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Chapter 336: Competition on the Chessboard!

Chapter 336: Competition on the Chessboard!

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“Be careful. It’s a vitality chessboard; you can’t use your hands and feet on it, you need to use vitality to move the pieces. Your pieces must be as close to the center as possible for you to pass the exam,” said the old man in grey clothes. Lin Feng understood the rules and had no time to waste. He immediately flew across Feng Qi Mountain.

The geography of the mountain wasn’t complex at all, it was surrounded by a forest with lofty trees. Those trees were hundreds of thousands of years old, there were no spiritual beings back then…

Some trees were thousands of meters high and dozens of meters wide. It was easy to hide with all those trees.

Lin Feng walked around in Feng Qi Mountain and saw many people who had masks similar to his. Some of them had tiger masks, unicorn masks, or sword masks, but Lin Feng didn’t see Meng Qing and Lin Zhe Tian.

“Sigh, this competition is really cruel.” Lin Feng didn’t dare think what would happen if he fought against them. It would be a nightmare to have to fight against his own son or wife.

What if he eliminated Lin Zhe Tian? Lin Feng was worried, but he also knew that it was useless to be worried. He could only try and rely on Qi to recognize his son.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the great chessboard in the sky. There were already a few pieces on it, but they were only on the edge.

“I also need to put a few pieces on the chessboard,” whispered Lin Feng, glancing around. There were many people around, he didn’t need to be worried that some people would attack him.

Using vitality strength was exhausting, one had to be very careful when using vitality strength. One could easily go insane, and if one was attacked while using vitality strength, it could be extremely dangerous.

Lin Feng took a demon piece and held it firmly. He was very focused, he carefully released vitality strength and condensed brightness strength. Two white light beams emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes and pierced through the piece.

After that, the piece shook violently, humming in his hand. Lin Feng used vitality strength to make it rise to the sky. The piece rose a few thousand meters and reached the chessboard.

Lin Feng’s move drew many people’s attention. Some of them were ready to make trouble, they wanted to make Lin Feng’s vitality strength go chaotic, but when they got ready to attack, everybody realized that Lin Feng was releasing fearsomely powerful energies. They all shuddered with fear.

The people walked away with their tails between their legs. They didn’t dare offend Lin Feng.

Scaring them away had been exhausting. Lin Feng instantly coughed blood after they disappeared from his field of vision. His face paled, but one couldn’t see it since he was was wearing a mask.


As expected, I used a lot of strength!, thought Lin Feng, smiling wryly. He remained focused. A tiger piece was less than a hundred meters away from the center of the chessboard, currently the closest one to the center.


Many people noticed the demon piece which had just appeared on the chessboard, including the Godly Emperors and the Half-Godly Emperors of the Six Groups.

Jian Shi looked admirative and whispered, “I hope this piece is Lin Feng’s or Zhe Tian’s, or even Meng Qing.”

“Hehe, Brother Jian Shi, you’re a bit too confident, I think. They’re strong, but how could they compete with the geniuses of the Five Governments and Four Temples? Don’t think that you can be arrogant because Lin Feng defeated Ye Lü Qi,” said the leader of the Celestial Jewels Sect, smiling icily and interrupting Jian Shi. He looked extremely sinister. Lin Feng had killed two of his people and had eliminated Song Tian from the competition. He hated Lin Feng.

“Indeed, Jian Shi, don’t be too arrogant. Maybe that Lin Feng is going to suffer a crushing defeat, maybe he’s going to get crushed and his soul will disperse!” said an elder of the Sealing Clan darkly.

Feng Yi Yuan and Feng Gu had been killed by Lin Feng, they were particularly angry for Feng Yi Yuan, who was a strong cultivator on the Gods List. The Sealing Clan had invested a lot of resources in Feng Yi Yuan, he used to be the pride of their clan. Because Lin Feng had killed him, he couldn’t participate in the great competition…. They really hoped Lin Feng would die!

The best would be if he could suffer a violent and brutal death!

“You…” Jian Shi suddenly looked grim. But he didn’t say anything, because Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei looked at him angrily.

It immediately made him feel pressured. He couldn’t compete with Godly Emperors.

“Wait and you’ll see. Lin Feng won’t lose!” shouted Jian Shi, grinding his teeth.

The two men sneered at him.


The great competition continued. Shortly after the demon piece appeared, a golden light beam appeared. It was a fire piece, it immediately passed in front of Lin Feng’s piece and in the end, it stopped about fifty meters away from the center.

“How strong. That guy’s vitality strength must be incredible.”

“He must be a hero from the Five Governments or the Four Temples.”

“Maybe. Or maybe he was in the top ten in the previous Gods List.”

All the disciples were chatting at the foot of Feng Qi Mountain. The five Godly Emperors smiled. They were convinced that piece belonged to one of their people!

Lin Feng was standing at the foot of an ancient tree and narrowed his eyes when he saw the fire piece, then he looked to see who was controlling it: a man in fire-red clothes. His mask was also a fire mask.

That person’s Qi dashed to the skies. He probably has the strength of the ninth layer, thought Lin Feng, so he remained vigilant.

It seems like the heroes of the Five Governments are pushing things to the next level, thought Lin Feng. He still had three demon pieces. He decided to try and put them all on the chessboard at once. As long as he finished in the top hundred, it’d be fine. He didn’t need to risk his life for nothing.

Lin Feng was convinced that he could put his three demon pieces thirty meters away from the center, but he didn’t want to use too much vitality strength.

Lin Feng released some vitality strength and put it into the three demon pieces. The three pieces moved towards the chessboard and stopped five hundred meters away from the center. Even though it wasn’t amazing like the fire piece, it was still a success.

Jian Shi looked grim. He had hoped that the demon pieces belonged to Lin Feng but now, three demon pieces had appeared five hundred meters away from the center of the chessboard which made him worried.

The elder of the Sealing Clan and the Celestial Jewels Sect smiled mockingly.

Suddenly, two snow pieces appeared fifty meters away from the center and oppressed the fire piece. The two snowy-white pieces were dazzling.

“Whose pieces are those?”

Many contestants looked surprised, including Lin Feng.

But then he saw a woman with a snowy-white mask and a blue dress at the foot of a tree. Her Qi was ice-cold.

Lin Feng was surprised at first, but then he smiled.


Time passed, pieces appeared on the chessboard in quick succession. Most pieces were between a hundred and a thousand meters away from the center. There were only seven pieces within a hundred meters of the center. They belonged to the best cultivators.

The sun illuminated the mountain. Finally, the hundred and fifty-five contestants were done. Of course, some people were attacked by surprise, some lost their senses, and some even had their disperse.

“The Vitality Strength Chessboard challenge is over!”

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