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Chapter 321: Stealing the Demon Emperor’s Coffin

Chapter 321: Stealing the Demon Emperor’s Coffin

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This must be it. It must be Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s coffin!, thought Lin Feng. He was sure it was the Demon Emperor’s coffin. Apart from the Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, whose coffin could emit such a powerful Qi?

The second reason why he thought so was that the essence blood he had in his hand was shaking, as if it wanted to open the coffin and penetrate into it.

“Who opened the grave and why?” Lin Feng remained wary, but he still couldn’t guess who it could be. If he had to guess though, it would be the middle-aged man in black clothes.

That man was also competing for the Demon Emperor’s essence blood. He probably had a specific goal in mind for doing so. Lin Feng knew that if he absorbed that essence blood, he would probably break through again.

Maybe that man also wanted it to cultivate it and break through, was what Lin Feng was thinking.

“That’s the Demon Emperor’s coffin?”

Suddenly, Lin Feng heard some steps behind him and someone shouted. He turned around and saw some men in blue clothes staring at the coffin.

The men in blue clothes had the badges of the Celestial Gods Government. They were disciples from there and were all quite strong, at the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Lin Feng looked at them, but they didn’t look back, they didn’t care about a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and who was alone on top of that. They were just interested in the Demon Emperor’s coffin.

Someone shouted extremely loudly, “Open the coffin! There must be some great treasures inside!”

That voice was sharp. Many other disciples from other groups than the Celestial Gods Government arrived. There were many independent cultivators, too. Everybody wanted the same thing, the Demon Emperor’s coffin!

Lin Feng was initially alone in the room, now there were people everywhere, the room was packed. Everyone was there for the coffin.

However, the Demon Emperor’s coffin couldn’t be that easy to open. A few disciples from the Celestial Gods Government tried to open it and they were instantly blown back, coughing blood.

At that moment, a gigantic demon imprint appeared above the coffin and many black tentacles suddenly appeared. They were extremely powerful. They suddenly moved towards and pierced through a few people’s heads, all cultivators of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Blood splashed and those people died.

Suddenly, everybody had cold sweats. It was like they had suddenly come back to their senses. The Demon Emperor’s coffin wasn’t easy to obtain. They had to find a way to do so, and at what cost?

“Brother Dan Xing is here!” shouted a disciple of the Celestial Gods Government suddenly. Everybody raised their heads and watched someone arrive from another room. They looked at him as if he were a god. He was holding a weapon and wearing purple clothes, his long hair hanging over his shoulders. He looked pretty and charming.

“It’s Ye Lü Dan Xing from the Celestial Gods Government! The chief disciple of the Celestial Gods Government!”

“Right. He’s the one who finished first at the Preparation of the Gods List Competition, right?”

“Yes, that’s what I heard too. He agreed to fight against Lin Zhe Tian from Sword Mountain at some point during the Great Competition of the Gods List, I think.”

“Not only that, Lin Zhe Tian’s father, Lin Feng, also agreed to fight against Elder Ye Lü Qi!”

“Lin Zhe Tian is going to attempt the impossible then, he’s not afraid of death.”

Lin Feng clearly heard everything those disciples were saying, but he didn’t really care.

Ye Lü Dan Xing now had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Before the Preparation of the Gods List Competition, he only had the strength of the seventh. He had progressed quickly, which meant he had probably obtained some precious items which had helped him.

Ye Lü Dan Xing noticed Lin Feng standing in the corner. But Lin Feng didn’t look at him, he was just silently staring at the coffin.

Ye Lü Dan Xing didn’t provoke Lin Feng, he wasn’t strong enough. Even his teacher had told him not to underestimate or offend Lin Feng.

“Hmph, we’ll see if you remain that calm when my teacher comes!” murmured Ye Lü Dan Xing. He suddenly looked very pleased, because he sensed the Qi of his teacher, Ye Lü Qi.

“Teacher!” shouted Ye Lü Dan Xing, smiling happily.

