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Chapter 305: Going to the Du Hu Government

Chapter 305: Going to the Du Hu Government

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“Yes. After Lin Feng went to the Sword Tower, I went to the Du Hu Government, who is in charge of organizing the event this time. The date and time are already fixed, too. It will start soon.”

He continued explaining the details to everybody.

Lin Feng knew about the Great Competition of the Gods List, but he had only heard of the Preparation of the Gods List Competition briefly. But since the Leader had gone to the Du Hu Government especially for that matter, it proved how important it was for Sword Mountain.

When the old man saw that everybody seemed puzzled, including Lin Feng, he smiled, “I know that you are all asking yourselves about it. It’s the first round of the Preparation of the Gods List Competition.”

“The Gods Country must be trying some new things. Their goal is to add an extra selection layer for the Gods Country. The top three candidates of the Preparation will find it easy to get into the Gods List.

“The Preparation of the Gods List Competition is divided into the preliminary part and the semi finals. The disciples of the Group of Six don’t need to participate in the preliminary part, they can start straight in the semifinals. People who come from other places need to do the preliminaries first. And of course, there will be the final.

“The top three candidates of the Preparation of the Gods List Competition will then be qualified to participate in the Great Competition of the Gods List. Everybody will watch the Great Competition of the Gods List carefully. It will take place in half a month in Whistling Phoenix Mountain.”

“I know what you’re all thinking, isn’t Whistling Phoenix Mountain in charge of the Top-Class Great Competition. Well, the competitions are connected now. This time, the Great Competition of the Gods List will attract worldwide attention because the first one will become a champion holding two titles.”

said the old man. Everybody looked extremely excited, including the elders, a champion holding two titles? How awesome! Everybody wished they could become the champion, the first one on the Gods List.

“Leader, who will participate in the Preparation of the Gods List Competition, and who will participate in the Gods List Competition?” asked the Elder of Punishments, frowning and bowing hand over fist.

All the disciples looked at the old man. The leader of Sword Mountain was fair, and everybody would accept his decision. He was the most qualified to choose the contestants.

The old man knew what the Elder of Punishments meant, they needed to be certain so that all the disciples would know for sure, many of them would feel anxious until they knew,  and it would have an impact of their cultivation.

“So, three people from Sword Mountain will participate in the Preparation of the Gods List Competition! The first one will be Chen Zhan, the second one will be Xian Ling Er, and the last one will be…” he looked at Lin Zhe Tian behind Lin Feng and said, “Lin Zhe Tian!”

“Pfew… me?”

Even though his expression didn’t change, he was really happy. This kind of event was a good way to prove to the whole continent how strong he was. It also proved that he was strong enough to become as strong as his parents.

Lin Feng already knew the old man was going to choose Lin Zhe Tian, as he had defeated a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, Tu Su, with the strength of the third, after all. He was definitely qualified!

But Lin Feng was surprised that Chen Zhan had been chosen though. Had he suddenly become much stronger?

Lin Feng remembered Chen Zhan in the East during the Top-Class Great Competition in the Dark Palace. Chen Zhan used to be much weaker than him, and now Lin Feng had broken through twice, so he was probably much, much stronger than him.

Regarding Xian Ling Er, Lin Feng didn’t know who that was, but since that person had been chosen by the old man to participate in the competition, it meant the old man had faith in them. Considering their name, they were probably a woman…

“Elders, you can’t participate because you’re all a bit too, ahem, old…” said the old man. He was embarrassed. He felt a bit guilty, too, but as the leader, he had to make the right decisions, not make people happy.

Since the strongest cultivators of Sword Mountain were elders, for the great majority, they needed to raise young people like Lin Zhe Tian, Chen Zhan, and so forth as quickly as possible.

When the disciples heard the leader, many of them were disappointed. Some people’s eyes even began to tear up. Others started whispering.

Then suddenly someone shouted, “Leader, isn’t Elder Lin Feng young enough?”

“Right, Elder Lin Feng is extremely strong and still young! Won’t he participate in the Great Competition of the Gods List?”

“Please choose Elder Lin Feng, leader! Please!”

“Right, leader, please choose Lin Feng! Sword Mountain will appear dazzling with Elder Lin Feng, and everybody will admire us!”

Suddenly, tens of thousands of disciples started shouting. The leader was stunned. Even though the voices of all those disciples are the same time couldn’t make their territory shake, it was still incredible.

But the old man was even more surprised, because Lin Feng was already so popular in Sword Mountain after such a short time.

The old man smiled at Lin Feng and then smiled wryly, “Elder Lin Feng, do you want to represent Sword Mountain?”

“Of course I’d be happy too, but I think you didn’t mention me because I was already qualified to participate in the main event, right?” Lin Feng smiled.

The old man nodded, “Indeed, because you defeated Feng Yi Yuan. You’re 25th on the list, so you can participate. You don’t need to win your spot, but if you…”

“Alright, Master, I accept representing Sword Mountain,” said Lin Feng. He knew what the old man was going to say, and the leader was extremely happy.

The old man couldn’t wait to see Lin Feng participate. Many people would remember Sword Mountain, thanks to Lin Feng.

“Hahah, awesome! Let’s take a rest! We’ll leave for Du Hu Government after tomorrow!”


Time passed quickly, and it was already time for the Preparation of the Gods List Competition. In the meantime, Lin Feng and Meng Qing had a great battle. Many people were astonished by the result of the battle, as Meng Qing, relying on her high-level godly imperial weapon, the Thousand Frost Feather Fan, had a draw against Lin Feng.

Of course, maybe Lin Feng was a bit gentler, because if he defeated her, she wouldn’t be able to participate in the competition of the Gods List and become ranked.

Meng Qing wanted to represent the Snow Region at the Great Competition of the Gods List. Since she had had a draw against Lin Feng, she was now 25th too.

Even though the Great Competition of the Gods List hadn’t started yet, it was permissible to challenge people who were already on the list to replace them. Those who lost were not eliminated directly, they were ranked down, which made things much more complicated.


Sword Mountain dispatched an incredible group of people. Lin Feng and Meng Qing were part of the group.

Lin Zhe Tian’s teacher was there, too. Lin Zhe Tian had taken advantage of those two days to practice the Mara Nirvana Formula, and had suddenly broken through to the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. People were all amazed by his performance.

The Elder of Punishments and a vice leader also followed the group closely. But the vice leader wasn’t Deng Jia, it was Jian Yan. How could Deng Jia be permitted there if he didn’t support Lin Feng and his son?

Chen Zhan and Xian Ling Er were there, too. Lin Feng was surprised, because Chen Zhan had broken through to the top of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He had improved of one and a half cultivation layers!

Xian Ling Er was a woman and very beautiful. She wasn’t as beautiful as Meng Qing, but she was noble and proud.

Lin Feng also noticed that Xian Ling Er kept looking at his son, Lin Zhe Tian. Lin Feng and Meng Qing were happy when they saw that.

At noon, the sun was high in the sky. The weather was warm, with no clouds, very pleasant. They soon arrived at the Du Hu Government.

“That’s the Du Hu Government?”

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