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Chapter 329: Before The Great Competition!

Chapter 329: Before The Great Competition!

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“Haha, little boy, you surprisingly broke through two cultivation layers in five days. You’re a real beast.”

When Godly Emperor Blood heard Lin Feng, he laughed wholeheartedly. He was really happy for Lin Feng. That was real prowess, most people wouldn’t have broken through two cultivation layers if they had done the same thing.

“Master, you…?” When Lin Feng saw how weak Godly Emperor Blood looked, he was astonished. It was like a gust of wind could destroy his soul. Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically when he saw that.

“Don’t worry. Let’s go out,” said Godly Emperor Blood, shaking his head. The short old man then jumped across the river.

“Let’s go, little boy, what are you thinking about?” asked Godly Emperor Blood, turning around and looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t know what to think. He looked at the altar and understood what had happened. He felt guilty.

The old man had sacrificed himself for him…

Lin Feng felt really touched by the gesture, flashing up next to the old man and smiling. The old man disappeared. Lin Feng didn’t waste any time either, and left that place, going back into the main hall.

There was nobody in the main hall anymore. The demon Qi had completely disappeared. There were only empty coffins. People had taken everything away already, even the smaller coffins had disappeared.

“The place looks devastated.” Lin Feng and Godly Emperor Blood both gasped with amazement. Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, the place looked totally cleaned out.

“The Qi has also dispersed. People took the three knowledge elements of the Demon Emperor,” said Godly Emperor Blood. Lin Feng was a bit surprised. The three sources of the Demon Emperor’s knowledge were gone?

“Hehe, little boy, why are you surprised? There are three heirs, you’re one of them,” said Godly Emperor Blood.

Lin Feng blushed and smiled wryly. He had almost forgotten that he had obtained the Blood Cauldron and the Demon Emperor’s Sacred Text.

Those things were probably the best things he could have obtained.

Lin Feng thought of Zhen Mo, maybe he had found something even better. The Blood Cauldron was just a tool, it couldn’t be used to attack, and it wasn’t as powerful as it used to be back in the days. Otherwise, it would have the strength of a supreme godly imperial weapon.

According to Godly Emperor Blood, a supreme godly imperial weapon was a real godly imperial weapon, because a Godly Emperor had used it. And even though high-level godly imperial weapons were called godly imperial weapons, they weren’t really godly imperial weapons.

Lin Feng didn’t waste any time. He continued running.

Ten minutes later, Lin Feng arrived under the tunnel. He raised his head; it was pitch-black, but Lin Feng could sense some Qi outside.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng. He turned into a beam of light, using his full strength to rise up. His silhouette became blurry.


Finally, he came out and arrived outside.

When Lin Feng came out, he heard rumbling sounds. The cave collapsed behind him. Lin Feng saw a blood-red pillar a hundred meters away from him slowly disappear, the mist dispersed, and the last threads of demon Qi as well.

“The Demon Emperor’s grave won’t be opened again,” sighed Godly Emperor Blood. He would still miss that place. He had lived in there for a great deal of time, after all.

Everything the Demon Emperor had to transmit had already been transmitted, even the demon generals’ coffins had been taken away.

“Fresh air is good. The sky is blue, the clouds are white and fluffy. It’s so nice!” proclaimed Godly Emperor Blood. Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the sky; the real world was indeed much better.

“Master, tomorrow is the beginning of the Great Competition of the Gods List. Gods City will be astir with excitement,” said Lin Feng to Godly Emperor Blood. He flew towards Sword Mountain.

“The Great Competition of the Gods List is going to start?” murmured Godly Emperor Blood.


Sword Mountain…

“Zhe Tian came out, I am relieved,” said the Mountain Protecting Elder, looking at Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Zhe Tian’s Qi was stable. People who didn’t know him couldn’t see any difference, but people who were close to him could notice an incredible change.

“Sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Hehe, two cultivation layers, you’re really like your father,” said Jian Yan, gasping with amazement.

Lin Zhe Tian smiled. Sword Mountain had set high hopes on him. He was really incredible, and as he became stronger, Sword Mountain would also rise.

Of course, Jian Shi the leader of Sword Mountain, wouldn’t blame Lin Zhe Tian if he didn’t finish in the top fifty at the competition, he would be happy if Lin Zhe Tian finished in the top hundred!

“Where’s my father?” asked Lin Zhe Tian, gazing into the distance.

Jian Yan, who initially looked happy, gazed into the distance. Then he looked at the Mountain Protecting Elder, and they pulled a long face.

Lin Zhe Tian had come out on the day before, and hadn’t seen his father. He had asked his teacher about it and his teacher had told him that Lin Feng had things to do. Lin Zhe Tian didn’t really believe him though, and now nobody would give him a precise answer.

Lin Zhe Tian was worried. He flew off towards the gate of Sword Mountain.

“Zhe Tian, where are you going?” asked the Mountain Protecting Elder. His expression changed quickly.

“Looking for my father.”

“Come back!” shouted the Mountain Protecting Elder. He jumped and of course, he was faster than Lin Zhe Tian. He stretched out his hand and prevented Lin Zhe Tian from moving further.

“Zhe Tian, your father is fine. He’s in Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s Grave. Yesterday, the Elder of Punishments came back and told us we didn’t need to worry. Your father is really strong, you know that,” the Mountain Protecting Elder said to him.

Lin Zhe Tian remained emotionless. Even though he couldn’t move forwards, he didn’t move back. He was extremely worried.

“Little Tian, stop causing trouble for the elders. I’m back.”


Lin Feng appeared in the sky of Sword Mountain. Lin Zhe Tian looked at him.

The Mountain Protecting Elder looked at Lin Feng, relieved. Everybody in Sword Mountain was worried when Lin Feng went away. Even though everybody knew Lin Feng was strong, the longer he was away, the more they were worried.

“Elder Lin Feng!” the elders of Sword Mountain greeted him, bowing.

Lin Feng landed next to Lin Zhe Tian and also bowed and smiled. “Thank you for preventing Little Tian from leaving.”

“It’s alright. We’re fellow elders, so it was the least I could do,” said the Mountain Protecting Elder, smiling easily.

Lin Zhe Tian cared about his father more than about his teacher, which made the old man feel a bit depressed, but he also wanted to show Lin Zhe Tian that he was responsible, and a great teacher. He wanted to show him he was as good as his father.

Of course, that’s what he thought but he didn’t say it out loud. If he said that, it would have had the opposite effect.

“Little Tian, where’s your mother?” asked Lin Feng to Lin Zhe Tian.

“Mom is meditating in seclusion too. She hasn’t come out yet,” replied Lin Zhe Tian. He seemed nervous.

“It’s alright. Your mom isn’t any weaker than me. No need to worry about her,” said Lin Feng, smiling it away. He clapped Lin Zhe Tian’s shoulders and realized that his son already had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Lin Feng was stupefied: his son was catching up with him!

“Lin Feng, if you hadn’t come back, the Elder of Punishments would have gone to look for you,” said Jian Yan.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. It definitely sounded like the Elder of Punishments’ temperament.

“Haha, little friend, you’re alright, it’s great. Haha!” someone laughed out loud. Lin Feng recognized his voice without needing to see him; it was the Elder of Punishments.

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