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Chapter 310: I Am Lin Feng!

Chapter 310: I Am Lin Feng!

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The next battles will be splendid!, thought the crowd. The first battles had already been fierce and impressive, but now the disciples of the Five Governments were going to fight. They drew everybody’s attention.

After all, the Five Governments were much more powerful than the Six Groups. They were first-class influential groups in the Central Continent. Therefore, the disciples of the Five Governments were also stronger, generally speaking.

The leader of the Du Hu Government looked neither worried nor anxious.

The Du Hu Government wasn’t one of the strongest Governments, they were average.

The Celestial Gods Government and the Thunder Gods Government were the most powerful Governments. They were competing all the time. It was also a tacit agreement that they had to keep progressing. It was beneficial for both sides.

The Bestial Gods Government and the Dark Gods Government were similarly strong, but they were a bit weaker than the Du Hu Government.

“Because of the allocated time we have, the disciples of the Five Governments won’t fight one-on-ones, they will fight against the elders directly.

“The Six Groups and the Five Governments, apart from the Du Hu Government, will all send one elder to test the strength of the disciples of the Five Governments. If they can withstand ten attacks, they win. If there are less than ten people remaining, then disciples of the Six Groups can replace them,” said the Leader of the Du Hu Government.

Many people were completely astonished. Elders to test the strength of the disciples of the Five Governments? And if they secured less than ten spots, the Six Groups could replace them?

Even though it seemed good for the Six Groups, it was also part of the Five Governments’ scheme. The more disciples of the Six Groups remained, the less pressure the Five Governments’ disciples had, and the higher their chances of reaching the top three was.

Many people understood that and suddenly thought of the Leader as a crafty scoundrel. But nobody dared insult him openly.

“The Six Groups can send an elder,” said the Leader. Suddenly, the atmosphere became eerily silent. Which elder was the most suitable? Everybody asked themselves the same question.

On Sword Mountain’s side, the Elder of Punishments and the Mountain Protecting Elder were both cultivators at the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer and strong, but Vice Leader Jian Yan was there, so they had to listen to him.

Jian Yan looked at the Elder of Punishments.

But in the end, he looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Elder Lin Feng, thank you for your help.”

“Oh? Me?” Lin Feng was surprised. He hadn’t thought Jian Yan would choose him rather than the Elder of Punishments or the Mountain Protecting Elder.

But Lin Feng didn’t think too much, as he had promised the leader of Sword Mountain to help anyway. Even though he couldn’t do as many things as, for example, the Elder of Punishments, he had to do things for Sword Mountain, too.

“Alright, I’ll go.” Lin Feng nodded and looked at the battle stage. He disappeared and reappeared on it.

Many people were stupefied when they saw Lin Feng.

“He’s a… disciple?”

“But Sword Mountain also sent some elders here, why send a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer? Shouldn’t he be here as a participant?”

“Right, Sword Mountain is really on the verge of collapse. They don’t have strong elders anymore. So funny! A cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer to test disciples of the Five Governments… Aren’t they afraid that his cultivation could get crippled by one of the Five Governments’ disciples?”

“Hahaha! What would happen if he became a piece of trash?”

Many people started making fun of Lin Feng when he appeared on the battle stage, especially people from the Five Governments.

Lin Feng didn’t take it to heart. He would show them and make them shut up.

Sword Mountain chose Lin Feng. The Unicorn Sect, the Jewels Celestial Sect, and the Gods Clan all selected Great Elders or second elders. Only Lin Feng wasn’t a Great Elder or second elder.

Apart from Lin Feng, who had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer only, the others were all cultivators of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

The leader of the Du Hu Government looked at Lin Feng and smiled in amusement, but didn’t say anything.

But the four other strong cultivators weren’t as kind, especially Lei Long, who jumped forwards and released Qi to oppress Lin Feng

“Piss off! Sword Mountain, send a real elder!” shouted Lei Long furiously and hoarsely. His voice oppressed many people, who instantly turned pale.

Lei Long suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng and threw a punch without saying anything. He wanted to make Lin Feng fly away.

However, Lin Feng wasn’t angry. He just smiled dismissively… and then his eyes became bloodshot and he released demon corpse Qi. There was a loud explosion when Lin Feng threw his fist.

Their fists collided with a boom, energies rolled around them. A countless number of disciples from the Five Governments and the Six Groups were blown away and coughed up blood.

Everybody closed their eyes, not daring to look. Lin Feng was probably dead…

“Eh? What’s that?”

When all the disciples had their eyes closed and were shaking their heads, they heard a sound. They raised their heads and suddenly, their mouths were wide and speechless.

The two cultivators were standing there. Lin Feng’s black robe was fluttering in the wind. Lin Feng raised his left hand and shook it. Blood dripped from his forehead. His face was pale, but he hadn’t taken a single step backwards.

Lei Long was still standing there, biting his tongue. It hurt, it was real. Lin Feng looked at him indifferently

“You…” Lei Long couldn’t believe his eyes. He didn’t even know what he wanted to say. He could normally kill cultivators of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer easily, and he had done that a countless number of times, with only one punch

“Thank you very much for being merciful, Elder Lei Long,” Lin Feng smiled scornfully. He bowed hand over fist and wiped the blood off his hand.

“Your name is Lin Feng? 25th on the Gods List?” asked Lei Long. He remembered that name.

“I am indeed Lin Feng!” Lin Feng frowned.

Everybody was astonished. 25th on the Gods List, what could they say? Wasn’t he qualified to test the disciples of the Five Governments?

If he wasn’t, who was?

Everybody shut up and didn’t dare look at Lin Feng mockingly anymore. The disciples who had made fun of him were now afraid. Lin Feng could kill them with one punch.

“Alright, start the tests! The others, move away!” said the Leader indifferently. The atmosphere became silent again.

The Five Governments’ disciples’ test was starting!

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