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Chapter 327: Inheriting Knowledge!

Chapter 327: Inheriting Knowledge!

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“What? You don’t want me to?!” said the short old man when he saw Lin Feng’s reaction. He looked glum.

“No, no, why wouldn’t I?” said Lin Feng, smiling wryly and shaking his head hastily. He really wished he could disappear from there, but how? He was extremely annoyed.

The old man could easily see that Lin Feng didn’t want to. He coughed.

“Let me put it this way. I can see that you’re a good little boy, I can take you to one of the coffins of the Demon Emperor, and you can see if you can obtain some of his transmissions,” said the short old man. He raised his left hand and everything changed around Lin Feng. The blood-red river disappeared, as did the gigantic altar. Instead, many broken weapons and other sorts of items appeared, piled up in a hill.

The short old man was standing in front of Lin Feng, his hands clasped behind his back. The old man gazed into the distance, looking perplexed, and murmured, “Old buddy, is your legacy still there?”

“Little boy, go into the ruins, and then take out your essence blood,” said the short old man, pointing at a cauldron in the middle of the debris. It was red like blood, demon Qi emerging from it. It didn’t seem as powerful as it used to be back in the days…

Lin Feng looked at the old man, perplexed. Since when did the old man know that Lin Feng had essence blood? But Lin Feng didn’t ask anything. He didn’t really like the old man, but he was a fallen Godly Emperor, after all. Even as a broken soul, he still had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, and was extremely strong.

The fact that he had some ways of seeing that Lin Feng had essence blood was absolutely normal.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards the gigantic blood-red cauldron, then raised his left hand and his six essence blood drops appeared.

Lin Feng was surprised when connections appeared between the drops of essence blood and the cauldron. The connections quickly thickened. The cauldron started shaking violently, and a powerful demon energy emerged from it. Multiple marks appeared on the cauldron and started moving and intertwining as if they were alive. At the same time, the cauldron buzzed.

The atmosphere became strange. The essence blood drops started rotating and moving extremely fast. A hundred-meter wide blood-red beam of light appeared, and Lin Feng had no choice but step back. The six drops started burning and sparkling, a white smoke appeared with a hissing sound.

At the same time, the Demon Emperor’s essence blood and the blood-red cauldron started fusing together. Lin Feng watched the ancient marks on the cauldron intertwine slowly. The ancient marks on the cauldron grew more and more dazzling, then a loud sound spread in the air and blood splashed onto the cauldron.

Both Lin Feng and the short old man were shivering. The ground was trembling. After a long time, the cauldron became normal again. No more demon energy emerged from it, but the six Demon Emperor’s essence blood drops had disappeared already, fused together with the cauldron.

“Eh….” Lin Feng didn’t know what had happened, he didn’t understand how what had happened could be beneficial to him. Those essence blood drops could have helped him break through to the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer…

I made a stupid mistake… Lin Feng sighed, he was annoyed. He glanced at the cauldron, what kind of cauldron was it? It had even absorbed his essence blood drops…

“Hehe, little boy, you’re extremely lucky and you can’t even see why. That cauldron’s history is extremely complex. If I told you, you’d be completely astonished,” said the short old man, slowly walking towards Lin Feng and smiling while narrowing his eyes.

Lin Feng was confused. Lin Feng knew that that cauldron had a complex history, he couldn’t even see what level it was.

“Little boy, do you know what the Demon Emperor’s three precious treasures were back in the days?” asked the short old man, staring at Lin Feng. He looked nostalgic.

“Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor became a Godly Emperor when he was five hundred years old. During the following tens of thousands of years, he used three precious items, all of which were supreme godly weapons. One of them was this cauldron.”

Lin Feng was stupefied. That was one of the precious items the Demon Emperor used to use?

“This cauldron’s name is the Blood Cauldron. It’s a supreme godly weapon. Back in the days, the Demon Emperor used it. Apart from that, this cauldron can also refine pills and potions.

“Back then, the Demon Emperor relied on the Blood Cauldron to become a Godly Emperor. One third of his successes can be attributed to this cauldron.”

“Now that the Blood Cauldron and your essence blood drops fused together, the cauldron has regained some vitality, but it still isn’t as powerful as back in the days. Therefore, if you want to have it regain its full power, you need to find some precious treasures,” said the short old man.

Lin Feng shivered and looked at that cauldron again. He was excited now. What a wonderful opportunity!

He had just obtained one of three precious treasures the Demon Emperor used to have? The Blood Cauldron?

“Master, what is the level of this cauldron?” asked Lin Feng to the old man.

“A supreme godly imperial weapon,” said the old man indifferently.

“Supreme godly imperial weapon? Better than a high-level godly imperial weapon, then?” murmured Lin Feng, staring at the cauldron.

When the short old man heard Lin Feng, he wondered where this bumpkin was from. He didn’t even know about supreme godly imperial weapons?

“Hey, little boy, you think a high-level godly imperial weapon could compete with this Blood Cauldron? This cauldron is a real supreme godly imperial weapon, and is even a high-level supreme godly imperial weapon. Only cultivators of the Godly Emperor layer can use it, Half-Godly Emperors can’t. You understand?”

“Regarding the shitty high-level godly imperial weapons you’re talking about, how can you even call them godly imperial weapons? Ordinary godly imperial weapons are made using supreme tools, godly imperial weapons are called that because Godly Emperor use those precious tools and materials.”

“How incredible.” Lin Feng was astonished and shivering in anticipation. Supreme godly imperial weapons seemed really awesome.

“So, I’ll take it! Haha!” Lin Feng burst into laughter. He jumped and landed right in front of the cauldron. He seemed very tiny in comparison to the gigantic cauldron, as it was over a dozen meters high. However, Lin Feng kicked the cauldron, it flew up, then Lin Feng grabbed it with his hands and put it away.

“Pretty strong, little boy.” said the short old man. He was surprised.

The cauldron was at least hundreds of thousands of jin in weight, but Lin Feng could lift it with his arms.

“The one who obtains the cauldron obtains the knowledge with it!”

Bzzz, bzzz…

When Lin Feng took the cauldron, he suddenly heard a mystical voice. Then, he started trembling.


Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the blood-red sky. His heart was racing. What kind of entity was that? Why was that sentence scaring him?

“That old pal still has some sense of presence,” said the short old man, sneering and looking at the sky.

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. After Lin Feng heard that voice, many ancient words suddenly appeared in his brain, and a pitch-black demon Qi appeared around him. Lin Feng inspected those words. It was not a skill, it was Demon Emperor’s Sacred Text.

The Demon Emperor’s Sacred Skill wasn’t a godly skill, and it wasn’t a godly formula either. It was a sacred godly text, the sacred godly text the Demon Emperor used to study.

Lin Feng had been really lucky, in the end. Not only had he obtained the Blood Cauldron, he had also obtained the Demon Emperor’s Sacred Text. How fortunate!

“Master, let’s go out!” said Lin Feng. He had memorized the entire content of the Demon Emperor’s Sacred Text, so he turned around and got ready to leave.

The old man looked at the blood-red sky and murmured something, He seemed sad, then raised his hands and the entire landscape changed around Lin Feng once more.

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    “Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor became a Godly Emperor when he was five hundred years old. During the following tens of thousands of years, he used three precious items, all of which were supreme godly weapons. One of them was this cauldron.”

    And here we are, Lin Feng with only 1 year and 3 months has already in sixth holy spirit Emperor level.


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      Its mean he’s geniuss, better than you, and you are type of piece of trash

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