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Chapter 320: Demon Emperor’s Essence Blood!

Chapter 320: Demon Emperor’s Essence Blood!

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Lin Feng descended into the cave for a very long time and finally landed on the ground. However, Lin Feng was still shocked by the depth of the cave.

There were four gigantic golden pillars. Even though it was a grave, it looked splendid and resplendent. There were many impressive carvings of demon dragons on the pillars.

At the foot of the pillars were five-meter-long coffins. A powerful and thick demon Qi emerged from them. There were probably four demons inside… obvious, considering the Qi.

The hall was very spacious, over ten thousand square meters. It was divided into countless small rooms, too. The grave was incredible. Even though many people were inside, it could accommodate all of them.

Lin Feng saw Tang Ye in the distance, but didn’t join up with him. Everybody was there to try their luck. Of course, if Tang Ye was in danger, Lin Feng would certainly help him!

Lin Feng continued walking. He passed by the coffins and arrived in a room with nobody inside. There was a gigantic carving on the ground of a powerful, dignified, and majestic demon. His head was blood-red, with a kind of blood-red pond above his head. The blood-red Qi was less thick inside the room.

Lin Feng didn’t see anything valuable inside, just broken low-level godly imperial weapons, nothing interesting.

Lin Feng continued visiting other rooms, but as before, he didn’t find anything interesting. However, as he continued, he was stupefied by the size of the grave. It was truly gigantic. He had already been in over seventy rooms and each room was twelve thousand square meters, at least. And they all had four pillars and coffins!

Are the disciples of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor buried in those coffins?, wondered Lin Feng after a while. He had calmed down, and wasn’t as amazed anymore. How strong were the disciples of the Demon Emperor?

Lin Feng sighed, about to leave the room and go to another one.

However, he suddenly noticed something on the wall… blood! That blood Qi was different from the other blood Qi because it was fresh and dripping. It looked extremely powerful.

Lin Feng was surprised to see blood dripping from the wall. How come it didn’t dry? How come it didn’t mix with the other blood Qi?

Lin Feng raised his left hand and touched it. His demon Qi started boiling even more violently. Lin Feng controlled himself, but he was still astonished.

What a scary blood Qi. It can destroy your determination!, thought Lin Feng. His heart was racing!

“Do all the rooms have such fresh blood?” Lin Feng suddenly wondered. He hadn’t paid attention to the walls in the other rooms!

Lin Feng couldn’t miss any opportunity, so he went back to the rooms which he had just been in and noticed the same fresh blood. Sometimes, it was even more powerful than the first room!

Lin Feng touched the blood in the room where he was, he suddenly felt ice-cold. Sensing a Qi behind him, he jumped and threw a punch, his strength spreading all around him. He looked at the person who had just attacked him by surprise.

“Who are you?” demanded Lin Feng. It was a middle-aged man.

The man just looked at him in amusement. He clenched his fists and said slowly, “You’re not qualified to know who I am.” He raised his hands and attacked again, aiming at Lin Feng’s chest. He didn’t want to give Lin Feng any opportunity to counterattack. Lin Feng sensed the terrifying Qi fill the air, and threw punches out as well.

In a few seconds, they exchanged a dozen punches. Lin Feng and the man were about the same strength. But many disciples heard and sensed their energies, which naturally drew their attention.

When the disciples saw that those people were having an incredible battle because of the essence blood on the wall, they went crazy. Many disciples took out weapons and flew straight towards the fresh essence blood.

“Leave the essence blood! It’s mine!”

“Hmph! A piece of trash from the Unicorn Sect? You think you’re qualified to take it?”

“Jewels Celestial Sect, if you get any closer, I’ll crush you!”

“Little bastards from the Sealing Clan! Piss off!”

The disciples of the Six Groups were fighting. There were also some elders of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, but they didn’t say anything because they knew how valuable the blood was.

“Hmph! You again! You’re ruining my plans!” shouted the middle-aged man furiously. His air fluttered in the wind, and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked at Lin Feng with hatred.

“Well, I could say the same to you!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. If the man hadn’t attacked him by surprise, nobody would have noticed them and he would have obtained the essence blood!

“The Demon Emperor’s essence blood is useless for you,” said the middle-aged man icily. He rolled up his sleeves and the demon blood Qi started rolling in waves throughout the whole room. Many disciples’ expressions suddenly changed and they retreated.

“The essence blood is mine!”  shouted the middle-aged man furiously. He looked like a real demon god.

“Impossible!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His eyes were bloodshot too. He released demon corpse Qi, which made the room crack, like it was on the verge of collapse.

“Oh no, the room is going to collapse, let’s run away!” Many disciples fled. They didn’t need to risk their lives for the essence blood.

All the disciples retreated, except for Lin Feng and the middle-aged man who were competing using their demon energies. The blood demon Qi and the demon corpse Qi kept colliding.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He released space and time Dao and created a space and time cage to imprison the blood, then it disappeared. The middle-aged man looked furious. He wanted to jump and grab it, but it was too late already, the room collapsed.

Lin Feng obtained two drops of essence blood. He left the room and went to another one. Nobody was in that one. Lin Feng took the essence blood from that room too.

He did that in four rooms, even though there were people in some of the rooms, they didn’t know there was essence blood inside. They only noticed the godly imperial weapons on the ground.

Lin Feng finally obtained six drops of blood. He was really happy, his demon Qi reacted to it. It was clearly connecting to these drops of blood. If he transformed the essence blood, he would probably break through to the next cultivation layer.

Lin Feng didn’t know that the man he had just fought had obtained even more drops of essence, at least eight, maybe more.

Stinky little boy, if I see you again, I’ll kill you!, thought the man, smiling sinisterly before he disappeared.

Lin Feng went to another room, but was disappointed this time. He didn’t find any essence blood, there were just more broken godly imperial weapons.

But Lin Feng cheered himself up because he could sense that his demon Qi kept reacting more strongly, as if he were getting closer and closer to a precious treasure.

When he arrived in the next room, he saw a blood-red coffin. It was gigantic, a dozen meters long, and three meters wide.

The blood-red demon Qi above the coffin was incredible. There was another kind of demon Qi inside, too. The two sorts of demon Qi weren’t identical, but had similarities.

“Could this be the Demon Emperor’s coffin?”

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