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Chapter 299: Mara Nirvana Formula!

Chapter 299: Mara Nirvana Formula!

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…then burst into laughter when he saw his son’s face. He raised his hand and some energies appeared and surrounded Lin Feng: the Birth of a Buddha. Lin Zhe Tian was astonished when he saw it.

That Qi was absolutely terrifying. Lin Zhe Tian could imagine what it would have been like if he were one of Lin Feng’s enemies.

He swallowed. Lin Zhe Tian looked at Lin Feng’s energies and said, “Dad, what kind of godly skill is that?”

“Birth of a Buddha, the ninth godly skill,” said Lin Feng, smiling calmly.

Lin Zhe Tian swallowed in astonishment. He looked at his father in admiration. Ninth godly skill! It was hard to imagine.

“Dad, you’re fucking amazing!” said Lin Zhe Tian, his eyes wide.

Lin Feng burst into laughter and recalled his energies. Then, he showed off his Great Buddha Formula too, the seventh floor started shaking as if it were on the verge of collapse. Of course, it wasn’t going to happen.

“This and the Birth of a Buddha…?” said Lin Zhe Tian. He was astonished. The Qi Lin Feng had just released was very similar to the Qi of the previous skill, but the process was different.

“Yes, the Birth of a Buddha is also known as the Little Buddha Formula. This one is the Buddha Formula. When combined, they’re probably as strong as the top skills.”

“Dad, you’re so amazing. I will never catch up or even surpass you,” said Lin Zhe Tian, pretending to pout. Of course, he wasn’t, he was happy for his father and proud of him.

Lin Feng tapped Zhe Tian’s shoulder and smiled patiently. “Don’t worry. It takes a lot of work and luck to become a strong cultivator. Who knows? You may obtain some even better skills in the future.”

“Hehe, right, maybe in the future, I’ll obtain some godly skills of the top ten!” smiled Lin Zhe Tian.

“Come with me to the eighth floor, son, we may find something interesting.” said Lin Feng. His eyes gleamed as he ran to the eighth floor.

Lin Zhe Tian looked determined and followed his father.


The eighth floor was even smaller, less than a hundred square meters. There were shelves made of red sandalwood. There were medium-level godly imperial weapons, swords, daggers, spears, knives… but medium-level godly imperial weapons were useless for Lin Feng.

As for Lin Zhe Tian, his golden seal was also a medium-level godly imperial weapon, and he didn’t need to replace it.

“Dad, look over there, there are many standard godly skills,” said Lin Zhe Tian, pointing at a shelf.

Lin Feng walked over to the shelf and looked at the standard godly skills. The standard godly skills on the seventh floor were satisfyingly good, but these were just surprising.

“Snow Pupil Formula?” Lin Zhe Tian put his hand on a thick book, his eyes gleaming.

Lin Feng also looked at it. His son had a good sense of judgement. Lin Zhe Tian had grown up in the Snow Clan, he had become a king of the new generation, and he loved such skills and techniques as the Snow Pupil Formula.

“Memorize it, it could be useful,” agreed Lin Feng. Lin Zhe Tian was a hundred years old, he knew what to do.

Lin Zhe Tian nodded and closed his eyes. Many ancient words appeared and penetrated into his celestial spirit.

After a short time, Lin Zhe Tian opened his eyes again and smiled in satisfaction. He put the book back onto the shelf. He would also be able to transmit it to others at some point.

“Dad, look at that black box,” said Lin Zhe Tian, turning around. There was a big box, about thirty centimeters square, black, and demon Qi surrounded it. It subtly repelled those looking at it.

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. The Qi of the box was very powerful, no weaker than his own demon Qi, and it wasn’t weaker than Mara-Deva’s demon Qi, either.

Lin Feng didn’t act blindly without thinking. He first tried to establish a small link between his own demon Qi and the demon Qi of the box. He could sense a Qi from the netherworld. Lin Feng frowned and spoke out.

Lin Feng’s voice sounded like the voice of an ancient demon. The Qi of the box started shaking. Even though it was subtle, Lin Zhe Tian understood what was going on, impressed by his father.

Lin Feng raised his left hand and released demon Qi, which surrounded the demon box. Lin Feng then pressured the box, and an ancient black book appeared in front of him, trying to escape.

“What can I do to make you submit?” said Lin Feng, smiling icily. His energy pressed down on the book with deadly force, and he dragged it to him.

Lin Feng stretched out his left hand and grabbed the book as it was trying to escape, and it finally gave up and submitted.

Lin Feng, scanning over the terrifying demon words on the cover.

“Mara Nirvana Formula, standard godly skill, high-level?”

“High-level? What’s going on, dad?” asked Lin Zhe Tian when he saw the words.

“Maybe it’s a bit more powerful than a standard godly skill, but less powerful than a real godly skill?” said Lin Feng. He wasn’t sure, either. He could only guess.

He looked at the book. Actually, it was easy to see that this book was extremely powerful.

“Dad, will you read it?” asked Lin Zhe Tian. He couldn’t wait to see the contents. He was Lin Feng’s son, so he naturally had an affinity with demon energies as well. Lin Zhe Tian’s demon Qi was actually quite powerful, but less than his gold, space and time, and snow Dao.

Lin Feng looked thoughtful, but then nodded and opened the book.

Lights flashed, and a strident sound went off. Lin Feng punched the book, and tore it open. Some small black jewels appeared and fell down. There were at least a dozen of them.

“What’s this?” asked Lin Zhe Tian, grabbing a small black jewel.

Lin Feng glanced at the crystals. “If I’m not mistaken, those must be demon crystals made of demon intent. They are useful for people who want to improve their demon energies.”

“Dad, will you absorb them, then?” Lin Zhe Tian asked. Lin Feng would probably become stronger if he did.

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled indifferently, “It’s not as easy as you think. Even though these jewels contain demon Qi, it’s already very weak and it wouldn’t be very useful for me. But if you can absorb them, your demon Qi will probably increase a lot,” said Lin Feng, giving the demon crystals to Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Zhe Tian immediately grabbed them. How could he refuse a gift from his father?

Lin Feng then looked at the Mara Nirvana Formula’s contents, which made him shiver.

“It’s a good standard godly skill, it was probably as good as the 80th-90th best standard godly skills.

“Son, let’s study the contents and then practice together,” said Lin Feng. He was quite happy to share the best things of Sword Mountain with his son.

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