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Chapter 312: Mystic Deployment Spell

Chapter 312: Mystic Deployment Spell

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“Now, we’re going to continue until the top ten and top three are determined, what do you think, elders?” asked the leader of the Du Hu Government to the elders of the other Governments. He didn’t ask the elders of the Six Groups, their opinions didn’t matter. They had no voting power. The elders of the Six Groups couldn’t do much but be angry in silence.

“Leader, I think a free-for-all would be good. The last one standing will be the first one, the first one to fall is eliminated, so the order in which people are eliminated also determines their rank. What do you think?” said Lei Long after having thought carefully.

Some other elders nodded approvingly. It was cruel, but efficient.

“Yes, Elder Lei Long is right. I think it’s a good solution,” said the Great Elder of the Celestial Gods Government, Ye Lü Qi.

Now, they only needed the leader of the Du Hu Government to agree.

“Leader, I think it would be a reckless way of organizing that round,” said Lin Feng suddenly, as all the elders thought they had agreed on something. He looked the leader of the Du Hu Government straight in the eyes, which wasn’t very respectful.

Everybody’s expression suddenly changed. Who would have thought Lin Feng would get involved?

Lei Long looked at him angrily, a bolt of lightning shooting at Lin Feng and erupting. He didn’t act blindly without thinking. He had many trump cards, but he didn’t want to use them on Lin Feng. It wasn’t worth it, and it was pointless.

The Great Elder of the Celestial Gods Government, Ye Lü Qi, looked glum. Lin Feng surprisingly dared express his opinion? Wasn’t he humiliating them by getting involved?

“Who the hell do you think you are? Who asked you for your opinion? Piss off now!” shouted Ye Lü Qi ferociously. However, Lin Feng smiled mockingly. He cupped his fist in his other hand before his chest and said to the leader of the Du Hu Government, “Master, a free-for-all battle is not fair, I think…”

“Fair? Strength is the fairest way of determining who is strong or weak. That’s a basic concept! Hmph!” said Ye Lü Qi, interrupting Lin Feng and smiling mockingly.

Lin Feng stopped smiling and looked at Ye Lü Qi, showing him he wasn’t going to submit. He clenched his fists. He was getting angry.

A deadly Qi started whistling around Lin Feng as if they were about to fight.

“Enough! Stop arguing. Tell me what you have to say, Elder Lin Feng,” the leader of the Du Hu Government indifferently interrupted them.

Lin Feng controlled himself and glanced at Ye Lü Qi icily. Ye Lü Qi hadn’t learned the lesson from the small altercation between Lin Feng and Lei Long.

Lin Feng didn’t have time to argue though, so he looked at the leader and said, “Master, a free-for-all battle is not fair. Since it’s a competition, nobody should have an advantage over the others. Everybody understands what I mean,” said Lin Feng. The disciples of the Six Groups were particularly touched by his words because by saying that, he was standing up for them!

Even some disciples of the Unicorn Sect and the Jewels Celestial Sect were less angry at Lin Feng, which made the elders of those sects a bit worried.

“Oh? So what do you think?” asked the leader, looking interested in Lin Feng’s opinion.

Lin Feng nodded, “I think that the disciples of the Six Groups and the Five Governments should form five groups of four people. Each group should be composed of two disciples from the Five Governments and two from the Six Groups.

“That’d be the fairest way. And if a group is eliminated, then the whole group is eliminated. In the end, the top three can be selected from the last remaining group.”

“And it would also be the easiest way to determine the top ten disciples as well,” added Lin Feng. All the disciples thought Lin Feng was right, including all the elders, except for Ye Lü Qi.

However, when Ye Lü Qi saw Lei Long nod, he knew he couldn’t say anything else.

“Alright, Elder Lin Feng’s suggestion is a good one. Twenty disciples, five groups of four, two disciples from each side in all the groups. No internal battle allowed, otherwise, the whole group is eliminated.

“Regarding the top ten, we can determine the top ten according to the number of Mystic Tablets a group has seized,” said the leader. Everybody started shaking.

“Leader, you want to activate the Mystic Deployment Spell?” Lei Long’s expression had changed in astonishment.

The leader nodded, “Indeed, let’s open the Mystic Deployment Spell. It’s a deployment spell the Five Governments control. It can easily kill a Godly Emperor when it reaches its maximum power.

“Even though the leaders of the other governments are not here, I can also activate it alone. But its power is much weaker when I use it alone. Of course, the disciples will be safe inside, too.”

“There are Mystic Tablets inside. The groups need to find some. Of course, you can also steal them. But in the end the group with the most Mystic Tablets will be able to compete to end up in the top three, the others will be in the top ten.”

“If in the end, if a disciple doesn’t have enough Mystic Tablets to finish in the top ten, but has obtained enough on their own, then they’ll be ranked based on the number of Mystic Tablets they seized themselves,” said the leader.

Everybody was shaking. Some people had the impression they were going to faint. Some understood it would be extremely difficult for them.

Lin Zhe Tian looked determined. He wanted to be the strongest, even stronger than his dad. He wasn’t afraid of challenges, he was ready to face and overcome them!

“Let’s start now, make groups first,” said the leader to the twenty disciples.

Lin Zhe Tian frowned, then he looked at Ruo Xie and smiled.

Ruo Xie smiled wryly. Lin Zhe Tian was like an uncle to him but Ruo Xie didn’t mind, he also wanted to be in Lin Zhe Tian’s group. He would also be able to protect Lin Zhe Tian in case something happened.

“Uncle, we’re in the same group then,” said Lin Zhe Tian. He didn’t look surprised. He immediately walked over to Ruo Xie and smiled broadly.

Zhuge Hao Nan looked at Ruo Xie in a strange way and asked, “He’s…?”

“He’s Lin Feng’s eldest son, Lin Zhe Tian. Meng Qing’s only son,” said Ruo Xie when he saw Zhuge Hao Nan looking surprised.

Zhuge Hao Nan’s expression suddenly changed. “Young man, we’re together too then,” said Zhuge Hao Nan smiling broadly.

Ruo Xie had told him that Zhege Hao Nan was his fellow disciple and one of his dad’s friends, too. They were all friends that way.

“Brother Zhe Tian, can I join you?” asked someone gently at that moment.

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