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Chapter 334: Beginning of the Great Competition!

Chapter 334: Beginning of the Great Competition!

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“Enough! I won’t let you ruin the two competitions!” shouted the beautiful female Godly Emperor, suddenly appearing between them. She raised one finger, and a rainbow-colored light beam appeared and pushed the two fighters back.

Everybody was astonished. Godly Emperors were really incredibly strong; one finger and she had pushed two Half-Godly Emperors away! How amazing!

Everybody shuddered with fear.

Even the five Godly Emperors looked nervous. They were also Godly Emperors, but there was such a huge difference between Godly Emperors. One layer was already a huge difference at such levels.

“Alright, move away now,” said Godly Emperor Tian. He was from the Five Governments, so he had to display some authority.

When Jian Shi and the leader of the Celestial Jewels Sect heard that, they stopped fighting.

“Continue,” said Godly Emperor Lei to Lin Feng and Ye Lü Qi, as well as Lin Zhe Tian and Ye Lü Dan Xing.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and looked at Ye Lü Qi icily, “Shall we continue?”

“Alright…” said Ye Lü Qi, taking a deep breath. He was still shaking because of Lin Feng’s performance. He couldn’t afford to underestimate Lin Feng. He had to use his full strength!

“Five Animals Punch!” shouted Ye Lü Qi. He raised his fists and five animals appeared. They gradually became bigger and bigger until they were a thousand meters tall. They howled furiously and made the ground tremble as they charged at Lin Feng extremely quickly.

Lin Feng shouted, joined his hands and released brightness strength. He released as much strength as he could, “Imperial Imprint Formula!”

Lin Feng had studied this in the Sword Tower. It was a standard godly skill. He had already mastered it, so he was quick to use it.

A thousand-meter white imprint appeared and crashed into the five illusory beasts. The two attacks disappeared in a flash. Neither had the advantage.

After that, they moved at the same time again. Lin Feng threw a kick at Ye Lü Qi. Ye Lü Qi raised his arms to block Lin Feng’s kick. Both were pushed back.

Lin Feng moved again, throwing two punches at Ye Lü Qi. They exchanged a few attacks, but neither seemed to have the advantage. Everybody was stupefied. What an amazing battle!

Lin Feng had the strength of the eighth layer, and could easily compete with someone like Ye Lü Qi, who had the strength of the top of the ninth layer. The rumors were true! Lin Feng’s reputation wasn’t undeserved…

People had heard that Lin Feng, when he had the strength of the sixth layer, could compete with Ye Lü Qi who was at the ninth, but they found it hard to believe. Now that he had the strength of the eighth, they found it more credible.

Being able to compete with someone who was stronger by one cultivation layer wasn’t impossible, it just proved that Lin Feng was very talented. But how would people who didn’t know react if they knew that the rumors weren’t false and that Lin Feng could really compete with a cultivator of the ninth layer when he had the strength of the sixth?

“Let’s finish, Birth of a Buddha!” shouted Lin Feng. It was time to finish the battle. Ye Lü Qi couldn’t really compete with him anymore, Lin Feng could already resist t him when he had the strength of the sixth layer, now he had the strength of the eighth…

Lin Feng raised his arms and used the Birth of a Buddha attack. Many people saw a Buddha Qi invade the whole battlefield. Energies appeared above Ye Lü Qi, and he couldn’t break free from them.

Ye Lü Qi panicked. He hadn’t thought the difference between them could be so big. He didn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng anymore at all.

“Golden Body Formula!” shouted Ye Lü Qi desperately. The godly skill was 56th in the Godly Skills’ List. It was a great skill for defense.

However, it was useless against Lin Feng’s Birth of a Buddha skill. An explosion rang out. Ye Lü Qi was hurled away and crashed onto the ground. His face was red, and he looked miserable.

“Mara Nirvana Formula!”

After Ye Lü Qi was blown away, Lin Feng’s son also used a standard godly skill against Ye Lü Dan Xing and smashed him away as well. Ye Lü Dan Xing crashed a hundred meters away from him.

Both Lin Feng and his son had won. Now, nobody would dare say they weren’t qualified to participate in the competition or anything.

Godly Emperor Tian frowned and looked at Lin Feng. He seemed unhappy. Ye Lü Qi was from the Celestial Gods Government, after all. He was a great elder there, this was a humiliation for the Celestial Gods Government. And his son had also fought against one of their disciples…

He was a Godly Emperor though, he couldn’t attack a tiny little cultivator of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, so he just released an invisible strength which oppressed Lin Feng and Lin Zhe Tian as a warning.

Lin Feng and Lin Zhe Tian grunted painfully at the same time, their legs shaking. That invisible strength could force them to their knees, but Lin Feng released brightness strength to resist it. Lin Zhe Tian ground his teeth and didn’t fall to his knees either.

Lin Feng raised his head. He looked at Godly Emperor Tian, who was seated high up in the sky and surrounded by a golden aura.

Lin Feng clenched his fists. Godly Emperor Tian was warning them. Lin Feng wished he were strong enough to crush him.

Lin Zhe Tian thought the same, also looking at Godly Emperor Tian angrily.

Many people didn’t notice that, but Half-Godly Emperors and Godly Emperors did. They admired Lin Feng and his son for their perseverance, and found Godly Emperor Tian’s behavior despicable.

“Nice, Godly Emperor Tian, you’re using the strength of the Godly Emperor layer to oppress people who are much, much weaker,” said a sweet feminine voice. The female Godly Emperor raised her left hand and released strength to oppress Godly Emperor Tian.

Cold sweat suddenly appeared on Godly Emperor Tian’s forehead. It didn’t seem like the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer, it seemed like the strength of the third…

“Please forgive me,” said Godly Emperor Tian, begging and grinding his teeth.

“Hmph, you think it’s fair to humiliate people who are much weaker?” said the female Godly Emperor, smiling coldly. She took her left hand back, and her energies disappeared.

Everybody shuddered with fear. The female Godly Emperor was really aggressive and strong!

Many people didn’t understand why that female Godly Emperor was so aggressive. Godly Emperor Tian had only humiliated Lin Feng and his son.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He looked at the woman, but he couldn’t see her face. She was wearing a plaited bamboo hat and had a rainbow-colored aura which hid her body.

“Strange, really strange,” whispered Lin Feng, shaking his head.

“Alright, the Gods List competition and the Top-Class Great Competition can start.”

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    Where is the words Lin Feng said previously “When i have the strength, i will kill you”
    And now he has the strength in this duel, but only to become a soft hearted pussy?

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      yeah! its geting bored

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      Why would he need that to kill that ye lu qi, he just made fun of him, and he already fear to lin feng and didnt pose a threat, if he keep humiliating of course he would be killing him, you even didnt know that basic and barking like little dog and afraid to bite lol

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