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Chapter 300: Leaving the Tower, Danger in Sword Mountain?

Chapter 300: Leaving the Tower, Danger in Sword Mountain?

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Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Feng studied the contents of the Mara Nirvana Formula, which was much more powerful than the Chiliocosm of the Great Tao. It took Lin Feng ten minutes to understand the content properly, and the Dao associated with it. As for Lin Zhe Tian, even though he wasn’t as strong as Lin Feng in terms of cultivation level, his comprehensive abilities weren’t any worse than his dad’s.

When Lin Feng opened his eyes, Lin Zhe Tian was already standing. He was very satisfied. Lin Zhe Tian was really talented, as expected. He was possibly even more talented than Lin Feng

“I won, dad, hehe!” Lin Zhe Tian grinned. Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he was happy for his son.

“Come on, let’s go out,” said Lin Feng sighed. He looked at the flight of stairs which led to the ninth floor, but didn’t go up. He respected Sword Mountain’s rules. He was already very happy that he had the occasion to come up to the eighth floor.

Even though there were probably genuine godly skills on the ninth floor, he already had the Buddha Formula, he didn’t need more godly skills urgently.

Lin Zhe Tian followed Lin Feng and they went back through the seventh, sixth, and fifth floors.

The fifth floor wasn’t cold anymore. Meng Qing was standing there, waiting for Lin Feng and Lin Zhe Tian. When they arrived, she looked relieved.

“How did it go? Did you take the Thousand Frost Feather Fan?” asked Lin Feng, worried for. Meng Qing smiled and stretched out her graceful hand, and the Thousand Frost Feather Fan appeared. It looked like a sharp arched blade which could lacerate the universe.

“Mom, you’re super strong!” said Lin Zhe Tian smiled. Meng Qing had managed to take the high-level godly imperial weapon, she was really strong. Lin Feng didn’t have a high-level godly imperial weapon yet, and she did, so she had reached that goal before him.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything about that, though. Meng Qing wanted to become a peerless cultivator, and Lin Feng supported her. Sometimes, she would surpass him!

Meng Qing was very talented, no less talented than Lin Feng. But after Lin Feng had started rising back in the days, she had preferred taking care of him to practicing cultivation. Now, Meng Qing wanted to become stronger, and Lin Feng didn’t mind.

“What did you obtain?” asked Meng Qing, looking at Lin Zhe Tian. Lin Feng was a bit annoyed, as since they had reunited, it was like Meng Qing cared more about Lin Zhe Tian than him.

But Lin Feng couldn’t be jealous of his own son, so he quickly thought about something else.

“Zhe Tian obtained the Snow Pupil Formula, and I the Mara Nirvana Formula, both are standard godly skills,” Lin Feng replied calmly.

Meng Qing was surprised, and asked Lin Zhe Tian, “You obtained the Snow Pupil Formula?”

“Yes, mom. It’s perfect for me,” said Lin Zhe Tian. Meng Qing was stupefied and sighed.

“You’re lucky, my little Tian. It was precisely the godly skill I was looking for, or more precisely, the incomplete godly skill,” Meng Qing smiled.

Lin Feng was startled. If Lin Zhe Tian managed to obtain the full version, it’d be a true godly skill. But finding the whole book would be difficult.

“Mom, what do you mean?” asked Lin Zhe Tian.

“I am the only heir of the Snow Region, and the Snow Region had three precious treasures. I already have the first one, it’s the spiritual snow Qi. The second one is the Thousand Frost Feather Fan, I have it too now. And the last one…”

“Is the Snow Pupil Formula?” Lin Zhe Tian finished her sentence.

“Yes, indeed, it’s the Snow Pupil Formula, but it’s cut into two now. Miss Snow took one part. I have no idea where the other part is, but it seems that you found the part Miss Snow had taken,” said Meng Qing. She was happy, she had already found two things Miss Snow had taken away back in the days.

But Meng Qing still wondered what the connection between Miss Snow and the leader of Sword Mountain was. Why were Miss Snow’s item hidden in the Sword Tower?

“Don’t worry, mom. I will do my best to find the other part someday.” said Lin Zhe Tian, clenching his fists.

Meng Qing nodded.

“Alright, let’s go out. The elders must be bored to death after waiting for so long,” said Lin Feng, smiling wryly.

Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng angrily, then grabbed Lin Zhe Tian’s hand and headed to the stairs.

Lin Zhe Tian glanced at Lin Feng mockingly. Lin Feng clenched his fists and shook them at his son.

Lin Zhe Tian laughed and left the tower with Meng Qing, leaving Lin Feng behind.

When the family came out, there was not a soul in sight. The Qi in Sword Mountain was even strange and oppressive.

“Oh no, something must have happened in Sword Mountain.” said Lin Feng. He had enough experience to know there was something wrong.

Even if it was no disaster, there were problems, definitely. Otherwise, there would have been people around the tower somewhere.

At that moment, they heard a gong, and an ancient Qi rolled in waves.

When Lin Feng, Meng Qing and Lin Zhe Tian heard the gong, Lin Zhe Tian was suddenly alarmed. He shouted, “Dad, mom, someone has invaded Sword Mountain! It’s the alarm of Sword Mountain! When the disciples hear that, they must gather to the main kwoon!

“I am a disciple of Sword Mountain, I must go!” said Lin Zhe Tian anxiously. Meng Qing looked worried, but Lin Zhe Tian ignored her and flew away.

“Little Tian…” Meng Qing wanted to hold him back, but Lin Zhe Tian disappeared.

Lin Feng nodded. Lin Zhe Tian was right.

“Meng Qing, let’s go and see too. Sword Mountain has been good to us. We can’t let anyone harm Little Tian!” said Lin Feng icily. He flew away, Meng Qing following him.


There was an ocean of people, hundreds of thousands, already gathered at the kwoon of Sword Mountain. The area was at least ten thousand square meters in size.

In the center of the kwoon were the Mountain Protecting Elder, the Elder of Punishments, and the Cabinet Protecting Elder, and Elder Li Jian was there, too. The four vice leaders were also present. The eight of them glared at two people in black like a tiger eyeing its prey.

One of them was on a demon beast, which kept howling as if it wanted to devour the crowd. He had a veil on his face and was surrounded by a misty demon light. His Qi kept rising to the skies. Even the Elder of Punishments looked scared.

Half-Godly Emperor. The elders of Sword Mountain looked extremely worried.

The other one was already wearing black clothes, but had no veil. He looked confident and completely at ease and unrestrained. He wasn’t very old, he looked like a thirty-year old, but nobody could know his real age.

Eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He was also quite strong.

“Why did you come to Sword Mountain?” asked the Elder of Punishments icily.

The disciples of all looked furious when they heard the Elder of Punishments and released Qi along with him. Even the Qi of the man on the beast disappeared in that ocean of Qi.

“Hehe, my disciple and I are independent cultivators. We came here to see how strong the leader of Sword Mountain is, where is he?”

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