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Chapter 333: A Crushing Defeat!

Chapter 333: A Crushing Defeat!

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“Haha, I wouldn’t have thought such fun things would happen before the great competition!” exclaimed someone. A man in black clothes appeared in front of the crowd. He had a shovel on his shoulders.

“It’s him? Zhu Deng Si? The one who’s ninth on the Gods List?”

“It’s really him. It might mean the Three Gods will come too.”

Many disciples glanced around, looking for the three legendary gods. However, they didn’t see any of them, which disappointed some people.

“Don’t look for them. My teachers are meditating in seclusion. They’re trying to break through to the Godly Emperor layer. Yue Zhi, Su Zi, and I came alone!” shouted Zhu Deng Si extremely loudly, hurting people’s ears.

After that, Yue Zhi and Su Zi also appeared.

Yue Zhi looked indifferent. Su Zi looked grim and cold. He didn’t want people to get close to him.

“Top of the ninth layer?”

Lin Feng looked at the three disciples, who all had the strength of the very top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. The three gods were definitely extraordinary. Lin Feng was just a bit disappointed; he had hoped to see the Assassin God, he would definitely have thanked him again for what he had taught him.

The Birth of a Buddha was in the top ten of the Godly Skills’ List. Even a billion Godly Stones wouldn’t have been enough to buy it, but the Assassin God had given it to him. Lin Feng was infinitely grateful.

“Hey, I heard that the Assassin God wanted to recruit Lin Feng as a disciple, but Lin Feng refused. Is it true or not?”

“If it’s true, it means that Lin Feng and the three of them are almost like fellow disciples.”

“Zhu Deng Si said that their teachers were meditating in seclusion. If they succeed and become Godly Emperors, it means that Lin Feng will have Godly Emperors as friends. Offending him is not a very good idea.”

“Nah, you said it, Lin Feng refused to become the Assassin God’s disciple. Since it’s that way, the Assassin God probably doesn’t care about Lin Feng’s life.”

All the disciples were chatting in a low voice. However, everybody heard them. Su Zi’s expression changed. Back in the days, he wanted to become the Assassin God’s disciple, but the Assassin God had refused.

The Sword God had seen that Su Zi was an honest and kind boy, so he had recruited him. Su Zi had never been able to forget that though, and whenever the Assassin God seemed to attach importance to someone, Su Zi wanted to kill them!

Su Zi glanced at Lin Feng icily. He wasn’t weaker any than Ye Lü Qi…

Lin Feng felt something and turned around. He noticed Su Zi’s cold look. He understood what was going on, but Lin Feng just smiled mockingly. If Su Zi provoked him, Lin Feng wouldn’t mind teaching him a good lesson. He wasn’t a pushover.

“The great competition is very lively, as expected!” said someone, laughing icily.

A man in white clothes came out of the crowd of the Celestial Jewels Sect. He looked pretty and charming, and had a sword in his back.

“Song Tian. Tenth in the Gods List.”

Many people gasped with amazement. Song Tian had been meditating in seclusion for a while. It seemed like the strongest cultivators of the region were all gathering here.

But many people had heard that Lin Feng had killed his two biological brothers, Song Yuan and Song Luo. Song Tian really wanted to destroy Lin Feng for that.

“Zhu Deng Si, this time, I won’t lose against you. I will replace you in the Gods List.”

The crowd was surprised because Song Tian didn’t cause trouble for Lin Feng. Instead, he looked at Zhu Deng Si furiously.

It seemed like the hatred between the two of them was even worse than between Lin Feng and Song Tian?…

“Son of a bitch, if I don’t crush you, then I’m not Zhu Deng Si,” replied Zhu Deng Si, laughing wickedly. His whole body was shaking as he laughed loudly.

Song Tian looked extremely grim, then he looked at Lin Feng and said indifferently, “Commit suicide now and I’ll forgive you for your crimes. I don’t want to touch you to kill you, you filthy bastard.”

