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Chapter 331: Gathering of Strong Cultivators

Chapter 331: Gathering of Strong Cultivators

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The day had just started. Everybody woke up and looked in the direction of Feng Qi Mountain. The mountain was ten thousand zhang wide, it was a very large territory. Everyone could hear the sound of drums coming from there. They sounded like a bugle call for battle.

A countless number of cultivators rose up in the air. They turned into a dense and dark ocean of people surging in waves towards Feng Qi Mountain. All the best cultivators of the Continent of the Gods were going to gather there with one purpose, the Top-Class Competition and the Gods List Competition. Who would be the champion holding two titles?

Everybody was excited, what would the new ranking list look like?


At that moment, in Sword Mountain…

Everybody was ready, they were just waiting for the leader’s call and then they would go to Feng Qi Mountain. No matter who the winner would be, that event would become an important part of their history.

“Set off for Feng Qi Mountain!”

Finally, the leader of Sword Mountain called his troops. The disciples and elders of Sword Mountain all looked solemn and respectful. They jumped into shuttles and took off.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing were in the same shuttle. They followed the huge group of people from Sword Mountain. Everybody dreamed of being on or rising in the Gods List.

The five other Groups also took off: the Unicorn Sect, the Celestial Jewels Sect, and so forth.

All their geniuses also dreamed of being first on the Gods List.


Feng Qi Mountain was situated in the central part of Gods City. It was a mountain fifty thousand meters high. It reached the clouds. It was said that that mountain used to be ninety thousand meters high, but then Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and a Celestial Emperor had fought a great battle and half of the mountain had been destroyed.

After that, according to certain legends, the place had become a mystical site.

“What the hell are they talking about? I did it.”

Lin Feng was speechless, and shook his head. In his spirit world, Godly Emperor Blood was shouting. He had cut the mountain with his sword. However, the fact that Godly Emperor Blood was a show-off made Lin Feng speechless.

Godly Emperor Blood knew that Lin Feng didn’t believe him, so he sighed sorrowfully, but said nothing.

When the sun was high up in the sky, the members of the Six Groups had all arrived at the foot of Feng Qi Mountain.

At the foot of Feng Qi Mountain was a battlefield ten thousand meters wide, made of bluestone. All around it were ancient deployment spells which protected people who were just watching battles. Even though those deployment spells were ancient, they were still as powerful as they were when first made long ago.

Even a Godly Emperor would need time to break them. Of course, they’d have to be bored in the first place to want to do so. That’s why this place had become an important place for the great competition.

When Lin Feng arrived, he saw a hundred-meter-tall stone plate. There were three gigantic words on it: FENG QI MOUNTAIN. It was difficult to see what kind of material had been used to paint those words, but it seemed like they had originally been written in blood.

The words were really well written, it was true calligraphy. Only someone with an advanced knowledge of blade cultivation could carve and paint like that. Lin Feng’s sword Dao was level six, far from enough to do something like that.

Only an extremely strong sword cultivator could have done something like that. Lin Feng looked at the words written in blood and shivered.

But Godly Emperor Blood didn’t say anything, so Lin Feng didn’t ask him anything.

There was a rumble in the air. Lightning appeared in the sky and a silhouette appeared. The person was surrounded by a thunder aura, and lightning crackled around his hands. He looked very impressive.

But Lin Feng knew that person really well. He had trusted him before. Now he had become the first person Lin Feng wanted to kill, Lei Long. He wanted to kill Lei Long even more than Ye Lü Qi.

Ye Lü Qi was sinister, but he had never betrayed or attacked Lin Feng by surprise. Lei Long was sly and evil. He had attacked him at the most crucial moment without the least hesitation. If Lin Feng hadn’t been vigilant and released brightness strength, he would have been badly injured.

Lei Long landed on the battlefield. He looked solemn and respectful, as if a Thunder God had landed on the battlefield.

“The Thunder God is here. Disciples of the Thunder Gods Government, kneel down.”

All the disciples of the Thunder Gods Government then knelt down.

Golden lightning bolts appeared. They looked like gigantic golden tentacles. A man appeared amid the golden lightning.

Suddenly, the atmosphere on the battlefield became extremely tense. Nobody dared talk too loudly, especially the members of the Six Groups, who looked solemn and respectful.

The person who had arrived was a Godly Emperor.

Both Lin Feng and Meng Qing shuddered. A real Godly Emperor, a real one! It was the first time they had seen a real one.

He looked so majestic and dignified. Maybe the Thunder Godly Emperor didn’t mean to oppress everyone, but he did, and weaker people were definitely affected by his aura.

Half-Godly Emperors were better off around a Godly Emperor. Tang Zhen looked indifferent. That Godly Emperor didn’t really have an impact on them.

Even though Lin Feng had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he was extremely determined and he even intended to try and challenge some Half-Godly Emperors.

Of course, Lin Feng also knew that a Half-Godly Emperor’s Dao was probably much more powerful than his, so he wasn’t going to fight recklessly against any Half-Godly Emperor, but he could ask Jian Shi for some pieces of advice. He wouldn’t need to worry against him, and he wouldn’t be in danger.

“Welcome Master Godly Emperor Thunder!” said all the disciples of the Thunder Gods Government, as well as many disciples from other groups.

But the disciples of the Thunder Gods Government had to kneel down to greet him, the disciples of the other groups could just bow hand over fist, that was enough.

The Thunder God glanced around. He also glanced at Lin Feng, but just for a second, he didn’t know Lin Feng. Lin Feng sighed with relief, If that Godly Emperor had held a grudge against him, it would have been a nightmare.

“Rise,” said the Thunder Godly Emperor, waving. All the disciples of the Thunder Gods Government stood up. They all sensed a strength which they couldn’t resist, and they all looked at the Godly Emperor in awe and veneration.

He was their god, a terrifying being!

“Hehe, Brother Lei, how dignified and majestic. May I intervene though?” someone spoke up just as everybody looked so solemn and respectful. All the disciples turned around and looked furious. Who dared speak like that in front of their god?

But when they turned around, they saw a crooked old man, bowed like a crescent moon. When they saw him, they all shut up.

“Godly Emperor Du Hu, I like simple people like you,” said someone, laughing freely. Purple lights rose up and a tall and sturdy man in a purple robe appeared. He then landed on the battlefield.

“Godly Emperor Xuan, you’re here,” said the crooked old man, smiling indifferently.

Everybody shuddered. It was rare to see Godly Emperors, but at that moment, there were three in front of them. It was just incredible.

Many people looked at them in awe and veneration. Lin Feng was confused; wasn’t the leader of the Du Hu Government Zi Chen? He had seen that Half-Godly Emperor during the Preparation of the Gods List Competition.

How come there was a Godly Emperor in the Du Hu Government?

“Lin Feng, that is Patriarch Zi Chen’s teacher, Godly Emperor Du Hu. He’s the Supreme Patriarch,” said the leader of the Sword Mountain telepathically, smiling when he saw that Lin Feng seemed confused.

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