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Chapter 302: Lin Feng vs. Mo Zi

Chapter 302: Lin Feng vs. Mo Zi

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When Deng Jia saw how Lin Feng behaved, he was furious. Who the hell did Lin Feng think he was? He was just a piece of trash trying to rise relying on Sword Mountain, in his opinion. Even though he was 25th on the Gods List, nobody knew how he had killed Feng Yi Yuan.

That kind of guy dared provoke him, a vice leader? He really wanted to die!

“Hehe, interesting, very interesting. He doesn’t give a vice leader face, I like that kind of person,” said the man in black when he saw Lin Feng looking at Deng Jia disdainfully, smiling broadly.

When Lin Feng saw the man’s expression, he turned serious. Half-Godly Emperors were dangerous. Lin Feng had already seen how terrifying the Three Gods were. The Assassin God could easily kill any cultivator of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. But the man in front of him didn’t seem as strong as the Assassin God, but he could still pose a threat to the leader of Sword Mountain.

“Hmph, Lin Feng, aren’t you going to fight? You want to cause Sword Mountain’s destruction?” shouted Deng Jia after hearing the man in black clothes mockery.

Lin Feng looked at Deng Jia and narrowed his eyes, which were filled with killing intent.

The energies in Lin Feng’s eyes were deadly and sharp, they instantly made Deng Jia shudder with fear. It was humiliating to be scared of a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

“After this, I will teach you a good lesson! Otherwise, you’ll continue acting arrogantly. I can’t tolerate that!” said Deng Jia icily.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly and replied, “I think exactly the same way as you! Hehe!”

“You have a glib tongue. Hmph!” shouted Deng Jia, grinding his teeth.

Lin Feng flashed to the center of the kwoon. The voices of all the members of Sword Mountain resonated all across Sword Mountain.

“Elder Lin Feng, good luck! Destroy them!”

“Elder Lin Feng, good luck! Destroy them!”

Everybody shouting in unison, Deng Jia looked furious. Lin Feng had been there for such a short time, and everybody liked him already? What he didn’t understand was that the crowd shouted even louder to make him angry, because people were angry with what he had said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled at the disciples of Sword Mountain. Sword Mountain was good to him. Patriarch Zi Jian’s sect was a good one, no wonder they were part of the Group of Six.

“Master, please have your disciple come up,” said Lin Feng, bowing hand over fist.

The man was surprised. Lin Feng didn’t fear him? Interesting, very interesting… Wait, wait… Lin Feng… Hehe! That’s the young man who killed Feng Yi Yuan, 25th on the Gods List, not bad. But thinking he can compete with my disciple proves he does not have a proper measure of himself, thought the man in black. Demon energies emerged from his celestial spirit and rolled in waves around him.

“Mo Zi, go,” ordered the man in black clothes.

His disciple raised his left hand and a sharp short sword appeared, carvings of dragons on the blade. Demon Qi emerged from it and dashed to the skies, and the whole kwoon became dark. The demon energy instantly blotted out the sky.

“High-level godly imperial weapon?” Lin Feng was stunned when he saw Mo Zi’s weapon. He had no high-level godly imperial weapon.

As Lin Feng looked pensive, someone shouted, “Little friend, take my sword.” Elder Li Jian raised his hand and a blue light flashed, like a dragon had been streaking across the sky.

A two-meter long sword appeared before Lin Feng. Lin Feng grabbed it and suddenly sensed a powerful strength emerge. It was swift, like several suns had appeared in the sky.

“High-level godly imperial weapon, Heart-Based Sword!” said Elder Li Jian, smiling and stroking his beard. He had faith in his precious sword.

Heart-Based Sword? So the sword reacted differently depending a person’s particular strength or state of mind?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng released brightness strength and condensed it into the Heart-Based Sword. White lights flashed within the blue lights diffused by the sword. More and more white light beams blotted out the sky and it became dazzling.

Lin Feng looked extremely happy. That sword was perfect for his brightness strength. It adapted perfectly to his state of mind.

Mo Zi glared at Lin Feng icily when he saw Lin Feng looking happy. In his eyes, Lin Feng couldn’t compete with him, no matter what.

“Can we start?” shouted Mo Zi, frowning impatiently.

“Of course!” replied Lin Feng, smiling icily. He moved forwards, holding the Heart-Based Sword firmly.

Mo Zi shouted, and a black demon dragon suddenly emerged and howled around him like millions of dragons. The roaring of the dragons pushed a countless number of Sword Mountain’s disciples flying away.

As if it wasn’t enough, the demon dragon which had appeared grew larger and larger, until it reached a hundred zhang in length. It glared at Lin Feng ferociously.

“It’s over, little man!” said Mo Zi, sneering mockingly. He couldn’t believe that Lin Feng could defeat him. He didn’t even think Lin Feng could withstand a single attack.

“Bad luck, will Elder Lin Feng lose?”

“What should we do?”

“I knew we shouldn’t have let him fight. He’s going to die quickly. Hmph!”

“Why didn’t you go yourself, then?”

Sword Mountain’s disciples were all talking. The atmosphere was tense and agitated.

The Elder of Punishments and the others elders looked worried. If Lin Feng lost, would Sword Mountain have to give a precious item from the Sword Tower or the Sword Cabinet?

“Mom, dad, he…!” Lin Zhe Tian was extremely worried. His dad was extremely strong, but Mo Zi wasn’t an ordinary cultivator.

“Don’t worry, your dad won’t lose,” said Meng Qing, touching Lin Zhe Tian’s shoulder and smiling indifferently.

How could Lin Feng lose?

“Little man, kneel down now and I’ll spare your life,” said Mo Zi loftily. The hundred zhang dragon above his head was staring at Lin Feng. If Mo Zi gave the dragon the order to devour Lin Feng, what would happen? Lin Feng had to admit that that guy was extremely strong too.

“Hehe, it’s a bit too early for you to say that, isn’t it?” Lin Feng replied indifferently. He clenched his fists, and the atmosphere instantly changed. Lin Feng jumped and reached the clouds.

Qi rolled and whistled behind him. At the same time, a hundred-zhang black shadow slowly appeared.

“That’s father’s Nine-Headed Dragon cultivation spirit?”

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