters away. His face had paled, his forehead was covered with cold sweat, and his heart was pounding. He looked at Lin Feng in hatred.

“You’re not dead yet, you can be proud of yourself… but you will die!” shouted Deng Jia furiously. He clenched his fists and got ready to attack again.

“Enough, Deng Jia! You’re still causing trouble here?!”

The hoarse voice of an old man spread in the air. Even people who were outside of Sword Mountain heard it. Many people were relieved.

“It’s the leader! The leader is here!”

“The leader is here, everybody kneel down.”

Suddenly, all the disciples knelt down. Golden lights appeared in the sky.

Lin Feng raised his head, looked at the golden lights, and shivered.

“… that’s a Half-Godly Emperor?”

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