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Chapter 301: Mysterious Men in Black

Chapter 301: Mysterious Men in Black

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“Dear friends, thank you for coming but I am afraid I have to ask you to leave,” the Elder of Punishments said to the man in black.

The atmosphere suddenly became very heavy. One could hear people breathing. The Elder of Punishments was staring at the man in black vigilantly in case he attacked.

However, when the man in black saw everybody looked nervous, he smiled icily and touched his mask. He said slowly, “Since it’s that way, I would like to ask the leader of Sword Mountain to choose a member of Sword Mountain to fight against my disciple. I’ve heard that there were precious treasures in the Sword Cabinet and the Sword Tower. Let’s put some at stake, what do you think?”

“A bet?” When the Elder of Punishments, the Mountain Protecting Elder and the other elders heard that, they pulled long faces, and the Elder of Punishments continued, “Please leave, Your Excellency!”

However, the Elder of Punishments didn’t have time to say anything else, there was a loud explosion and the Elder of Punishments was blown away, coughing blood. He crashed into a building violently. The crowd swallowed and looked at the man in black, who was taking his fist back.

That was how terrifying a Half-Godly Emperor was. One punch and he could blow a cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer away easily.

When the Mountain Protecting Elder, the Cabinet Protecting Elder, and Elder Li Jian saw the Elder of Punishments, they all stood up and looked at the man in black clothes icily.

However, the man smiled coldly and shrugged indifferently. “I thought the elders of Sword Mountain were extremely strong. I was wrong.

“Since your leader isn’t willing to come out, we will definitely do the bet, whether you want it or not,” said the man in blacks. He raised his head and said icily, “Some of your disciples are still arriving, eh? They didn’t come over before? How lazy!” shouted the man in black, throwing a hand at Lin Zhe Tian, who was just arriving.

“Oh no, my disciple is going to get hurt!” shouted the Mountain Protecting Elder when he saw that. He jumped in Lin Zhe Tian’s direction.

The hand shadow slapped the Mountain Protecting Elder’s chest and smashed him away like a leaf. He was thrown a thousand meters away, and crashed through a dozen buildings before finally hitting the ground. His face was as white as a sheet of paper.

Lin Feng and Meng arrived as well and saw the elder. “Mountain Protecting Elder, you!”

Their expressions changed. A cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer had been injured like that meant Sword Mountain was really in danger.

When the Mountain Protecting Elder saw Lin Feng, he was delighted, but at the same time he was scared and worried.

“Lin Feng, someone wants to injure Zhe Tian!” said the Mountain Protecting Elder grinding his teeth.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing looked grim. How could he let anyone injure his son?

“Let’s go!” shouted Lin Feng, flashing towards the kwoon.

Meng Qing looked furious and flew to Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Zhe Tian’s face was really pale. He was oppressed by the Qi, and didn’t know what was happening in Sword Mountain, either.

“What’s going on?” asked Lin Feng, landed in front of Lin Zhe Tian.

“Dad, that guy in black clothes is terrifying,” said Lin Zhe Tian gravely. That guy had attacked him without saying anything.

“He’s a… Half-Godly Emperor?” Lin Feng’s eyes were wide.

No wonder Sword Mountain had hit the gong, they were really in danger. But why had those people come to Sword Mountain? The leader of Sword Mountain was also a Half-Godly Emperor. If he had come there, the man in black clothes wouldn’t have dared act so arrogantly, right?

“That Qi is demon Qi?” Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. The man had a terrifying demon Qi. Lin Feng was amazed to see a demon cultivator who had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer.

When Lin Feng arrived, many people looked at him. He hadn’t gone unnoticed these days in Sword Mountain, especially after he had that short fight against Deng Jia. He had become even more famous thanks to that.

Deng Jia looked at Lin Feng darkly, clenching his fists. If the man in black clothes wasn’t there, he might have attacked Lin Feng.

Suddenly, Deng Jia remembered the man’s proposition, and smiled icily, “Dear friends, since you want to have a bet, easy, you choose your disciple, and we choose an ordinary elder, alright?”

“Ordinary?” repeated the man in black clothes, nodding indifferently. Deng Jia was one of the four vice-leaders, he had influence in Sword Mountain. “Alright, so please tell us who you chose,” said the man in black clothes, smiling mockingly.

His disciple was a cultivator of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, but he was not weaker than a cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

All the disciples of Sword Mountain looked confused. What was Deng Jia thinking? He was one of the vice elders, however, so nobody would dare go against his orders anyway.

But Lin Feng looked grim, he knew Deng Jia was thinking of him.

As expected, Deng Jia talked. “Elder Lin Feng, will you show your support for Sword Mountain and show these guests how strong we are?”

Deng Jia looked at Lin Feng mockingly.

Everybody’s expression suddenly changed. Many people suddenly found Deng Jia despicable. They all knew that there were tensions between Lin Feng and Deng Jia, and what the latter was doing wasn’t in the interest of Sword Mountain, it was meant to serve his own selfish personal interests.

The Elder of Punishments, the Mountain Protecting Elder, and the others all looked at Deng Jia furiously, but nobody knew what to say against him. Lin Feng had really become an elder of Sword Mountain and Deng Jia wasn’t doing anything to harm Sword Mountain, what could they say?

Thinking about that, the Elder of Punishments was angry at the Leader of Sword Mountain, who had made Lin Feng an elder in Sword Mountain. Because of him, Lin Feng had to fight a battle he couldn’t win.

“What? Elder Lin Feng, aren’t you willing to fight? I see, so Sword Mountain…” Deng Jia began when he saw Lin Feng remaining silent. He pretended to look alarmed and saddened. At the same time, he took advantage of that situation to make everyone think Lin Feng didn’t care about Sword Mountain.

But he didn’t have time to finish, Lin Feng interrupted him immediately.

“Deng Jia, don’t try and use tricks, everyone will despise you even more. Aren’t you on Sword Mountain’s side? Anyway, no need to listen to your bullshit. I’ll go and fight.”

Lin Feng moved, his Qi erupting around him. When Deng Jia saw that, he was unhappy, because he was standing there on the ground, and Lin Feng was now a hundred meters above him in the sky.

He was provoking him!

“You want to die!”

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