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Chapter 315: Lin Zhe Tian vs. Lei Su

Chapter 315: Lin Zhe Tian vs. Lei Su

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“So Lin Zhe Tian and Ye Lü Dan Xing’s groups have sixty-five and fifty-eight Mystic Tablets respectively. But in Ye Lü Dan Xing’s group, apart from him, the others didn’t get enough Mystic Tablets to be in the top ten, so they’re eliminated.

“Regarding Lin Zhe Tian’s group, Lin Zhe Tian obtained thirty-seven Mystic Tablets, he’s in the top four; Zhuge Hao Nan obtained twelve Mystic Tablets, so he’s in the top ten.

“In the other groups, Lei Su and Xuan Dong are also in the top four, like Lin Zhe Tian and Ye Lü Dan Xing.

“Those in the top ten are: Ye Lü Dan Xing, Lin Zhe Tian, Lei Su, Xuan Dong, Xian Ling Er, Ruo Xie, Zhuge Hao Nan, Tang Qing, Yao Qing Lian and Tang Zhong.

“Now, those in the top four stay here, the others can leave the Mystic Deployment Spell area,” declared the leader of the Du Hu Government.

Those who were eliminated left. Xian Ling Er looked at Lin Zhe Tian in worry, but she didn’t say anything, she just bit her lips and walked away. Ruo Xie clapped Lin Zhe Tian’s shoulder and left. Zhuge Hao Nan was disappointed and also left.

Only four people remained in the Mystic Deployment Spell area. The crowd couldn’t wait to see them battle. Those people were at the heart of the competition.

“I never thought that some disciples of Sword Mountain would finish in the top ten. Really strange.”

“I know, right? Lin Zhe Tian is Lin Feng’s son; when the father is a lion, the son cannot be a dog. How strong!”

“But don’t overestimate him, the three others are extremely strong too, they’re outstanding disciples from the Five Governments. It’ll be extremely difficult for him to finish in the top ten.”

“Well, we’ll see.”

People were all talking about Lin Zhe Tian. The disciples of Sword Mountain were not angry when they heard the crowd. On the contrary, they were already amazed, as Lin Zhe Tian was sure to finish in the top four, which was amazing.

The others were all disciples from the Five Governments, only Lin Zhe Tian was from the Group of Six. Sword Mountain was already proud of him.

Everybody was now looking at Ye Lü Dan Xing from the Celestial Gods Government, Xuan Dong from the Dark Gods Government, Lei Su from the Thunder Gods Government and Lin Zhe Tian from Sword Mountain… especially at Lin Zhe Tian.

“Lin Zhe Tian, you’re lucky to be in the top four, you are very lucky,” said Ye Lü Dan Xing, holding his Mystic Tablets and looking at Lin Zhe Tian icily.

“Is that so? So what you’re saying is that the fact that I crushed Ye Lü Shi and Ye Lü Ze was all due to luck?” said Lin Zhe Tian, returning the disdain.

Ye Lü Dan Xing looked glum and spat icily, “He who laughs last, laughs longest.”

“Don’t worry about me. However, I hope for you that you won’t encounter me in the future. Otherwise, each time I run into you, I’ll hit you!” shouted Lin Zhe Tian, making the whole battle stage shake. Many people were astonished. Lin Zhe Tian was threatening Ye Lü Dan Xing? How aggressive and arrogant was that?

“He thinks he can act arrogantly only because he is in the top four? What makes him think he’s qualified?” sneered a disciple of the Sealing Clan.

“I know, right? He was just lucky. But now he’s about to get crushed!” Disciples of the Unicorn Sect and the Sealing Clan were making fun of Lin Zhe Tian, and their elders pulled long faces. A disciple of the Group of Six was in the top four, it was a great thing, but the only problem was that it was a disciple of Sword Mountain.

“You’re really ridiculous. Lucky to be in the top four? You people from the Unicorn Sect and the Sealing Clan want to try your luck?” someone jeered at them. Lucky to be in the top four? Well, why weren’t they lucky?

When those disciples heard that, they looked awkward. They were merely jealous. Being envious and jealous was useless, being strong was the only thing that mattered!

