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Chapter 316: Battle Date Agreement

Chapter 316: Battle Date Agreement

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After a dozen attacks, Xuan Dong lost against Ye Lü Dan Xing.

The leader of the Du Hu Government suddenly raised his head, the Dawn Star Qi Skill was a special skill from Ye Lü Dan Xing’s celestial spirit. It was actually why Ye Lü Dan Xing had taken that name.

{Translator’s Note: the name of the skill is Dan Xing Qi Gong in Chinese.}

A Godly Emperor had created the Dawn Star Qi Skill. It was 96th skill of the Godly Skills’ List, a really powerful skill.

Xuan Dong was extremely annoyed, because he hadn’t even have time to prepare and use his godly skill. He might have had a chance to win if he had used one.

When Lei Su saw that Xuan Dong had lost, his expression changed because they were similarly strong, and he was afraid to fight against Ye Lü Dan Xing.

Lei Su tried to remain focused, and used his full strength to fight against Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Zhe Tian took a deep breath. Ye Lü Dan Xing’s battle was over, which made him feel even more pressured.

I must win with this attack!, thought Lin Zhe Tian. His eyes turned golden, he raised his hands, his hands became dazzling gold. Everybody turned their heads.

People who were familiar with Lin Zhe Tian knew that he was going to use a godly skill to finish the battle, the Golden Seal Formula, 87th on the Godly Skills’ List. It was a really powerful attack.

Millions of golden stars appeared. Lei Su struggled to keep his eyes open, but failed. At that precise moment, Lin Zhe Tian grit his teeth and used all the pure Qi he had to land in front of Lei Su and release the golden seal.

An incredible explosion spread in the air. Lei Su was hurled helplessly away. He was still trying to condense purple lightning energies, but it was too late. He had lost.

If he had finished condensing his energies a second earlier, he might have been able to protect himself, but the Dazzling Golden Seal Formula had completely blinded him. Physical and energy strengths were not the only things that mattered in battles, speed or being able to hinder an opponent’s movements were also assets.

Lin Zhe Tian won, Lei Su lost. Nobody had thought the battle would end that way, apart from Lin Feng and Meng Qing, because they had faith in their son.

“Hooray! Brother Zhe Tian is powerful and mighty!”

“Lin Zhe Tian, Lin Zhe Tian!!!!”

All the disciples of Sword Mountain started cheering for him, raising their arms and shouting. Their voices resonated across the kwoon.

The leader of the Du Hu Government remained expressionless but on the inside, he was a bit surprised. It seemed that Sword Mountain had set high hopes on Lin Zhe Tian, and hoped he’d help them rise.

“The top three are already fixed! Lei Su is third, Ye Lü Dan Xing defeated Xuan Dong first so he’s first, and Lin Zhe Tian is second.”

“In half a month, you three will compete for the Gods’ List, alright, the Preparation of the Gods’ List Competition is…”

“A moment, Master! I want to teach that little boy a good lesson. I hope you don’t mind!” shouted someone extremely loudly. Everybody’s expression changed. Who dared interrupt the leader of the Du Hu Government?

Lin Zhe Tian was clenching his fists and looking at the leader of the Du Hu Government, pointing at Ye Lü Dan Xing. He wanted to fight and looked determined.

“That little boy wants to die?” The Elder of Punishments was furious. Right after he said that, he suddenly blushed and glanced at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his head. He didn’t take it to heart, but if Lin Zhe Tian challenged Ye Lü Dan Xing and won, both sides would suffer losses and the real Gods’ List competition would be difficult.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why his son wanted to do that. Actually, Lin Zhe Tian was doing that because of his father, because his father did things like that. Lin Zhe Tian was sick of it sometimes, people expecting him to be like his father. Sometimes, being Lin Feng’s son was so much pressure.

Ye Lü Dan Xing glared back at him. Teach him a good lesson? Teach him, Ye Lü Dan Xing, a good lesson? He was insane!

“Hmph! A piece of trash like you dares say he wants to teach me a good lesson. No problem, I will kill you!” roared Ye Lü Dan Xing, furiously clenching his fists. He threw himself at Lin Zhe Tian.

“Enough! Stop!”

The Mystic Deployment Spell area disappeared, Lin Zhe Tian and Ye Lü Dan Xing fell from the sky and landed on the ground. Ye Lü Dan Xing could sense an oppressive strength.

“Stop. Don’t act recklessly. The Great Competition of the Gods’ List is in half a month, don’t reveal your trump cards!” shouted Ye Lü Qi to Ye Lü Dan Xing. Ye Lü Qi also glanced at Lin Feng angrily.

“Hmph! Lin Zhe Tian, we should agree on a fight. We’ll fight in half a month and I’ll show you how strong I am!”

“Hehe! You’re brave. I naturally agree,” said Lin Zhe Tian smiling and nodding.

“Lin Feng, you should educate your kid and teach him to be careful if he doesn’t want to die,” said Ye Lü Qi glancing at Lin Zhe Tian icily, then looking at Lin Feng mockingly.

“No need to worry about my son. If I were you, I’d be worried about your disciple, though. What if my son kills him?” said Lin Feng, smiling mockingly as well. He didn’t take Ye Lü Qi’s threat to heart. On the contrary, he sneered back at him.

Ye Lü Qi looked at him ferociously, then he ground his teeth and howled out, “The kids agreed on a date to battle, what about you and me? Shall we fight in half a month as well?”

“What? The Great Elder of the Celestial Gods Government wants to fight against Lin Feng?”

“Such a battle could shake the whole city.”

“Lin Feng is insane. I’m sure he’ll refuse, unless he’s stupid,” whispered several disciples.

“Alright, if you want to, why not?” said Lin Feng, smiling easily.

“Uhhh… He’s really stupid.” A few disciples were stupefied, but in the end, they sighed, and many people also smiled in cold amusement.

They would all know whether he was stupid or not half a month from now!

The Preparation of the Gods’ List Competition ended like that. Lin Zhe Tian became famous in Gods’ City. And many people couldn’t wait to watch their battles.

Lin Zhe Tian vs. Ye Lü Dan Xing, Lin Feng vs. Ye Lü Qi, everybody was excited about those battles. Besides, the Great Competition of the Gods’ List was also going to start soon.


The disciples of the Five Governments left and most of the disciples of the Six Groups also left.

“Lin Feng, in half a month, the Great Competition of the Gods’ List will start. I will kill you then!” Lin Feng heard as he was about to leave the Du Hu Government.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance and saw a blurry silhouette: Di Shu!

Di Shu was staring at Lin Feng evilly. His Qi didn’t look like holy Qi at all. It looked rotten and evil.

Then Di Shu disappeared. Lin Feng looked grim. Lin Feng felt pressured, danger lurked all around him, Di Shu, Ye Lü Qi…


Two days later, Lin Feng was meditating in seclusion. He studied a few standard godly skills really hard. He needed some standard godly skills.

At the same time, Lin Zhe Tian also went to meditate in seclusion. Lin Feng had transmitted the Birth of a Buddha skill to him. It would become his trump card. It would also be Lin Feng’s trump card against Ye Lü Qi.

The ninth skill on the Godly Skills’ List was really incredible!

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