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Chapter 314: The End of the Preparatory Competition

Chapter 314: The End of the Preparatory Competition

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“Wait until they’re exhausted?” The three others were surprised, but then they looked at the groups which were in the top three. Ruo Xie nodded. Indeed, that was the best tactic!

So Lin Zhe Tian and his friends stopped and closed their eyes to rest. Of the five groups in the deployment spell area, three groups continued fighting against giants while Lin Zhe Tian and Ye Lü Dan Xing’s groups stopped.

People outside quickly understood what Lin Zhe Tian’s and Ye Lü Dan Xing’s groups were doing, and many of them smiled.

Ye Lü Dan Xing was underestimating Lin Zhe Tian though, because he wasn’t worried that Lin Zhe Tian would attack him. Lin Zhe Tian was, in his eyes, a lowly cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Did he think he could steal Mystic Tablets from him?

Lin Feng was happy when he saw his son make that decision. His son was outstanding, and had inherited his best qualities. He was a quick and efficient thinker. Lin Feng would have done exactly the same.

“Let’s get ready to steal mystic tablets,” said Lin Zhe Tian, opening his eyes after half an hour. He looked at one of the groups, who had thirty Mystic Tablets already. If they managed to steal some from them, finishing in the top three wouldn’t be a problem.

Ye Lü Dan Xing also opened his eyes and looked at Lin Zhe Tian mockingly. What a piece of trash, he thought. And the worst was that that piece of trash dared copy him!

“Attack!” shouted Ye Lü Dan Xing. His friends clenched their fists and ran towards a group.

When that group saw Ye Lü Dan Xing intended to steal Mystic Tablets from them, they were furious. The leader of that group was Yao Qing Lian, and Chen Zhan was in that group, too.

Yao Qing Lian looked at Ye Lü Dan Xing icily and shouted, “You want to die?”

“Hehe, I don’t want to die. I just want to steal your Mystic Tablets, attack!” said Ye Lü Dan Xing mockingly.

“Let’s attack as well!” said Lin Zhe Tian, standing up and scratching his neck. He looked at Ye Lü Shi and Ye Lü Ze. He had found his target.

“Attack!” said Lin Zhe Tian while disappearing. A second later, he was in front of Ye Lü Shi, and immediately threw a punch at him. Cold and evil energies rolled in waves around his fist.

Ye Lü Shi and Ye Lü Ze’s expressions suddenly changed, and they howled furiously, “A lowly cultivator of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer dares attack us?! Crush him!” they shouted, attacking as well. The disciples behind them, who were from the Sealing Clan, also attacked. There were tensions between Sword Mountain and the Sealing Clan; more than tensions actually, more like a bitter and deep-seated hatred!

“Hmph! Fourth layer?” repeated Lin Zhe Tian, smiling icily. He shouted and golden lights burst around him. He made some hand seals, and a golden seal appeared, swelled in size, and bombarded the two disciples of the Sealing Clan.

The two disciples of the Sealing Clan shouted furiously and clenched their fists. They used their full strength to resist the attack but in vain, they were blown far into the distance and blood splashed. They were injured!

The elder of the Sealing Clan was furious when he saw that, he glanced at the members of Sword Mountain and shouted furiously, “Sword Mountain, your disciples are insolent! They dare attack us!”

“Hehe, Brother Feng, not only our disciples, but the disciples of the Du Hu Government as well, why don’t you blame the Du Hu Government?” retorted Jian Yan, smiling icily at Feng Di, the elder of the Sealing Clan.

Feng Di instantly stopped talking and looked at the deployment spell area again.

The two disciples of the Sealing Clan had been blown away. Ye Lü Shi and Ye Lü Ze were cultivators of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer, extremely strong. Even Lin Zhe Tian had no choice but to admit it.

But even if they were extremely strong, Lin Zhe Tian knew he wasn’t going to lose.

“Mara Nirvana Formula!” shouted Lin Zhe Tian furiously. Suddenly, millions of pitch-black demons seemed to be howling furiously. Demon Qi rolled in waves of fear.

“Chant of Despair!” Ye Lü Shi and Ye Lü Ze didn’t want to waste too much energy. They both shouted furiously, so loud that the sound waves caused by their voices could almost destroy people’s circulatory system.

Lin Zhe Tian frowned, he was being influenced by the Chant of Despair, but he didn’t flinch. He raised his fists and ran forwards.

Ye Lü Shi and Ye Lü Ze both coughed up blood when Zhe Tian punched them, and their faces paled. They retreated.

In the other groups, Yao Qing Lian was also badly injured. There was blood everywhere on her left arm. Ye Lü Dan Xing didn’t care that she was a woman.

“Give me your Mystic Tablets and I’ll spare your life!” shouted Ye Lü Dan Xing angrily, stretching out his left hand.

“Don’t imagine that’s possible!” shouted Chen Zhan, not giving Yao Qing Lian time to reply. He raised his spear and threw himself at Ye Lü Dan Xing.

“Hmph! Sixth layer! You want to die,” said Ye Lü Dan Xing smiling coldly. He made some hand seals, a gigantic imprint appeared and smashed into Chen Zhan, blowing him away.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH! My hand!” shouted Ye Lü Shi at the same time. Lin Zhe Tian had crushed his arm, and blood was gushing out.

Ye Lü Dan Xing frowned when he saw that, his eyes suddenly filling with killing intent. However, he controlled himself and focused on Yao Qing Lian.

Lin Zhe Tian wasn’t merciful to Ye Lü Ze. He defeated him in a few more attacks. Blood kept flying, and in the end, Ye Lü Ze was blown away and crashed against the walls of the deployment spell area. The golden lights flashed and Ye Lü Ze was struck again. More blood splashed.

“Little Ze! Little Ze!” shouted Ye Lü Qi outside when he saw Ye Lü Ze getting pummeled. His eyes were bloodshot. The two were very close.

“Lin Feng, if my kid is badly injured, I’ll crush your kid!” shouted Ye Lü Qi threateningly.

“Hehe, let’s see if he comes back then,” said Lin Feng, frowning and smiling casually. If Ye Lü Qi really dared attack his son, he would simply kill Ye Lü Ze!

There was another. Ye Lü Dan Xing bombarded Yao Qing Lian with energies. She coughed blood. Ye Lü Dan Xing took her four Mystic Tablets.

At the same time, Lin Zhe Tian also took Ye Lü Shi’s three Mystic Tablets.

Those two looked terrifying, they scared everyone in the deployment spell area with their energies.

“Hehe, very good. Lin Zhe Tian, I hope you’ll come out alive,” said Ye Lü Dan Xing when he saw how badly injured his two fellow disciples were. He smiled ferociously.

Lin Zhe Tian frowned and smiled indifferently, but he didn’t say anything.

“Alright, the great battle is over!”

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    Time for papa Lin Feng to slap some butt cheeks xD

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    Threatening Lin Feng’s family is a guaranteed death sentence.

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    Why does every author of this genre make every character absolute shameless, despicable, and down right petulant. It’s almost as if there is only three character types, and they just make up new names. It’s quite redundant.

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      Well, basically it is a Chinese Novel.
      In Chinese it was common to giving “Face” to other, if you lose “Face” in front of other expecially in front many people it was as same as killing.

      So you will found out many character who doesn’t give any “face” to others, because they are not the MC.

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