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Chapter 297: Because… I Am Not Afraid of Death!

Chapter 297: Because… I Am Not Afraid of Death!

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“How come he’s here?” Deng Jia was furious and ground his teeth. He only whispered it, but Lin Feng heard him, and sneered at him.

An old man surrounded by a golden aura slowly descended from the sky. He landed, but the golden lights didn’t disappear. It was one of the advantages Godly Emperors had, they had an aura of protection.

Perhaps one could only count as a truly strong cultivator at that level!

“Deng Jia, you’re the vice-leader of Sword Mountain, how come you act selfishly and for your own personal interests? Did you think I would let you cause trouble?” the leader frowned. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

Lin Feng’s heartbeat accelerated. He had the impression he was going to suffocate and die, but he wasn’t afraid, he understood Life and Death Dao really well.

“Eh?” When the leader of Sword Mountain saw that Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change, and that on the contrary, he seemed to be studying his energy, he sighed inside. What a genius!

Sword Mountain couldn’t offend that kind of man. It wouldn’t be beneficial for their future.

“Leader, I didn’t mean to… that young man, Lin Zhe Tian, hurt my disciple, I…”

“What? They battled and one of them got injured, so what? Isn’t it normal? If everybody were like you, the world would be completely chaotic.”

Deng Jia wanted to explain, but the leader had interrupted him. Deng Jia instantly lowered his head, hiding his anger. He wanted to crush Lin Feng and his son, he was now in trouble because of them!

“Alright, go and heal your disciple. It’s a Regeneration Pill, high-level godly pill, give it to Tu Su, he will have a great opportunity when he takes it,” said the leader, raising his left hand. Then a dazzling golden pill appeared, and he threw it at Deng Jia.

Deng Jia looked at the pill and hastily knelt down. “Thank you very much, Great Master.”

A high-level godly pill, a Regeneration Pill… even a billion Godly Stones were not enough to buy such a precious medicine. The leader immediately calmed Deng Jia down by giving him such a precious pill. Deng Jia was also one of the four vice-leaders of Sword Mountain, after all…

Deng Jia didn’t pose a threat to the leader, but Sword Mountain would suffer from the consequences of his anger. The leader preferred defusing the situation.

Deng Jia held the pill firmly as he took Tu Su out of the crater. Tu Su’s Qi was extremely weak, he looked dead, and didn’t even have all his limbs anymore.

“Eh… what…”

When the leader saw how Tu Su looked, he was astonished and swallowed. Lin Zhe Tian had crushed Tu Su like that, a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer? He would definitely need the Regeneration Pill!

“Lin Zhe Tian, Lin Feng, I won’t forget you! You’ll see!” said Deng Jia, carrying Tu Su away. He looked at Lin Zhe Tian meaningfully

Lin Zhe Tian sensed a dangerous Qi surround him, but Lin Feng quickly blocked it. Lin Feng looked at Deng Jia challengingly. If he wasn’t happy, they could continue their battle!

Deng Jia wasn’t afraid, so he wanted to release his anger on his child? How could Lin Feng accept that?

Lin Feng glared at Deng Jia mockingly, who could only clench his fists. He was even more furious.

“Deng Jia, are you not leaving?” prodded the leader icily. The infuriated Vice Elder quickly left with Tu Su.

Many disciples still wanted to watch battles, but the leader had decided to stop everything.


Only a few people at the top of the hierarchy in Sword Mountain were still there, as well as Lin Feng, and the Half-Godly Emperor who was the leader of Sword Mountain.

“Hehe, no wonder the Assassin God noticed you. With the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, you can compete with a cultivator of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer?” the leader asked Lin Feng after everybody left. He looked amused.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He could act arrogantly in front of most people, but not in front of someone like the leader of Sword Mountain. Lin Feng had to be polite and show respect.

“Hehe, you’re exaggerating, it wasn’t easy. If the battle had continued, I would have lost,” admitted Lin Feng, smiling wryly.

The old man knew how strong Lin Feng was. Even though Lin Feng was talented and quite strong, he had attempted the impossible by fighting against a cultivator at the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

“Since you say that, why did you provoke him until the very end? Why were you ready to fight until the end? You like playing with fire?”  asked the leader of Sword Mountain.

When Lin Feng heard that, he smiled calmly and replied, “Because I am not afraid of death!”

Because I am not afraid of death!

The old man was speechless when he heard that. He looked at Lin Feng in a meaningful way. Indeed, if Lin Feng had feared death, he wouldn’t have pushed Deng Jia like that. If they had continued fighting, the result wouldn’t have been as simple as a winner and a loser, it would have probably ended with one of them dying. Of course, Deng Jia didn’t want to play that game, he feared death.

However, Lin Feng was fascinated by life and death, and death wasn’t something scary for him. Therefore, even if he died, he would have taken Deng Jia with him.

Thinking about that, the leader felt cold sweat on his forehead. Lin Feng would become terrifying if he became a Half-Godly Emperor!

Therefore, the leader wanted to keep Lin Feng as a friend, not as an enemy. Even if there were tensions between him and Deng Jia, he was ready to support Lin Feng.

“Young man, is there anything I can help you with otherwise?” asked the leader after remaining silent for a few seconds.

The elders were all surprised. The leader had particular values, and he didn’t really care about worldly affairs. It was why Sword Mountain needed a managing elder, a law enforcement elder, etc.

The leader had broken his own rules! Of course, the elders didn’t dare say anything. The leader was the leader.

Lin Feng was also surprised when the old man proposed helping him with something.

Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing and Lin Zhe Tian. They both needed help, because Meng Qing was the only heir of the Snow Region, but the Thousand Frost Feather Fan was still in the Sword Tower.

Lin Zhe Tian was growing up. He needed some standard godly skills which he could rely on during battles. He also needed to break through to the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. It was the only way for him to consolidate his position in the sect.

Lin Feng didn’t need much, he progressed step by step.

“Master, may I go back into the Sword Tower?” asked Lin Feng politely.

Everybody remained silent. The Elder of Punishments and the Mountain Protecting Elder looked astonished. Lin Feng had been lucky to into the Sword Tower once, but now he was asking if he could go again, maybe he was going too far…

“Oh? Why do you want to go back?”

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  1. Yan Di September 28, 2019 at 6:39 pm - Reply

    “Master, may I go back into the Sword Tower?” asked Lin Feng politely.

    Everybody remained silent. The Elder of Punishments and the Mountain Protecting Elder looked astonished. Lin Feng had been lucky to into the Sword Tower once, but now he was asking if he could go again, maybe he was going too far…

    “Oh? Why do you want to go back?”
    When Lin Feng heard that, he smiled embarassed and replied,because my wife’s underwear is still left inside.

    Meng qing blushed, the leader and elders sword mountain looking at lin feng astonished.

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