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Chapter 317: Grave of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor

Chapter 317: Grave of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor

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“Leader, Gods’ City is stirring with excitement these days. All the groups of the Continent of the Gods will dispatch their strongest members for the Great Competition of the Gods’ List.”

“Lin Zhe Tian represents Sword Mountain there, he will also be the only one from the Six Groups. What an honor,” said the vice leader Jian Yan, stroking his beard. The old man he was speaking and smiled gently.

“Hehe, indeed! Zhe Tian is quite talented. He will become very strong in the future,” smiled the leader of Sword Mountain. He was happy and satisfied by Lin Zhe Tian’s success during the Preparation of the Gods’ List Competition. Not only had he oppressed the five other groups, he had also finished in the top three!

However, the old man was a bit worried because being famous like that would make some people jealous, and jealous people liked to plot.

“Jian Yan, is Lin Feng meditating in seclusion?” asked the old man suddenly.

Jian Yan nodded, but then he shook his head and said, “Yes, he went back to the Sword Tower. He’s an elder now, so nobody can say anything. I just fear that…”

“What do you fear?” asked the old man, looking amused.

Jian Yan smiled wryly and said, “I fear that he will study all the standard godly skills of Sword Mountain.”

“Haha, that would be great. The more he benefits from the resources of Sword Mountain, the more grateful he will feel. His son is also a member of Sword Mountain, so our relationship with Lin Feng will become deeper and deeper.”

“It’s good to have Lin Feng and his son. They will help Sword Mountain rise. We could even become as dazzling as the Five Governments,” said the leader. He looked excited; he had set high hopes on Lin Feng and his son.

Boom boom boom!…

Suddenly, the whole territory of Sword Mountain started shaking. Demon Qi invaded the whole space, including the palace, then the entirety of the City of Gods started shaking too.

The leader of Sword Mountain was astonished. As a Half-Godly Emperor, he understood how powerful that demon Qi was… His expression instantly changed.

Jian Yan released Qi and raised his hands to protect himself, then looked at the leader of Sword Mountain.

“What’s going on?” shouted the leader, looking out of the window. A few disciples were running around and seemed panic-stricken.

They knelt down and shouted, “Leader, there, the… the demon lights… and there’s a blood-red color in them, too!”

“What? Demon lights and a blood-red color?” The leader’s expression suddenly changed. He rolled up his sleeves and disappeared. He materialized high up in the sky and looked at the blood-red demon Qi.

The blood-red demon Qi blotted out the sky. The atmosphere felt extremely oppressive.

Everybody in Sword Mountain heard the sounds. Many disciples came out to see, but as soon as they saw that, they instantly went back inside, scared away by the scene.

The Elder of Punishments and a few other elders, as well as Deng Jia and two vice leaders, also came out.

“What’s going on? Why is that blood-red demon Qi blotting out the sky?” asked Deng Jia grimy.

“Maybe some historical vestiges have appeared?” said the leader uncertainly. But Deng Jia’s eyes glittered, he looked perplexed.

“Brother Jian Shi, Tang Zhen is here!” shouted someone suddenly. Someone descended from the sky, a silhouette surrounded by a golden aura. When the leader saw that, he narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“Sorry for not picking you up myself,” said the leader, laughing wholeheartedly.

“Greetings, Elder Tang Zhen!” said the different elders of Sword Mountain, bowing hand over fist. Deng Jia, who usually acted proudly and arrogantly, also showed respect and lowered his head.

“Everybody, stop bowing. No need to pretend to be polite,” said Tang Zhen, bursting into laughter and waving, and all the elders raised their heads. All the elders feared Half-Godly Emperors.

Tang Zhen landed next to the leader and smiled. When he saw the blood-red demon Qi in the sky, he looked grave and serious though.

“Brother Tang Zhen, what brings you to Sword Mountain?” asked the leader.

Tang Zhen said, “I’m here because of this.” Tang Zhen pointed at the blood-red demon Qi.

“Have you discovered something?” asked Jian Shi, the leader of Sword Mountain.

“The grave of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor has been discovered, and it is now open,” said Tang Zhen, taking a deep breath and pulling a long face.

“What? How is that possible?” asked the leader of Sword Mountain. His expression changed drastically. He also pulled a long face, he even looked on the edge of panic.

“The Grave of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor has been found? Who found it?” asked Jian Shi.

Tang Zhen shook his head, “I went there to take a look. It’s really frightening, I was instantly bombarded away by the demon Qi. Half-Godly Emperors can’t go there, therefore, I can only send people to go for me.”

“The Gods Clan already sent people?” The leader of Sword Mountain was stupefied.

“Yes, I was there first and then I came back to tell you that. You should also send some people. If it’s really the Grave of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, then you’ll definitely find some great items inside. And it’s the perfect time, just before the Great Competition of the Gods’ List,” said Tang Zhen.

He looked excited. Of course, he also wanted items from the grave.

Jian Shi frowned, sending people was a good idea, but who?

“I’ll go,” said Deng Jia.

Jian Shi looked hesitant. He didn’t want to send Deng Jia.

“Master, I’ll go,” said a voice from the Sword Tower. Everybody turned around and saw Lin Feng come out of the tower, walking towards them.

When Jian Shi saw Lin Feng, he was surprised. Lin Feng had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, but his perceptions were so acute. No Qi could escape from his perceptions over huge distances.

“Lin Feng, who allowed you to talk?” said Deng Jia angrily.

“If you think I’m not qualified to talk, we can fight. If you lose, then it means I’m qualified,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He sounded firm.

Lin Feng’s reaction stupefied everybody, including Tang Zhen.

Tang Zhen remembered his grandson Tang Ye had told him about a certain Lin Feng, that was probably the young man in front of him.

“Hehe, how talented. If he went to the Grave, I’d be relieved.”

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