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Chapter 309: Xian Ling Er’s Power!

Chapter 309: Xian Ling Er’s Power!

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“Next battle, Unicorn Sect vs. the Gods Clan!” announced the Leader after Lin Zhe Tian’s victory. A disciple of the Gods Clan jumped forwards, holding a blade. The two fighters exchanged a hundred strikes, and in the end, the disciple of the Gods Clan won thanks to a standard godly skill. The Gods Clan also had a spot now.

Sword Mountain had secured two spots with Chen Zhan and Lin Zhe Tian. They would have the opportunity to try and finish in the top three afterwards. Of course, not many people thought they could finish in the top three, because there were disciples from the Five Governments, too.

“Next battle, Xian Ling Er from Sword Mountain against Feng Shan from the Sealing Clan,” declared the Leader of the Du Hu Government. Everybody remained silent and looked at the disciple from Sword Mountain. Sword Mountain had already secured two spots, the last one was also very important. If Xian Ling Er was qualified, all the disciples of Sword Mountain would be qualified.

That would be great for Sword Mountain, a big step. Even though they had brought few disciples, it would prove they focused on quality rather than quantity.

The Elder of Punishments and Vice Leader Jian Yan looked satisfied. Two of their disciples were qualified already. That was already great.

“Feng Shan is Feng Gu’s fellow disciple, he’s a cultivator of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer and he’s extremely strong. Xian Ling Er must be careful,” the Elder of Punishments whispered to Lin Zhe Tian. Lin Feng was surprised when he heard that, as Lin Zhe Tian calmly walked over to Xian Ling Er and warned her.

When Xian Ling Er looked at Lin Zhe Tian, she looked suddenly awkward and blushed. Lin Feng noticed that, too.

Lin Feng smiled, his son was also good with women! Hehe!

Meng Qing glanced at Lin Feng and giggled.

“Be careful!” Lin Zhe Tian said to Xian Ling Er before coming back. Xian Ling Er nodded. She also looked at Lin Feng and Meng Qing, nodded greetings and smiled at them. She knew that Lin Zhe Tian’s parents were extremely strong.

Even though Lin Feng and her cultivation levels were similar, she knew she couldn’t compete with him. Lin Feng could make Deng Jia submit, after all.

Xian Ling Er took the Elder of Punishments’ words seriously, knowing she had to be careful. When she arrived on the battle stage, a man in purple clothes appeared in front of her and smiled icily.

“A girl? Woman are good to get married with men, why fight?” Feng Shan smiled icily.

Xian Ling Er looked at him angrily, but then suddenly smiled in a sweet and gentle way. Instantly, many men had the impression they were melting.

“Brother Gu Shan, let’s start please,” Xian Ling Er smiled.

Gu Shan grunted icily and jumped forwards. A gigantic hand moved towards Xian Ling Er’s chest extremely quickly. In his eyes, Xian Ling Er couldn’t pose a threat to him.

However, he was very wrong.

Xian Ling Er also attacked. She raised her arms and dazzling lights flashed. A terrifying Qi made the whole battle stage tremble, but Gu Shan ignored her and performed some hand seals. Purple and black seals appeared and moved towards Xian Ling Er.

“That is useless against me,” said Xian Ling Er, smiling in a bewitching way. Her arms were floating and intertwining like tentacles in the air. She took half a step backwards, raised her left hand, lights condensed, and turned into a sharp red whip.

“She’s using a godly imperial weapon!” many people gasped with admiration. She was well prepared!

“Hmph! You have a godly imperial weapon, so what? Look at my Demon Scepter!” spat Gu Shan mockingly. There was an eruption, purple lights flashed. A one-meter purple Demon Scepter appeared in his hand. Lightning erupted and thunder clapped to announce it

Gu Shan’s Demon Scepter look impressive. It looked like a high-level godly imperial weapon, but actually was only medium-level.

But it still drew many people’s attention. Xian Ling Er simply looked indifferent, still holding a red whip.

“It’s over now,” Gu Shan stated icily. He threw his Demon Scepter in Xian Ling Er’s direction. In his eyes, she was doomed, and he could already imagine himself in the final.

That was a naive and reckless way of assessing the situation. But at that moment, he was surrounded by explosive energies, and understood the whip could attack him anytime, so he resumed his vigilance.

“I will kill you!” He couldn’t stand being humiliated by a woman. He moved again and lifted his Demon Scepter.

Xian Ling Er smiled wickedly. She raised her left hand and golden lights flashed. The lights illuminated the red whip, which turned golden. Its Qi became swifter and as sharp as a sword.

Gu Shan’s expression abruptly changed, and he retreated once again. However, Xian Ling Er chased him and threw her sword-like sharp whip, whipping his waist.

Gu Shan’s face paled and wailed. His whole body felt sore, especially his waist. Blood sprayed as if he’d been cut into two.

Nobody had imagined that Gu Shan would lose in less than a hundred attacks, and it was a crushing defeat, on top of that! He was even a top disciple in the Sealing Clan!

Suddenly, everybody was talking about Xian Ling Er.

Xian Ling Er smiled. Then, she glanced at Lin Zhe Tian in a deep and meaningful way, proud and satisfied.

“Sword Mountain wins. Last battle, the Gods Clan vs. the Jewels Celestial Sect.” announced the Leader after Xian Ling Er won. It was the last battle between the Six Groups.

Sword Mountain’s three disciples were all qualified, the Gods Clan had secured two spots, the Unicorn Sect one, the Sealing Clan one, the Jewels Celestial Sect two, and the Dragon Sect one.

The top ten were now to be determined!

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