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Chapter 313: Groups and Conflicts!

Chapter 313: Groups and Conflicts!

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“Sister Xian Ling Er?” Lin Zhe Tian had mixed feelings. He didn’t want to be in Xian Ling Er’s group.

Xian Ling Er looked disappointed, and got ready to leave.

“Zhe Tian, let her join your group,” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng knew how Lin Zhe Tian felt, but Xian Ling Er was quite strong and having her in their group was a good thing. Besides, Xian Ling Er liked Lin Zhe Tian, Meng Qing and Lin Feng could see that.

Therefore, Lin Feng told his son to accept. Lin Zhe Tian smiled wryly and said to Xian Ling Er, “Sister, you can join our group.”

“Thank you very much, Uncle Lin,” said Xian Ling Er, nodding at Lin Feng and smiling.

When Lin Feng heard her call him Uncle Lin, he was surprised, but just smiled wryly. He was Zhe Tian’s father after all, and he wasn’t that young anymore… Even Lin Qiong Sheng had a son, so Lin Feng was even a grandfather!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng wondered what Lin Qiong Sheng was doing. He was a bit worried about the Continent of the Nine Clouds, as well. His only grandson was there… Lin Feng thought he had to go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds sometime soon…


The groups were formed very quickly. Chen Zhan and Xuan Dong were together. Tang Qing and Yao Mei Er were in other groups.

The competition could start now!

“Mystic Deployment Spell, activate!”

The leader of the Du Hu Government stood up and raised his hands. A terrifying Qi appeared and turned into a vortex. Golden lights flashed and enveloped the whole kwoon. A thousand-meter-high mystic Qi appeared above the battle stage.

The space around the disciples became illusory. Finally, a thousand-meter golden battle stage appeared. There were giants there, and a terrifying Qi was rolling visibly around them.

When Lin Feng saw that, he took a deep breath. The Mystic Deployment Spell was terrifying. Of course, since the leader of the Du Hu Government had activated it alone, there were only golden giants.

If the other leaders had been there, giants made of other sorts of Qi would have appeared!

“Hurry, let’s go on the battlefield, I can’t hold on much longer!” shouted the leader of the Du Hu Government at that moment. He was in pain and his face paling, his arms were shaking violently. The Mystic Deployment Spell required tremendous amounts of energy.

The groups didn’t say much and jumped into the Mystic Deployment Spell, including Lin Zhe Tian, Xian Ling Er, Ruo Xie, and Zhuge Hao Nan.

Half a minute later, the Mystic Deployment Spell was closed. The leader of the Du Hu Government coughed and took half a step backwards. He had used so much energy that he had almost collapsed.

“Everybody, help me protect the Mystic Deployment Spell. Otherwise, an accident could happen,” the leader said to the crowd.

The elders of the Five Governments and Six Groups nodded. It wasn’t a trivial thing. If an accident happened in the deployment spell, the disciples would be in danger, and they would all be to blame.

No matter whether there were tensions between the various groups or not, they had to cooperate this time.

Very quickly, the disciples on the battlefield saw the elders raised their hands and release pure Qi to protect the Mystic Deployment Spell. Lin Feng was there too.


Inside the Mystic Deployment Spell…

“Zhe Tian, those golden giants are really scary. They must have the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, at least. Look at them in detail, what is inside their celestial spirit?” asked Ruo Xie, staring at the giants.

Lin Zhe Tian nodded. He had seen the small things in there giants’ celestial spirits. There was a small blue plate which the size of a hand. Those were definitely Mystic Tablets!

“Look, the other groups are already attacking giants. We can’t waste time. Hurry!” shouted Zhuge Hao Nan anxiously.

Lin Zhe Tian and Ruo Xie glanced at each other and chose a giant. Those giants didn’t take the initiative to attack them, but if someone attacked, they struck back.

Xian Ling Er and Zhuge Hao Nan also attacked giants. Xian Ling Er flashed, her pink dress fluttering in the wind, and punched a giant, who flew a dozen meters away but wasn’t injured. Xian Ling Er frowned. She raised her left hand, took out her whip and lashed the giant.

She whipped the giant, he was smashed away again, and this time, she didn’t give him time to stand up again before she flashed in and whipped him again.

The hundred-meter-tall golden giant exploded into millions of pieces and the small plate landed in Xian Ling Er’s hand.

At that moment, another exploded behind her. Lin Zhe Tian had crushed a giant with both hands using demon Qi. He also obtained a plate.

Lin Feng was standing outside and smiling. Lin Zhe Tian’s demon energies had improved after fruitfully studying the Mara Nirvana Formula.

Now, Lin Zhe Tian could rely on the Mara Nirvana Formula to fight. Lin Feng was convinced his son would finish in the top three, because he was his son!

He was Lin Feng’s son!

More and more people seized Mystic Plates, but the quickest groups were Xuan Dong’s group, Ye Lü Dan Xing’s group and Lei Su’s group. Lin Zhe Tian’s group was fourth for the time being.

There were fewer and fewer golden giants. Initially, there were golden giants everywhere, but now only a dozen were left. Lin Zhe Tian and his group had already obtained fifteen Mystic Plates.

“No! Zhe Tian, we’re using too much energy. No matter what we do now, our group can hardly finish in the top three,” said Zhuge Hao Nan, while crushing another giant.

Ruo Xie and Xian Ling Er had also walked back to Lin Zhe Tian. It was like Lin Zhe Tian had tacitly become the leader of their group.

Lin Zhe Tian narrowed his eyes and finally looked at Ye Lü Dan Xing’s group. He noticed they had stopped moving as if they were exhausted.

“We can stop for now. Let’s rest for a few seconds, and when there are no giants left, we’ll attack the others when they’re exhausted!”

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