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Chapter 311: Twenty Cultivators

Chapter 311: Twenty Cultivators

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After that small altercation between Lin Feng and Lei Long, Lei Long stopped and nobody dared underestimate Lin Feng’s strength again. Even though his cultivation level was at the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he was much stronger than he seemed and could compete with cultivators of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

From time to time, Lin Feng could sense that Di Shu looking at him with murderous intentions, but he didn’t care. If Di Shu dared attack him, Lin Feng wouldn’t be the one who would suffer a loss.

“The Six Groups and the Five Governments dispatched elders already. Elder Lin Feng, you’re in charge of the disciples of the Du Hu Government,” said the leader of the Du Hu Government. Everybody was surprised. Lin Feng was in charge of challenging the five disciples of the Du Hu Government; was it a good thing or a bad thing? If the leader had said that just before, many people would have thought that he chose Lin Feng to win the game easily.

But now that Lin Feng had shown how strong he really was, they couldn’t think that way.

Very quickly, the five disciples of the Du Hu Government came to the front, along with the disciples of the four other governments. Lin Feng was in charge of the biggest number of disciples.

“Please be merciful, Elder Lin Feng,” said a disciple of the Du Hu Government, clenching his fists and running towards Lin Feng.

“First attack,” said Lin Feng, raising his fingers and smiling indifferently. He suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind the disciple. The man frowned and jumped away while doing some hand seals. Blue lights appeared and moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng grunted and threw a punch at the blue imprints, breaking them instantly. People’s hearts raced, but Lin Feng remained perfectly calm.

“Second attack,” said Lin Feng. He attacked quickly and threw another punch at the disciple. Of course, he only used seventy percent of his strength, but the man had to remain vigilant.

“Great Horizontal Technique!” The disciple was roused; he raised his arms and a hundred-meter blue light beam appeared, shooting towards Lin Feng extremely quickly. Lin Feng threw a punch containing demon strength and dispersed it instantly.

{Translator’s note: Great Horizontal, acupuncture name, for more info:}

“Third attack!” shouted Lin Feng, and disappeared. He reappeared behind the disciple and threw another punch.

There was an explosion, and the disciple was blown away, coughing blood. He crashed outside of the battle stage.

“You lost. Next one!” said Lin Feng indifferently.

The four other disciples were all shaking. The first one was a disciple of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, same cultivation level as Lin Feng, but the difference between them was incredible!

“I’ll come,” said another disciple, flashing towards Lin Feng. He had the strength of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer, a bit stronger than the previous one.

But after the sixth attack, he lost and was blown away from the battle stage as well.


The Du Hu Government’s leader frowned, sighing in astonishment. Lin Feng wasn’t much older than those disciples, but he was much, much stronger.

The other elders also tested the other disciples. The tests were fierce for the others, too. Lei Long was in charge of testing two disciples from the Dark Gods Government, they all lost after six or seven attacks and were all blown away from the stage.

Yao Mei Er was in charge of testing the three disciples of the Thunder Gods Government. They didn’t even have time to start fighting, they looked at her, were bewitched and walked away from the battle stage.

Two of the disciples of the Celestial Gods Government were eliminated, too. Only three disciples of the Du Hu Government hadn’t been eliminated. The Bestial Gods Government still had two female disciples. The Thunder Gods Government still had three, the Dark Gods Government still had one. The Celestial Gods Government still had four.

The Dark Gods Government’s elder looked glum. He hadn’t thought that only one of their disciples would remain. If he lost, they’d lose face. Thinking about that, the Great Elder of the Dark Gods Government glanced at the Great Elder of the Unicorn Sect.

What he meant was obvious, and the Great Elder of the Unicorn Sect naturally understood. He didn’t want to offend the Dark Gods Government, so he let the last disciple win. His name was Xuan Dong. He was the one who was arguing with Lei Su, the disciple of the Thunder Gods Government, when they arrived.

Luckily, Xuan Dong was quite strong, even if the Great Elder of the Unicorn Sect hadn’t gone easy on him, he would have probably won, so nobody said anything.


Lin Feng continued the tests. Two disciples passed the test. Lin Feng knew them both.

Brother Ruo Xie and Zhuge Hao Nan! Ruo Xie now had the strength of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Zhuge Hao Nan now had the strength of the very top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Lin Feng and Zhuge Hao Nan exchanged around fifty attacks.

Their battle drew many people’s attention. Zhuge Hao Nan was quite strong. Some people even started thinking he had high chances of ending up in the top three.

Zhuge Hao Nan was a bit startled and puzzled at the same time. Not long ago, Lin Feng couldn’t compete with him, and now, he could easily compete with him!

Ruo Xie exchanged thirty-some attacks with Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t want to go easy on Ruo Xie, but he also didn’t want him to lose. But all in all, Ruo Xie was strong enough to pass the exam.

When the leader of the Du Hu Government saw that two of his disciples had passed the test, he smiled. Maybe that was the reason why he had chosen Lin Feng to be in charge of testing the disciples of the Du Hu Government.

He was perfectly aware that Lin Feng was friends with Ruo Xie and Zhuge Hao Nan!

Very quickly, the other elders also finished.

One disciple of the Dark Gods Government passed, Xuan Dong. Three disciples of the Thunder Gods Government passed; one of them was Lei Su, obviously, and the two others were twins, Great Lei and Lei II.

Three disciples of the Celestial Gods Government passed; they were the top disciples in the Celestial Gods Government, Ye Lü Dan Xing, Ye Lü Ze, and Ye Lü Shi.

The last one was Yao Qing Lian, from the Bestial Gods Government. She looked bewitching, and was evilly beautiful. She was definitely very strong. She exchanged a hundred attacks against the Great Elder of the Jewels Celestial Sect and their battle ended in a draw.

The twenty strongest disciples were now fixed, Lin Zhe Tian and Xian Ling Er were part of the top twenty already.

Now, the top three had to be determined!

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