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Chapter 306: Attack!

Chapter 306: Attack!

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No words could describe how beautiful and luxuriant the Du Hu Government was. The corridors were long and made of crystal. With gentle reflections, it was very pleasant to see.

They walked up a flight of stairs made of jade and arrived in a purple palace containing an incredible Qi. Lin Feng and the others then noticed two purple-golden statues a hundred meters high. Each statue had a broadsword several meters long.

People didn’t dare look the statues in the eyes because they looked so imposing and majestic.

Even though Lin Feng didn’t know who those statues depicted, he guessed that they were connected to the Du Hu Government.

“Those are the ancestors and founders of the Du Hu Government. They were fellow disciples. The great one is called Emperor Zi Shan, and his younger fellow disciple is called Emperor Zi Xu, they were both Godly Emperors,” explained the Elder of Punishments, walking up to Lin Feng when he saw them staring at the statues.

Lin Feng was impressed. Those two people were real Godly Emperors, not mere Half-Godly Emperors.

No wonder the Du Hu Government had become one of the Five Governments. It had been created by such strong cultivators!

Ruo Xie and Zhuge Hao Nan were also disciples in the Du Hu Government. It would probably be easy to find them and learn more about the group.

“Let’s go in,” said the Elder of Punishments, waving them on. The group went inside. It was the date of the Preparation of the Gods List Competition, therefore, there were no guards outside of the Du Hu Government.

Inside was a boundless kwoon. It was perfect for battles, billions of people could fight in it.

There were four different palaces around the kwoon. In the distance was a purple mist, and behind the mist, a mountain thousands of meters high. It was one of the holy places of the Du Hu Government, Du Hu Mountain.

“Eh? Sword Mountain’s people are here?”

When Lin Feng and the others arrived on the kwoon, some people started whispering, including some people of the Unicorn Sect.

All the disciples and elders of the Unicorn Sect looked at the members of Sword Mountain angrily. They hated one another, and the tensions were becoming more and more serious.

The Elder of Punishments glanced at them. The leader of the group of people from the Unicorn Sect was an old man in black. The Elder of Punishments looked grim when he noticed the other.

“The Great Elder of the Unicorn came with his group. How imposing and awe-inspiring,” said the Elder of Punishments smiling provocatively.

The disciples of the Unicorn Sect looked at him furiously. The atmosphere instantly became cold and tense.

“Hmph! Elder of Punishments, is the Sword Mountain on the verge of collapse? Why send such a ridiculous group of people?” retorted the Great Elder of the Unicorn, clenching his fists.

Indeed, Sword Mountain had only sent a dozen people, the Unicorn Sect had dispatched two dozen.

The Elder of Punishments smiled icily, “It’s not a question of quantity, it’s a question of quality.”

“Hehe, you’re right, making fun of one another is useless. We’ll see who laughs last. We’ll see if the same thing as last year happens. Whose disciples all ended up crushed and badly injured? Hahahahaha!” said the Great Elder of the Unicorn mockingly. He burst into contrived laughter.

The Elder of Punishments clenched his fists, his eyes filled with flames of fury. Suddenly, some strength oppressed him, he turned around and saw Lin Feng shaking his head.

The Elder of Punishments sighed and controlled himself… but the Great Elder of the Unicorn had really reminded him of a tragic incident for Sword Mountain.

The previous year, their three most outstanding disciples had been crushed in the end. The disciples of the Unicorn Sect had humiliated Sword Mountain and in the end everybody had made fun of them. It was one of the reasons why Sword Mountain lacked strong cultivators.

After going back to Sword Mountain, their three most outstanding disciples had all fallen and become pieces of trash.

Lin Feng stopped him. He was wise and reasonable. The elder smiled at Lin Feng, but then Lin Feng pushed him and jumped in front of the members of the Unicorn Sect.

Suddenly, all the members of the Unicorn Sect were looking at Lin Feng furiously. They wanted to crush him now, especially Song Yuan. He looked at Lin Feng ferociously.

“Lin Feng, how dare you show up here? I will kill you!” swore Song Yuan, as if he had instantly gone insane. He used his full strength to throw a punch at Lin Feng.

Blood called for blood! Lin Feng had killed his little brother in one punch, he wanted to avenge his brother’s death right now.

Song Yuan hated Lin Feng more than anything. How could he remain calm and reasonable in front of him? When the crowd saw Song Yuan’s bloodshot eyes, they were almost shocked by the sudden change.

Lin Feng could ignore Song Yuan’s attack if he wanted, but he didn’t want to keep too many evil enemies.

Lin Feng grunted icily and threw a punch too. His demon Qi pierced through Song Yuan’s fists and penetrated into his body. Everybody’s eyes were wide.

Three subtle sounds, and suddenly Song Yuan’s body exploded and turned into a small pile of bloody meat. Not a single part of his body was recognizable anymore. He hadn’t even had time to shout. Lin Feng had just killed a cultivator of the top of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer instantly and easily.

Everybody was completely astonished. Nobody had imagined a young man of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer could be so scary. Even if he had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer and his enemy was at the top of the fifth, being able to kill him so easy was incredible. Injuring him would have been more logical, but killing?

“Lin Feng, you dared kill my disciple? I will kill you!” shouted Song Luo Yun. His eyes were instantly bloodshot, and he threw himself at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng inspected Song Luo Yun’s strength… top of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. One more step and he’d have the strength of the ninth. He must have recently broken through.

“Enough. Did you come to the Du Hu Government to use our kwoon for your own personal battles?!” shouted a voice as Song Luo Yun was throwing himself at Lin Feng. The voice made the whole kwoon shake violently. Song Luo Yun was blown away, and blood splashed out of his mouth. He crashed onto the ground hard behind his group.

People raised their heads and saw a purple silhouette. It was condensing and turning into an old man.

The purple-robed old man looked solemn and dignified, but his eyes were cold. He was a Half-Godly Emperor. Lin Feng had already seen four Half-Godly Emperors so far: the Assassin God, the Demon God, Sword Mountain’s Leader, and now the old man in front of him.

“Greetings, Leader!”

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