When Song Tian said that, everybody was astonished, he sounded really confident. He didn’t want to get his hands dirty by touching Lin Feng?

How arrogant! For many people, it was the first time they had seen someone so arrogant.

Of course, Song Tian was in the top ten of the Gods List, so was understandable.

“Eh?” Lin Feng frowned at Song Tian, then sneered and looked at Ye Lü Qi. “Let’s fight!”

“Alright.” Ye Lü Qi was also furious because Song Tian had interrupted him, but Lin Feng hadn’t forgotten their agreement.

“Alright.” Lin Zhe Tian also agreed to battle against Ye Lü Dan Xing, so those four people instantly became the center of people’s attention. They fought in two different spots.

Lin Feng and Ye Lü Qi started fighting. The atmosphere instantly changed around them. Many people moved away, except for the five Godly Emperors and the Half-Godly Emperors.

Song Tian was really furious. He had asked Lin Feng to commit suicide, but Lin Feng had ignored him and had directly gone to fight with Ye Lü Qi. How humiliating!

He clenched his fists and ground his teeth as he looked at Lin Feng. Then he jumped and released Qi which emitted explosion sounds.

Everybody was completely stunned. Song Tian was attacking Lin Feng by surprise? He didn’t sound as magnificent as a moment before.

The disciples of Sword Mountain were all extremely worried. What if Song Tian injured Lin Feng?

Lin Feng naturally sensed that Song Tian was attacking him in the back. Song Tian was throwing a punch at him!

Lin Feng was furious. He threw a kick at Ye Lü Qi to block him and then he turned around and threw a punch at Song Tian.

A loud sound spread in the air and a silhouette was blown away and crashed onto a wall, coughing blood.

The crowd was astonished.

“Eh…? Such a defeat for someone who’s in the top ten of the Gods List…”

Everybody was astonished, Song Tian crashed onto the ground and a crater appeared. They were all startled. A moment before, Song Tian had told Lin Feng to commit suicide and now Lin Feng had bombarded him in one punch.

Ye Lü Qi was also astonished when he saw how strong Lin Feng had become. Song Tian was a cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, after all.

Such a person had been crushed by Lin Feng in one punch…

Thinking about that, Ye Lü Qi shuddered with fear. He realized he probably couldn’t compete with Lin Feng.

He quickly excluded the thought; he really wanted to try and fight against Lin Feng and see how strong he could be.

Song Tian put his hand on his chest. It hurt, and he ground his teeth in fury. He was in the top ten of the Gods List and Lin Feng had crushed him in one punch… What a humiliation…

“You dared attack me by surprise? You’re really rubbish. I initially didn’t intend to pay attention to you, but you decided to provoke me. I was fighting against someone, and you attacked me by surprise. You have no moral values.”

“You’re in the top ten, so what? Many people have progressed, you meditated in seclusion for a little while, but you made no headway.

“Piss off now. You’re a disgrace for the Celestial Jewels Sect,” Lin Feng said scornfully.

Song Tian was furious, flames of fury appeared in his eyes, and he coughed up more blood. His pure Qi system was injured. Some disciples of the Celestial Jewels Sect picked him up.

Everybody in the Celestial Jewels Sect hated Lin Feng. Song Tian had thought he’d be able to rise up in the Gods List, but he had ended up humiliated by Lin Feng and now the whole Celestial Jewels Sect was humiliated.

“Lin Feng, I will kill you!” shouted the leader of the Celestial Jewels Sect furiously. His eyes were bloodshot. He raised his fist and threw a punch at Lin Feng. All he was thinking about at that moment was killing Lin Feng.

“Try and dare!” shouted Jian Shi. He started fighting against the leader of the Celestial Jewels Sect without the least hesitation.

The two Half-Godly Emperors’ battle drew everybody’s attention.

The situation was out of control. The great competition hadn’t even properly started and it was already chaotic.

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