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Chapter 304: Preparation for the Gods List Competition?

Chapter 304: Preparation for the Gods List Competition?

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However, when Deng Jia said that, the disciples of Sword Mountain still looked at him angrily, some of them even sarcastically. He looked even glummer, and didn’t dare add anything.

The Elder of Punishments looked at Deng Jia and smiled icily. Deng Jia had talked foolishly, and now all the disciples of Sword Mountain had even more esteem for Lin Feng.

Once the leader knew about that, things would definitely change in Sword Mountain.

The Mountain Protecting Elder and Elder Li Jian glanced at one another. They both looked unhappy. Deng Jia had infuriated everybody in Sword Mountain.

All the elders looked angry, but they didn’t dare say anything because Deng Jia was one of the four vice leaders.

The defeated Mo Zi’s whole body felt extremely sore. He struggled to stand, wiping the blood off his mouth with his sleeve, and looked at Lin Feng. He nodded and went back to the man in black clothes without saying anything.

Lin Feng glanced at Mo Zi. He had the impression Mo Zi wasn’t a bad person after all, he was just proud… but why did he act that way during battles?

Lin Feng turned his attention to Mo Zi’s teacher. Mo Zi’s teacher looked at his disciple icily, so Lin Feng understood.

“Not bad, young man. With the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, you defeated Mo Zi, not bad. Your name is Lin Feng?” asked the man in black cheerfully.

Lin Feng bowed hand over fist and said, “Indeed, I am Lin Feng.”

“Oh? So you’re the young man the Assassin God wanted to recruit as a disciple but you refused?” the man in black looked surprised.

“Yes, that was me,” Lin Feng replied honestly. There were some things everybody knew in the Continent of the Gods.

“Haha, poor Assassin God, he has never recruited a disciple, and when he finally had the opportunity to recruit one, he failed.”

Lin Feng didn’t think his answer would make the man in black clothes burst into satisfied laughter.

“Young man, will you become my disciple?”

Many people gaped when they heard that.

A second Half-Godly Emperor wanted to recruit Lin Feng as a disciple! Lin Feng would become even more famous after this.

The man looked excited. He knew that such opportunities were rare for most people.

But as expected, Lin Feng shook his head. “I’m sorry, Master. I refused to become the Assassin God’s disciple because I can’t become anyone else’s disciple.”

“Oh, I see. You’re stubborn, but I like that. You’re much stronger than many people who like to pretend,” said the man. He looked disappointed, but he didn’t get angry.

“Lin Feng, Mo Zi is my third disciple. He defeated the thirteenth disciple of the Gods List recently, Qiu Ze, so he replaced him on the list, and now that you’ve defeated him, you’re now thirteenth.

“But these were nonofficial battles, so the Gods Country won’t acknowledge your victories. Therefore, if you want to be in the Gods List officially, you need to wait until the opening of the list. Keep it up, Lin Feng!” said the man in black. He glanced around and looked at the top floor of the Sword Tower coldly, while clenching his fists.

The Elder of Punishments and the other elders all clenched their fists. The atmosphere became tense.

“Hehe, don’t be nervous. Since my disciple lost, we’re going to leave. Lin Feng, my great and second disciples will be there at the opening of the Gods List. They will naturally try to regain Mo Zi’s face,” man in black sighed. He looked at the crowd of Sword Mountain disciples mockingly, his silhouette flickered, and he disappeared. Mo Zi also disappeared.

All the oppressive energies disappeared from the kwoon. Many people sighed and looked at Lin Feng, happy he had been there.

None of them would ever dare disrespect Lin Feng like Deng Jia had done.

Deng Jia looked at Lin Feng and ground his teeth. He wanted to crush Lin Feng, but that was impossible. He rolled up his sleeves and left the kwoon.

Nobody paid attention to him.

Suddenly, another terrifying Qi approached the kwoon, and everybody looked nervous again. However, when the crowd saw golden lights, they all looked happy.

“Greetings, Leader!”

“Greetings, Leader!” The elders all cupped their fists in their other hands before their chests respectfully. Even if the man in black came back, they wouldn’t be afraid, because their leader was back.

The old man looked at the disciples and elders in the kwoon, then glanced at the gong glumly.

“What happened?” asked the man angrily.

The Elder of Punishments knew that the leader would get angry, so he explained everything in full detail.

The old man’s expression changed drastically. He had just left for a few hours and a Half-Godly Emperor had come to cause trouble? He had even threatened to steal things from their Sword Cabinet and Sword Tower?

And Deng Jia had chosen Lin Feng at the most crucial moment!

“Lin Feng, little friend, thank you for your help. I can’t thank you enough, in the name of everybody in Sword Mountain,” the old man smiled.

Lin Feng waved and said, “You’re exaggerating, Master. I am an elder in Sword Mountain now, so I had to do it. I went to the Sword Tower twice already. It was worth it,” Lin Feng smiled.

When the old man heard that, he smiled broadly, and the atmosphere was much lighter.

“Haha! You’re right, I guess.” The old man bent forward and whispered, “From what you all told me, the man in black must be the Demon God.”

“Demon God?” Lin Feng was surprised.

The Demon God was famous. Lin Feng had already heard about him; he was also a demon cultivator, after all. In the Central Continent, outside of Gods’ City, there were many strong cultivators, including a Demon God, but many people didn’t know whether he was already a genuine Godly Emperor or just a Half-Godly Emperor.

“Yes, I must have guessed right, the Demon God,” said the old man, nodding icily. “Forget about him. Get ready for the Preparation of the Gods List Competition…” said the old man, shaking his head and looking to the eastern center of City of Gods.

“Preparation of the Gods List Competition?”

Many people looked serious, including Lin Feng.

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