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Chapter 330: Beginning of New Flourishing Times

Chapter 330: Beginning of New Flourishing Times

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“Master, thank you for worrying about me.” said Lin Feng, bowing hand over fist. He felt a little bit guilty.

“It’s alright. If you hadn’t come out, I really would have gone to the grave, along with the leader of Sword Mountain. Haha!” replied the Elder of Punishments with a smile and a shrug.

Lin Feng knew that the Elder of Punishments really cared about him.

“By the way, the Great Competition of the Gods List and the Top-Class Great Competition will start tomorrow. Lin Feng, are you ready?” asked Jian Yan, breaking the silence.

Xing Fa and the Mountain Protecting Elder all looked at Lin Feng. This time, the great competitions were going to start. The disciple they cared about the most was Lin Zhe Tian, and the elder they cared about the most was Lin Feng!

Lin Feng was improving so quickly that Sword Mountain had set high hopes on him, too. The future of Sword Mountain would be much better thanks to him.

Lin Zhe Tian looked at his father, he also wanted to know how strong his father had become.

Lin Feng looked at those people’s faces, they were either nervous or excited. He smiled wryly, “We’ll see. Hehe!”

“Haha, good! We’ll see.” Xing Fa grinned, trying to calm the atmosphere down. Everybody nodded.

“Lin Feng, the great competition will be composed of two competitions this time. And not only will the Six Groups and the Five Governments participate in it, but the Four Temples as well, and former geniuses of the Gods List. It will be very dangerous. Are you ready?” Jian Yan the vice-leader said to Lin Feng. He was indeed worried.

Lin Feng smiled. Lin Feng had already guessed that. He didn’t need anyone to remind him. The geniuses of the Gods List, the Four Temples, and Five Governments would be difficult to fight against.

Lin Feng could already imagine the scene. Many geniuses from the Six Groups still hadn’t shown up, either, practicing in secret. The same applied to the Five Governments. Lin Feng couldn’t wait to see all those outstanding cultivators.

“The Four Temples won’t send too many people. They are from the Gods Government after all, so they will send people to test our strength,” said the Elder of Punishments. Everybody nodded.

Lin Feng frowned. He had a bad premonition.

What about Zhen Mo? And Di Shu? Where would they come from? Di Shu had disappeared for half a year, and now Lin Feng couldn’t sense any holy Qi around him. On the contrary, his Qi had become evil. What had happened to him?

Lin Feng needed to discover those things.


It was very cold that night. There were snowflakes, the moon was bright and cold. Lin Feng was standing in front of a house. The cold energies didn’t disperse for a long time.

Lin Zhe Tian came up next to Lin Feng. All the snowflakes were Dao strength. Lin Feng and Lin Zhe Tian didn’t dare move around without paying attention, because Meng Qing was cultivating in the house.

“Dad, do you think mom will be stronger than her when she comes out?” asked Lin Zhe Tian with a smile.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He just nodded. If Meng Qing broke through, she would definitely be much stronger. She had inherited the legacy of Miss Snow and the Thousand Frost Feather Fan.

But no matter what, Meng Qing was his Meng Qing, his darling, his wife, and Lin Zhe Tian’s mother.

“Little Tian, the great competition will start tomorrow, but don’t worry. You’re still young, Sword Mountain is raising you really well. You’ll become famous sooner or later,” Lin Feng said to Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Feng didn’t wish for Lin Zhe Tian to become too famous too soon, because it would be dangerous for him. Lin Feng was worried about his son.

No father was willing to send their son into a losing battle.

Lin Feng had only two sons, and he cared about them a lot. Actually, he hoped they’d have ordinary lives, but he knew that it was impossible. They were very ambitious, perhaps moreso than him.

Lin Feng couldn’t prevent them from pursuing their dreams.


As Lin Feng was thinking, the house started shaking violently. The ice-cold energies disappeared, raising the temperature to normal again. Someone opened the door of the house.

Meng Qing came out, her face covered with a layer of ice. She was wearing a beautiful white skirt, looking looked pure and noble.

But when she saw Lin Feng and her son, the ice on her face melted quickly.

“Mother!” Lin Zhe Tian exclaimed happily. He ran to Meng Qing and grabbed her hand. He was really happy to see her. But when he touched her hand, he quickly took it back, because her hand was ice-cold.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and melted the ice on Lin Zhe Tian’s hand.

“Meng Qing, you…?”

“Little Tian, I can make cultivators of the same level and who are also ice cultivators freeze. You also have potential,” replied Meng Qing, smiling at Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Zhe Tian was stupefied. How strong! Lin Zhe Tian looked at his father; his parents were both incredible. Was there absolutely no competition between them?

No, there wasn’t. Lin Zhe Tian felt even more determined in different aspects of life. His parents’ story was beautiful. There were many other beautiful legends and stories he could pursue…

“Darling, you broke through to the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer?” asked Lin Feng. He was impressed.

Meng Qing recalled her Qi and smiled, “Yes, seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer. I think cultivators of the eighth can’t compete with me, though.”

“Meng Qing, will you participate in the great competition too?” Lin Feng finally asked.

Meng Qing glanced at him hesitantly, but then nodded. She seemingly felt a bit guilty and said, “Darling, I…”

“It’s alright. You have your own path. I have mine. We are both eager to become stronger cultivators and you’re the only heir of the Snow Region. I can understand,” said Lin Feng, hugging Meng Qing. She didn’t need to explain those things to him, he understood.

Meng Qing smiled sweetly, extremely happy.

She didn’t want to stand in Lin Feng’s way, she was his wife. However, she had seen Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye, Lin Feng still loved them like at the beginning, but because they weren’t strong enough, they couldn’t stay with him.

And if they had stayed at Lin Feng’s side, they would have become burdens. Meng Qing didn’t want to become a burden, so she had to keep up with him. That way, she could help Lin Feng.

As a mother, she could also help and support her son better. She wouldn’t hesitate to kill her son’s enemies if he was in danger someday, either!

“The great competition will start soon,” said Lin Feng raising his head. The sky was getting rosy.

Meng Qing looked at the sky and then in the direction of Feng Qi Mountain, where the great competition would take place.

Time for incredible times. A new flourishing period would start.

Great heroes vied for supremacy. Who would laugh last?

Everybody was excited!

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