“Alright, now you’re going to draw your opponent’s name from a star,” said the leader of the government to the four finalists calmly. He waved and four blue lights appeared in the deployment spell area.

Lin Zhe Tian stretched out his hand to grab a blue star, but Ye Lü Dan Xing jumped in front of him and tried to take it. At the same time, he raised his other hand and threw a punch at Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Zhe Tian grunted icily, jumped and threw a punch at him too. Both Ye Lü Dan Xing and Lin Zhe Tian were pushed backwards with a boom. Lin Zhe Tian paled.

That gave Lei Su and Xuan Dong a good opportunity; they jumped forwards and grabbed blue stars. The remaining two stars flew towards Lin Zhe Tian and Ye Lü Dan Xing.

Ye Lü Dan Xing looked quite sinister. He clenched his fists and glared at Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Zhe Tian just smiled mockingly. He cracked the nut-like star open and a name appeared inside: Lei Su.

Lin Zhe Tian’s opponent was Lei Su. Xuan Dong’s opponent was Ye Lü Dan Xing.

“Divide the field into two for your battles. The first one to lose will not be in the top three,” said the leader indifferently.

Lin Zhe Tian looked nervous. He didn’t want to lose. He wanted to be in the top three, he didn’t want his father to be disappointed.

I will definitely finish in the top three!, thought Lin Zhe Tian.

Lei Su looked at Lin Zhe Tian. He didn’t look at him like Ye Lü Dan Xing. Since Lin Zhe Tian was in the top four, it meant he wasn’t weak. Lei Su would use his full strength.

He initially wanted to fight against Xuan Dong, but it wasn’t going to happen like that.

Lin Zhe Tian and Xuan Dong moved to the eastern part of the Mystic Deployment Spell area, Ye Lü Dan Xing and Xuan Dong to the western part. Two great fights were on the verge of breaking out.

“Attack, Lin Zhe Tian. I know you’re strong. So don’t hesitate to use your trump cards, otherwise, I will get angry!” shouted Lei Su loudly. Lin Zhe Tian’s eardrums trembled, and he had the impression he was going to faint. Lei Su was really strong too!

“As you wish! Great Imprint Formula!” shouted Lin Zhe Tian, making hand seals. Blue lights flashed and a gigantic imprint moved towards Lei Su’s chest extremely quickly. Lei Su remained focused.

“As expected, quite strong. But I’m not weak either. Thunder Explosion!” shouted Lei Su explosively. He was suddenly surrounded by millions of lights, Qi exploded everywhere in the deployment spell area, and the temperature suddenly increased. Strength oppressed Lin Zhe Tian’s chest.

Boom, boom… Two explosions spread in the air. Lin Zhe Tian was blown away by the terrifying strength and crashed a hundred meters away. However, Lei Su was also blown away by Lin Zhe Tian’s great hand seal and also crashed a hundred meters away. They were both similarly injured, it was a draw so far.

At the same time, Ye Lü Dan Xing threw a punch at Xuan Dong. His punch was incredibly fast. Qi already oppressed Xuan Dong from behind.

However, Xuan Dong just smiled coldly and shouted out, “Dark Turtle Formula!” A gigantic turtle shell imprint appeared on Xuan Dong’s back, but even with it, he was propelled away a hundred meters and his face became extremely pale.

It was Ye Lü Dan Xing’s first attack, and Xuan Dong had lost the first round!

“Let’s continue!” shouted Lei Su furiously. He was startled by Lin Zhe Tian’s strength and was even more excited to continue the battle. He flashed forwards and tried to use physical strength against Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Zhe Tian was Lin Feng’s son, and also extremely strong physically. Lei Su couldn’t injure Lin Zhe Tian that way. So Lin Zhe Tian raised his fists and punched Lei Su in the chest.

Lei Su groaned with pain and was smashed away. Lin Zhe Tian was hurled back, too. Both were pushed a hundred meters backwards.

Everybody shivered because the energies of the Mystic Deployment Spell area became much weaker suddenly. The ferocity of their battle had really gone beyond expectations.

“Dawn Star Qi Skill!” A voice broke the silence, the crowd heard a dragon chant, and a dangerous Qi bombarded Xuan Dong!

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