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Chapter 308: Lin Zhe Tian Is Qualified!

Chapter 308: Lin Zhe Tian Is Qualified!

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“All the participants, come into the middle of the kwoon,” the Leader called out.

“Go, Zhe Tian, Chen Zhan, Xian Ling Er,” said the Elder of Punishments and Jian Yan the vice leader. They were excited. They hoped these people would make Sword Mountain shine.

Lin Zhe Tian and the others nodded. Chen Zhan glanced at Lin Feng and sighed, then flashed away. Back then, Lin Feng and he belonged to the same world, now he belonged to the same world as Lin Feng’s son…

Lin Feng watched Chen Zhan and smiled. Then he looked at his son, he was happy and excited for him.

The disciples of the five other groups also followed. The members of the Unicorn Sect looked embarrassed, as one of their disciples was missing already.

Song Yuan. Lin Feng had just killed him mercilessly, minutes before the beginning. They wouldn’t leave the matter at that…

Now that Song Yuan was dead, the Unicorn Sect had five spots in the competition. They were all cultivators of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

The Jewels Celestial Sect and the Sealing Clan had four spots.

“What about the Gods Clan’s disciples?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng liked the Gods Clan. When the Unicorn Sect and the Jewels Celestial Sect had joined hands to kill him, Tang Ye and his teacher Tang Cheng Gang had helped him. So he was a bit worried because he didn’t see Tang Ye, only Tang Cheng Gang.

Tang Cheng Gang looked at Lin Feng. First he looked startled, then he smiled indifferently, “Your friend is meditating in seclusion. He will soon break through to the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.”

“Oh? Hehe! I hope he will break through to the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer soon then,” said Lin Feng honestly.

Tang Cheng Gang smiled back and then looked over at the participants.


“The disciples of the Six Groups can start first. Among the twenty cultivators of the Six Groups, only ten will be qualified.”

“First, Chen Zhan from Sword Mountain, against Ning Yuan from the Unicorn Sect.” Chen Zhan and Ning Yuan flashed to the middle.

The two sects had been enemies for a long time, so none of these disciples was going to be merciful.

Lin Feng watched Chen Zhan battle. He had improved a lot. Ning Yuan, even though he was half a cultivation level higher than Chen Zhan, he was definitely going to lose.

As expected, after a hundred strikes, Chen Zhan suddenly formed some hand seals, and a gigantic golden hand struck Ning Yuan. Blood splashed and he was pushed away from the battle stage.

Chen Zhan won and was qualified for the next round. Ning Yuan was eliminated!

The members of the Unicorn Sect glared at Chen Zhan furiously. Chen Zhan couldn’t care less. He was qualified, so he was happy.

“Not bad, now, Jewels Celestial Sect against the Gods Clan,” said the Leader indifferently. The disciple of the Jewels Celestial Sect and the Gods Clan jumped forwards.

The disciple of the Gods Clan lost.

“Next, Dragon Sect against the Unicorn Sect.”

“Next, Sealing Clan vs. the Jewels Celestial Sect.”

Time passed, six battles took place. Sword Mountain had fought only once so far, Chen Zhan had secured one spot. The Unicorn Sect had secured two, the Sealing Clan one, the Gods Clan one, and the Jewels Celestial Sect and Dragon Sect still hadn’t managed to secure a spot.

“Next, Lin Zhe Tian from Sword Mountain against Long Xiao from the Dragon Clan,” announced the Leader of the Du Hu Government as everybody was happily talking about the previous battles.

Lin Zhe Tian vs. Long Xiao!

Lin Zhe Tian looked at his opponent.

Long Xiao also looked at him, mockingly though. A cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer was participating? Why had Sword Mountain chosen him? Didn’t they have anyone stronger than that?

Thinking about it, Long Xiao smiled icily. His two fellow disciples had lost, but he was confident that with the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, how could he lose against a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer?

“Lin Zhe Tian, right?” said Long Xiao, jumping onto the battle stage.

“I am Lin Zhe Tian,” Lin Zhe Tian confirmed.

“Hehe, fourth layer? Piss off now. Otherwise, you’ll get hurt and you’ll go and cry in your father’s arms, hahahaha!” Long Xiao said mockingly.

Lin Zhe Tian looked grim. He sighed and finally said coolly, “Please, let’s exchange views on cultivation.”

“Hmph! Reckless little piece of trash! If you want to die, I’ll help you!” When Long Xiao saw that Lin Zhe Tian didn’t flinch, he suddenly raised his arms, shouted furiously, and threw himself at Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Zhe Tian smiled icily and threw a punch.

There was a loud explosion when their fists collided. Nobody predicted the outcome of the battle.

Long Xiao was blown outside the battle stage. Lin Zhe Tian was just pushed back three steps, but he was still standing steadily.


Long Xiao looked at Lin Zhe Tian ferociously. How could he have been blown away by a cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer? He ground his teeth and ran towards Lin Zhe Tian again, as quickly as he could.

“A secret weapon?” Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed. Such people were ready to do anything to win.

Lin Zhe Tian also sensed that a secret weapon was moving towards his chest. He didn’t have time to dodge, so he raised his hands and made some hand seals. Golden lights appeared, a gigantic golden seal appeared and the air hummed metallically, then more seals hurtled towards Long Xiao’s chest.

Long Xiao’s expression changed drastically. He raised his hands to block the attack, but a godly imperial weapon was moving towards him and he didn’t have time to block it. He screamed, and Long Xiao was blown away and crashed onto the ground outside of the kwoon hard.

“Eh…?” Everybody was astonished. They had no idea Lin Zhe Tian would be so strong and win, he only had the strength of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

Now, only the last disciple of the people from the Dragon Clan could win a spot!

Thinking about that, the Great Elder of the Dragon Sect remained calm and composed. He was unhappy, of course, but he didn’t say anything. He wouldn’t forget Lin Zhe Tian any time soon, though…

Lin Zhe Tian instantly became famous after that battle. Nobody dared underestimate him anymore. Of course, that was among the people of the Six Groups, as the disciples of the Five Governments didn’t even watch that battle. To them, cultivators of the Six Groups were extremely weak.

“Lin Zhe Tian wins and is qualified to move on to the next round.”


Translation of the Author’s Note: Everybody, don’t misunderstand me, many people asked me if Lin Feng wasn’t the protagonist of this story anymore. He still is. I just think it’s important to develop the other important characters of the story. Lin Feng is the hero and people around him are important too. Who is the Peerless Martial God, after all?

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