The others also saw Ye Lü Qi. Many people took a few steps backwards when they saw him, as he was a Great Elder of the Celestial Gods Government, so all the independent cultivators and disciples of the Six Groups showed him respect.

Only Lin Feng remained motionless and ignored Ye Lü Qi. Many people noticed him because of that.

“Who is he? Isn’t he afraid of death?”

“Right, he dares stand in Ye Lü Qi’s way. He really wants to die.”

“Eh, he looks familiar, who is he?”

Many disciples there were elite members of different groups. They usually didn’t leave their sects or clans, therefore, few people knew what Lin Feng looked like. But some people had either seen him or heard of him before.

“It’s him… He… He’s Lin Feng.”

“What? He’s Lin Feng?”

Many people gasped with amazement and suddenly stopped talking, staring at him. A few people who had just criticized Lin Feng suddenly paled. They were afraid Lin Feng would attack them.

However, Lin Feng didn’t even glance at them. Those people and him belonged to different worlds. Dealing with the disciples of other groups was his son’s task, not his. Lin Feng dealt with elders, not kids.

“Eh? But only sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer?”

Many people glanced around. Lin Feng intended to fight against a cultivator at the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer with the strength of the sixth? Really? Many people started wondering whether the rumors were true or not.

Ye Lü Qi arrived next to Ye Lü Dan Xing and noticed Lin Feng in front of him. He looked at him darkly and said mockingly, “Hey, isn’t that the great and famous Lin Feng? What? Sword Mountain only sent one person to this place?”

“Could it be that people from Sword Mountain are all cowards and didn’t dare come? So they only sent a useless elder?”

Ye Lü Qi’s words were sharp like a sword, his energies ice-cold.

Many people were stupefied when Ye Lü Qi started provoking Lin Feng. They all looked at Lin Feng, waiting for his answer. Was Lin Feng as strong and aggressive as in the rumors they had heard?

Lin Feng understood what Ye Lü Qi was doing. He also knew that many people had doubts about him, but the Demon Emperor’s coffin was more important. He didn’t have time to waste arguing with people or trying to prove anything.

Lin Feng glanced at Ye Lü Qi and sneered. Then he walked towards the Demon Emperor’s coffin slowly.

Everybody was astonished, including Ye Lü Qi. Lin Feng didn’t even pay attention to him.

“Everybody, hurry and steal the coffin. Don’t let him take it!” shouted someone, breaking the silence. Suddenly, everybody ran towards the coffin, getting ready to steal it.

Tentacles emerged from the coffin again and pierced through many people’s celestial spirits. Blood splashed, but more and more people continued running towards the coffin.

Finally, the tentacles disappeared and some people grabbed the coffin. Some of them also threw punches at it, wanting to break it.

There was an explosion, and even more blood splashed. A red mist appeared.

The bodies of those who had their hands on the coffin suddenly started rotting, and turned into bleeding flesh, before their bones appeared. The smell was horrible. Their skeletons even turned red.

Wow… how impressive, thought Lin Feng with a frown.

Ye Lü Qi also pulled a long face. That coffin was really scary, but who would be willing to give it up? Nobody was willing to miss this opportunity.

“Dan Xing, get ready to move,” said Ye Lü Qi finally.

“Yao Mei Er, sisters from the Bestial Gods Government, come, hehe!…” said a beautiful woman stridently. Upon seeing those beautiful women, the seven apertures of weaker people started bleeding.

Their skills are incredible, thought Lin Feng, looking at the bewitching woman in red clothes, his eyes wide.

The Bestial Gods Government was quite powerful!

“Haha, Bestial Gods Government, Celestial Gods Government… everybody is here. The Thunder Gods Government is here too, here I am!” shouted Lei Long extremely loudly. His voice made the whole palace shake. A tall and sturdy man wearing a thunder robe appeared. Next to him was a younger disciple.

All the independent cultivators and members of the Six Groups who wanted to steal the coffin walked away. Who would dare provoke the elders of the Five Governments?

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