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Chapter 324: Lin Feng Is Injured!

Chapter 324: Lin Feng Is Injured!

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“If you don’t believe me, you can leave now. I don’t need you to believe me,” retorted Lin Feng, sneering at Ye Lü Qi. Lin Feng didn’t trust him and was convinced he wouldn’t do what he said, so Lin Feng didn’t want to give him any opportunity. The whole thing of Ye Lü Qi trying to humiliate him, Lin Feng didn’t care.

However, Lin Feng was starting to get a headache from him. He regretted that he wasn’t strong enough to crush and kill Ye Lü Qi in one punch. It would have been much less hassle.

Lin Feng needed to become stronger, it was the only way to be respected by everybody.

“You…” When Ye Lü Qi heard Lin Feng, he looked at him with his eyes wide and a ferocious expression. However, on the inside, he was curious to hear what Lin Feng was going to say too, he just didn’t want to submit.

“Speak now,” shouted Lei Long impatiently. He was kind of the leader at that moment, but in any case, he had no solution to open the coffin. Lin Feng seemingly did, so they could try it.

Lin Feng told them his solution.

“Actually, it’s very simple. I am a demon cultivator, my demon energies are almost unlimited. I can try and establish a connection with the coffin, and at that moment, you can all use your full strength to open it.”

“Of course, I need someone who can help me try and establish a connection with the coffin, and it must be someone who has an advanced knowledge of demon energies. Perhaps…?” inquired Lin Feng, looking at the three people. He was implicitly asking who controlled demon energies well, but even though Lei Long and the others did have a connection to the Demon Emperor, none of them were demon cultivators.

“It’s a bit complicated, then,” said Lin Feng, smiling wryly and shaking his head. Establishing a connection to the Demon Emperor’s coffin was already a dangerous solution.

“Count me in!”

At that moment, an incredible true demon energy rolled past them. It was even more powerful than Lei Long’s thunder energies.

Lin Feng frowned and saw the familiar face of the middle-aged man in black.

“You?” “You?” Lei Long and Lin Feng said at the same time. Lin Feng looked indifferent and Lei Long looked startled. Lei Long wondered what the man was doing here.

“Who are you? You are not welcome here. Leave now,” Ye Lü Qi frowned. He could sense the man’s demon Qi and felt threatened.

“I am Zhen Mo. I am not from the Gods City.” said the middle-aged man confidently. He didn’t hide his true identity and name. Nobody knew his real social status, however.

But Lin Feng had guessed right. That man wasn’t from Gods City. He was probably from the Gods Government or Godsland.

“Are you connected to Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor in any way?” asked Lei Long, frowning and staring at Zhen Mo.

Zhen Mo nodded without any hesitation, “He’s my ancestor.”

“Ancestor? I see,” murmured Lei Long. He had guessed that already.

“You want to get part of the loot? Is that why you’re here?” shouted Ye Lü Qi.

However, Zhen Mo didn’t answer. He just said he couldn’t tell them his secrets.

“You can help,” said Lei Long nodded. They still needed to open the coffin, and their chances would be higher with Zhen Mo.

“Your name is Lin Feng, right? Your demon Dao is quite impressive.” said Zhen Mo. Lei Long asking him to join didn’t really seem to please him. He still looked rather indifferent. Instead, he complimented Lin Feng. He had fought against him, and knew how strong Lin Feng was.

“I am not better than you,” said Lin Feng.

“So, what do you intend to do?” Zhen Mo asked Lin Feng.

“Let’s see if we can connect to the Demon Emperor’s demon Qi,” proposed Lin Feng.

Zhen Mo smiled teasingly, but not meanly. “Your solution is not that good,” said Zhen Mo, and then he burst into laughter. The three others seemed nervous.

“I have a solution,” Zhen Mo said to Lin Feng telepathically. Only Lin Feng heard him.

He looked at Zhen Mo, perplexed. Why was Zhen Mo talking to only him?

“Everybody get ready,” said Zhen Mo, smiling broadly at the crowd.

“You just said his method couldn’t work. Why are you…?” asked Yao Mei Er puzzled.

“Because his method can’t work. My method can,” said Zhen Mo, smiling confidently. He walked over to the coffin.

Zhen Mo suddenly looked serious and solemn. Nobody noticed, but he was even crying. He whispered, “Old man, thank you for your efforts.”

Zhen Mo touched the coffin, and suddenly it started shaking. Demon energy started emerging from the coffin. The coffin seemed to be going insane. Thick demon energies filled the air.

Lin Feng and the others were all stunned. They all noticed that the coffin was undergoing some changes.

Zhen Mo turned around and said to Lin Feng, “Come here and help me.”

Lin Feng didn’t waste any time, he walked over to Zhen Mo and put his hands on the coffin. He sensed an ice-cold demon energy surround his body. Lin Feng looked nervous, as the demon energy was very powerful, and most people would explode under such energies.

Lin Feng had a Forbidden Body, he could absorb demon energy and make it his own. Therefore, he gradually realized his own demon Dao was improving.

Zhen Mo glanced at Lin Feng and smiled casually. He had noticed that Lin Feng was absorbing the demon energy of the coffin and making it his own.


Suddenly, Zhen Mo’s expression changed drastically, he shouted furiously and made a cross sign with his forefingers. The sound of a howling demon rose up. The coffin shook violently and a blood-red demon energy began to spread. It was incredible.

And then the coffin opened itself.

Lin Feng and Zhen Mo sensed an ice-cold energy attack them. They clenched their fists, turned around quickly and threw punches. However, Lin Feng and Zhen Mo couldn’t do anything against three people attacking them by surprise.

Lin Feng and Zhen Mo coughed blood and were blown away at the same time. They crashed into the coffin, pushing it away, then the contents of the coffin appeared.

“Haha! Lin Feng, you hadn’t thought of that, right? Haha! Let’s go!” shouted Lei Long, laughing ferociously. Then he jumped forwards, Ye Lü Qi and Yao Mei Er followed him, and they all jumped into the coffin and disappeared.

Lin Feng coughed. He had the impression his back was broken, and his arteries and veins were damaged; he had been attacked by three strong cultivators at the same time. They all had the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer…

Lin Feng hadn’t thought Lei Long would betray him. Lin Feng was convinced Lei Long would do what he had promised. But in the end, Lei Long’s attack had been the worst.

Lei Long is such a schemer…, thought Lin Feng grinding his teeth. He coughed blood again and released brightness strength.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, he used you,” said Zhen Mo. He wasn’t much better off than Lin Feng though, as he was also bleeding, so he teased Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He hadn’t thought Lei Long, whom he had decided to trust and even consider a new friend, would be the worst one. He knew Ye Lü Qi and Yao Mei Er weren’t friends, so he didn’t trust them, but Lei Long…

“Zhen Mo, tell me, where’s the Demon Emperor’s real coffin? That’s why you came, right? You’re the one who opened Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s grave, right?” asked Lin Feng.

Zhen Mo, who was initially looking at Lin Feng teasingly, stopped smiling. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to the real coffin.”

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    LoL, Lin Feng got Schemed?

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      It same like you didnt even learn from before, u already know this pmg2 worse for you, so why u still keep reading it lol, you even worse than lin feng hahahahaha

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