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Chapter 328: Leveling Up!

Chapter 328: Leveling Up!

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The space around Lin Feng was still blood-red, the blood river had reappeared too. The short old man was on the altar.

“Master, do you really want to come with me?” Lin Feng asked the old man.

The short old man frowned angrily and asked, “What? You don’t want to?”

“No, why wouldn’t I? I agree, I agree!” said Lin Feng. smiling wryly. The old man looked at him so threateningly, how could he refuse?

The short old man was still angry though. He was an incredible cultivator, he was Godly Emperor Blood! He used to be extremely famous, at least as famous as Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. If he transmitted his knowledge to anyone, that person would fall into a coma, but this little boy dared make faces in front of him, he didn’t even want to take him along with him… of course he was furious!

The short old man already considered Lin Feng his heir. Therefore, he would follow Lin Feng, no matter what. Who else had transmitted the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill to him?

“Little boy, we’re not in a rush. There are still many things here. Even if they’re not as good as the Blood Cauldron, he also created them,” said the short old man, forgetting that he wasn’t very happy a moment before. He now looked grave and solemn.

Lin Feng obviously knew there were some incredible things in this place, such as the blood river. Even though it was powerful and there were many skeletons inside, Lin Feng could detect the smell of essence blood coming from it.

“You noticed!” said Godly Emperor Blood, smiling when he saw Lin Feng’s expression, “There is the essence blood of many Half-Godly Emperors in this river. Even if their essence blood isn’t as pure as the Demon Emperor’s, if you refine it and use it for yourself, it should be really beneficial.”

“Little boy, you are only a cultivator of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, you need to become stronger, and quickly,” said Godly Emperor Blood, pointing at the river.

Godly Emperor Blood didn’t know that Lin Feng could compete with cultivators at the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer with the strength of the sixth. If he knew, how would he react? What would he think of Lin Feng?

Lin Feng was excited. If he broke through again, would he be able to defeat cultivators at the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer? He could already compete with people like Ye Lü Qi, what if he broke through again? Wouldn’t he be able to put even more pressure on them?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng didn’t waste any time. He raised his left hand and the Blood Cauldron appeared above the river. Lin Feng raised his forefinger and released demon energy into the Blood Cauldron. The Blood Cauldron started shaking violently whistling, howling furiously.

The Blood Cauldron dipped into the river and pushed a countless number of skeletons away. Dark red blood gathered around the cauldron, turning into an essence blood pearl and getting absorbed into the cauldron. It was only the beginning; in just a few seconds, a hundred essence blood pearls had already been absorbed into the cauldron.


According to Godly Emperor Blood, a hundred essence blood drops from the river had the power of ten of the Demon Emperor’s blood essence blood drops. So Lin Feng gathered essence blood drops again. But this time he was using his own vitality, so he was quickly exhausted and his face paled.

It would be extremely beneficial, as there were now over five hundred essence blood drops in the cauldron, the equivalent of fifty of the Demon Emperor’s essence blood drops. It was incredible, but he couldn’t tell what the effects would be before anything happened…

“It’s alright, little boy, go into the cauldron,” said the old man at that moment. Lin Feng nodded, raised his left hand and jumped into the Blood Cauldron. When he jumped inside, Lin Feng sensed an incredible strength penetrate into his veins and arteries. If he didn’t pay attention, he could explode and die!

Lin Feng also saw his own muscles twitch, like his arms had been about to explode. The essence blood was tearing his muscles apart.

At that moment, Godly Emperor Blood jumped over and gathered all the skeletons from the river. Then, he threw them on top of Lin Feng.

“Hey, old man, damn…” Lin Feng was buried in skeletons. He couldn’t get distracted. He had to be extremely careful, he was in a dangerous situation.

“These are all the people who came to rob the Demon Emperor’s grave in the past. The weakest ones are Half-Godly Emperors, but their bodies still contain an incredible strength which you can absorb.

“This Blood Cauldron can absorb essence blood, you must refine it and make it your own. I hope that when you come out, you’ll be stronger. Then, you might be able to compete with him…” murmured Godly Emperor Blood, but Lin Feng was buried in skeletons and couldn’t hear him, and he was extremely focused.

Inside the cauldron, demon energies rolled in waves, ancient words appeared, gleaming. The blood-red sky gradually became dark. The energies also weakened gradually.

Godly Emperor Blood also started paling. His strength was also being drained.

“Sigh, I had initially set a pool of essence blood to nurture my broken soul, but it is also like a prison. Now that little boy is absorbing the strength of the altar.”

Little boy, you obtained knowledge from me and now you’re going to ruin my life… How cruel…, thought Godly Emperor Blood. He looked sad and angry.

But Lin Feng didn’t hear him. He was in a deep meditative state. He was refining the essence blood and making it his own. The Blood Cauldron was modifying it for him.

Time passed slowly. One day, three days, five days…

Five days passed, there were still demon energies in the Blood Cauldron. Lin Feng was extremely calm. One had to pay careful attention to hear his breath.

During those five days, Godly Emperor Blood’s broken soul had also weakened a lot. At the beginning, he had the strength of a Half-Godly Emperor, now he only had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Lin Feng had absorbed so much essence blood.

Godly Emperor Blood was grinding his teeth, regretting that he had told Lin Feng to absorb the essence blood.

“Little boy, if you take another few days to come back to your senses, my soul will disperse,” sighed Godly Emperor Blood.

Suddenly, the cauldron stopped shaking, and the demon Qi also disappeared. There was an explosion, and Lin Feng jumped out of the cauldron and appeared above the river, cross-legged. His body was covered with blood, and he was wrapped up in demon corpse Qi. His eyes were firmly closed, but his Qi was different from five days before.

Lin Feng’s Qi was now swifter, more powerful, and sharper too. One glance at his Qi could hurt one’s eyes.

“That little boy…” When Godly Emperor Blood saw Lin Feng, he was relieved. He was initially really worried that Lin Feng would absorb all the essence blood, and make his broken soul disperse.

Half an hour later, Lin Feng finally opened his eyes. Two blood-red light beams streaked across the sky before returning to normal. He clenched his fist and punched the Blood Cauldron.

The Blood Cauldron rang and was blown a dozen meters away. It wasn’t broken, and now Lin Feng’s fist hurt.

Godly Emperor Blood was startled. One punch and Lin Feng could make the cauldron fly a dozen meters away?

It was hundreds of thousands of jin and Lin Feng could knock it away? How incredible. Lin Feng’s physical strength was really amazing, and he had definitely become much stronger.

“Little boy, what’s your cultivation level now? I can’t see it,” Godly Emperor Blood smiled wryly.

Lin Feng smiled and flashed and landed in front of the old man. He raised his left hand, the Blood Cauldron shrank and disappeared into his hand.

“Eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.”

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    Oh LF if you’re sincerely grateful, you could at least provide a body for the Blood Emperor to reincarnate into. if you can give one to Broken Soul Di, why not this Blood Emperor?

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    I wonder how the demon puppets from the past are doing in his spirit world… Seems nothing much came of that in the new volume. He had an army of strong cultivators with good talent. Also, di shu would be a perfect sacrifice to supply Emperor Blood with a body

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    So it’s not Seven, but eight.

    Concept of Cultivating: “AM I A JOKE TO YOU!!!?”

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