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Chapter 325: Great Opportunity!

Chapter 325: Great Opportunity!

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As expected, there’s another world, thought Lin Feng after he heard Zhen Mo. Zhen Mo knew where the real coffin was, he wanted to open this one to distract the others. He just hadn’t thought the others would attack them by surprise.

“How much essence blood do you have so far?” asked Zhen Mo. He struggled to stand up, then raised his left hand and eight small essence blood pearls appeared.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why he was asking him that, but he didn’t ask why. He also raised his left hand and six blood-red shiny essence blood pearls appeared.

“Alright, we have fourteen essence blood pearls, that’s enough to open the Demon Emperor’s real coffin,” said Zhen Mo happily. His robe suddenly started fluttering violently. A violent black windstorm started. The atmosphere around them became extremely calm. Only the sound of the wind against the coffin could be heard.

“Lin Feng, let’s put them down,” said Zhen Mo, putting his essence blood pearls into the coffin. Lin Feng wasn’t sure why, but he still followed suit. He hoped he could trust Zhen Mo.

The two cultivators jumped into the coffin.


There was another world inside. There was a corridor a thousand meters long and at the end of it was a precipice. The walls were made of bluestone and a thick demon Qi was floating around. There were also two dozen demon gates.

“Where did they go?” asked Lin Feng frowning.

Zhen Mo raised his hand and pointed at a gate. He smiled mockingly.

“That’s where the demon’s generals are buried. Poor them,” sneered Zhen Mo. He seemed a bit strange, looking suddenly cold and angry.

“Is it dangerous there?” asked Lin Feng.

“Hehe, of course! Those were Xuan Yuan’s ten best generals back in the days. They were all Half-Godly Emperors. When they died, they were buried there, but three people isn’t enough, I think.

“But maybe it will be a great and life-changing opportunity. I hope they get killed, though,” said Zhen Mo. Those people had stabbed them in the back, after all.

“Lin Feng, we can separate here. You and me are both demon cultivators, so we both should benefit from the Demon Emperor’s legacy. I hope that we’ll see each other during the Great Competition of the Gods List, and that you’ll have progressed a lot,” said Zhen Mo. He turned around and walked away, grabbing the eight drops of essence blood and crossing a gate.

The gates were ten meters wide. They were just a little bit wider than ordinary gates in Sword Mountain, but a terrifying demon Qi emerged from them.

Lin Feng walked in the opposite direction and crossed a gate as well. The demon Qi which emerged from it was a bit strange, therefore, Lin Feng chose that one.


The first thing Lin Feng saw was desolation. There wasn’t a single speck of grass anywhere, nothing seemed alive. The atmosphere was red as blood. There were pools of blood all around. Lin Feng noticed an altar, pitch-black and dozens of meters high. There were many offerings on that altar: Spirit Gems, spiritual herbs, godly imperial weapons, but what drew Lin Feng’s attention first was a stone from which a cold energy was emerging.

It was a blue stone, its temperature a few thousands of degrees below zero. If Lin Feng didn’t know he was in the Demon Emperor’s grave, he would have almost thought he was in a snowy mountain.

Is it a Frost Glauberite? It’s a very good material for cultivation, thought Lin Feng, picking up the stone. Even though it was as big as a fist, the ice and frost Dao it contained was extremely powerful, at least level seven or eight.

With this, Meng Qing and Zhe Tian’s ice and frost Dao will definitely improve a lot, thought Lin Feng. Thinking about that, he put the stone in his ring. However, at that moment, the altar started shaking, bright dazzling lights flashed and all the offerings disappeared from the altar, including the Frost Glauberite Lin Feng was holding.

The altar was shaking and emitting buzzing sounds. Lin Feng put his hands on his ears. The buzzing sounds were incredibly loud. He had the impression it was a weapon, a demon bell, a godly imperial weapon from the ancient times and it was attacking his brain.

“If you can’t resist against the demon bell, how could you even inherit my legacy?”

Suddenly, Lin Feng heard a voice, as if he was having an auditory hallucination. It was the voice of an old man, and contained an incredible ancient Qi. The voice also sounded sad and disappointed.

Is it the Demon Emperor’s broken soul?, wondered Lin Feng. He remained focused and used his full strength to resist the demon voice. Was he really unable to resist against that voice and the demon energies? Lin Feng was confident in himself, and was convinced he could.

Therefore, Lin Feng joined his hands and a dazzling black light beam appeared. There was an explosion, and the bell weapon vanished as if it had never appeared on the altar.

“First test passed. Come in, little boy!”

After the bell broke, an awesome voice containing an incredible demon energy spoke. To Lin Feng, it felt as if his body was being controlled. Even when he used as much strength as he could, it was useless, he couldn’t get away from it. The strength dragged him to the altar. There was a blood pool inside, and it dragged him into it.

Lin Feng noticed that his own body was becoming illusory. His eyes became pitch-black, and the altar dragged him inside.

Lin Feng felt dizzy, thinking he was going to faint. He slowly reopened his eyes, but he didn’t recognize the landscape. He had never been there before.

There was a river, the water red like blood. It smelled like blood, too. There were many skeletons and broken weapons floating on the surface. When Lin Feng saw that, he took a deep breath. What kind of place was this? It was dangerous. Wasn’t it only the Demon Emperor’s grave? Or was it something else?

Why would there be so many skeletons there, and why would the water be so red? How many gods had to die to make a whole river become red like that?

“Are you scared, little boy?” Lin Feng heard the old man’s voice again. It contained an incredible strength.

“Master, are you Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor?” asked Lin Feng, taking a deep breath and raising his head to the blood-red sky. He looked at the river again, realizing the river and the sky contained an incredible strength.

“Hehe, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor died tens of thousands of years ago, how could I be him?”

“So, who are you, Master?” asked Lin Feng.

“I came here to rob the grave, I am Godly Emperor Blood!”


Translation of the Author’s Note: Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor can also be called Xuan Yuan the Demon Godly Emperor because he had the strength of the Godly Emperor layer, like Godly Emperor Blood.

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