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Chapter 319: Dark Abyss!

Chapter 319: Dark Abyss!

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“Hey, people from Sword Mountain are here too.”

Lin Feng noticed a group of people smiling in an unfriendly way when they saw the Elder of Punishments and him. The Elder of Punishments looked at them icily.

“Unicorn Sect, you’re here too.”

He didn’t even have time to reply before someone shouted. He turned his head and saw a few disciples from the Gods Clan. The leader of the group was Tang Ye.

“Brother Lin, long time no see,” said Tang Ye smiling broadly, and clapping Lin Feng’s shoulders.

Lin Feng was surprised when he saw Tang Ye’s Qi; it was extremely shiny, like a precious stone. He also had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he was becoming stronger and stronger.

“Hehe, you must be surprised to see me, but I’ve heard that you had had an altercation with the Great Elder of the Thunder Gods Government and he failed to make you submit, impressive,” said Tang Ye in admiration.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Nah, I’m sure you could do the same, if not better,” said Lin Feng modestly.

Tang Ye had meditated in seclusion for a while and now had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he could probably compete with some cultivators of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Everybody might be astonished by Tang Ye’s performance at the Great Competition of the Gods’ List, who knew?

Tang Ye and Lin Feng were chatting happily, which infuriated the disciples of the Unicorn Sect who were initially making fun of him. The leader of the group was a man in black clothes and shouted, “Lin Feng, aren’t you being a little bit too arrogant?!”

“Oh? Brother Lin, you offended the members of the Unicorn Sect?” Tang Ye said when he saw the faces of the members of the Unicorn Sect. He looked at Lin Feng with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

“Ignore them. They’re just little dogs who only know how to bark,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head and smiling indifferently. If they despised him, they could attack, but Lin Feng didn’t feel insulting people just for the sake of insulting them. If they had something to prove, they could fight!

Lin Feng and the members of the Gods Clan walked away and approached the mountain. Their circulatory systems felt like they were going to explode.

“I can’t get any closer!”

As expected, the disciples of the Gods Clan turned extremely pale and blood started gushing out of their mouths, they couldn’t stand the demon energies.

“Tang Shao, wait for us back there. Contact us if there is anything!” shouted Tang Ye to a young man. He continued walking forwards.

“I can’t continue either. I’m going back.”

“So am I. I can’t stand it anymore.”

Disciples of other sects couldn’t stand the pressure either. Fewer and fewer people were advancing. The disciples who retreated were all of no importance, though. The real elite disciples of the Six Groups and Five Governments didn’t retreat.

“Hold on, we’re almost there!” shouted Tang Ye to the three disciples behind him.

“Yes, Third Elder!” shouted the three disciples, using their full strength to continue walking forwards.

When Lin Feng heard “Third Elder”, he was astonished, Tang Ye had become the Third Elder of the Gods Clan already, no wonder they let him take disciples out on excursions. With the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he was indeed qualified for such a position.

Lin Feng and the others were now only a hundred meters away from the mountain the blood-red demon Qi came from. There was a gigantic pillar there, and the entrance to a cave. But no matter what, they couldn’t get any closer. If they tried, their souls would probably disperse.

“You guard the entrance of the cage, use your talismans to contact me if anything happens,” said Tang Ye to the three disciples behind him. They all nodded.

Then, Tang Ye turned around and said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, be careful.”

Tang Ye shouted out and turned into a golden light beam, disappearing inside the demon Qi cave. After he penetrated into the cave, the golden lights were still visible for a few seconds and then they disappeared. He was already in the depths of the cave!

“Unicorn Sect’s disciples, stay outside and contact me if something happens.” After a short time, the black-clad leader of the Unicorn Sect’s group also entered the cave. He glanced at Lin Feng ferociously before going in. Lin Feng felt unsafe.

“Lin Feng, you’re here!” spat someone suddenly. Lin Feng sensed deadly energies behind him. Lin Feng shouted furiously and threw out a punch, energies rolling around him.

Lei Long and Lei Su had arrived.

“We haven’t seen each other for a short while, but you’re already much stronger. You’re getting prepared for your battle in half a month, I see!” said Lei Long, sneering at Lin Feng.

“We’ll see,” returned Lin Feng indifferently. He was going to fight against Ye Lü Qi, and his son against Ye Lü Dan Xing. Many people were closely following their progress, including the members of the Thunder Gods Government.

“Alright, we’ll see,” said Lei Long, before he entered the cave with Lei Su.

The woman of the Bestial Gods Government, the elder of the Dark Gods Government, and others all entered the cave. Lin Feng didn’t see any disciples from the Celestial Gods Government or the Du Hu Government, though. Maybe they hadn’t come, or maybe that they had gone inside earlier already.

“Lin Feng, I’ll stay outside, you go in. If anything happens, break this talisman,” said the Elder of Punishments. He didn’t intend to go inside. He just gave Lin Feng a jade talisman which contained space and time Dao.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He took the talisman but he wouldn’t use it no matter what because the space and time Dao in the talisman wasn’t his. If he was in real danger, he’d need to rely on his own self.

Lin Feng turned around and walked to the entrance of the cave, which looked like a nest of devils. His demon Qi was boiling, so Lin Feng knew he’d find something interesting inside.

People who were not demon cultivators probably couldn’t understand how he felt. But his connection to that demon Qi was deep.

Lin Feng didn’t know whether he’d find something beneficial or not, but he had to take the risk. Besides, he hadn’t done anything thrilling in some time!

That cave was extremely deep, it seemed endless. Lin Feng released pure Qi to protect himself, but realized that there was a kind of absorbing Qi in the cave.

It was pitch-black inside, Lin Feng couldn’t see anything. It was an abyssal hole, Lin Feng was falling and falling and falling. After a long time, he got used to it and started seeing things. He noticed paintings on the walls in the darkness, they looked like ancient words. Lin Feng opened his eyes widely and released his own demon energy.

Finally, Lin Feng saw them clearly. They were demon incantations which had been created by Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor when he was young.

The Demon Emperor’s Incantations were in the top hundred of the Godly Skills’ List because they had disappeared a long time before. Only those who were inside would discover how powerful they were.

Lin Feng was extremely happy to find those Demon Emperor’s Incantations. But he was still falling extremely quickly so he didn’t have time to remember the words, he could only remember a few words here and there, which was useless.

“I’ll see about this later. I’ll first continue and see what it looks like there.”

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