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Chapter 337: Result!

Chapter 337: Result!

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“The ten best contestants of the Vitality Chessboard challenge are…” began the old man in grey clothes. The whole mountain shook as he talked. Many people raised their heads, looked at the chessboard, and waited.

“The tenth one is the one with the demon pieces!” said the old man in grey clothes expressionlessly. Many people looked at Lin Feng, the man who was wearing a demon mask.

“Not bad. He’s in the top ten, it’s pretty good,” said Godly Emperor Tian indifferently, yet a little bit icily because he didn’t know who it was.

“Maybe it’s someone you don’t want to see there,” said Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, putting her hand to her hair.

It was just a short sentence, but it was meaningful.

“The ninth one is the one with the axe pieces,” continued the old man. Many people looked at a cultivator in white clothes with an axe mask. He had the strength of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

“The eighth one is the one with the black dragon pieces.”

A man with black clothes and a black dragon mask was standing at the top of the mountain, Qi rolling in waves around him.

“Is that Lin Feng?” whispered the Elder of Punishments.

Jian Shi frowned and shook his head, but he didn’t say anything.

“Seventh, fire pieces.

“Sixth, sword pieces.

“Fifth, white snow pieces.

“Fourth, evil demon pieces.

“Third, blood pieces.

“Second, unicorn pieces,” said the old man in succession. The crowd at the foot of Feng Qi Mountain stared at those people and shivered. Those six people were all cultivators of the top of the ninth layer.

“Since when are cultivators of the ninth layer so ordinary?” asked the Elder of Punishments, seemingly astonished. Usually, it was extremely rare to see people at the top of the ninth layer.

“Maybe they are heroes from the Five Governments or the Four Temples.” The Mountain Protecting Elder looked at them in admiration. Those people were from first-class groups. Sword Mountain also had some incredible disciples, such as Lin Zhe Tian, but he had become famous a bit too late, and he didn’t have the strength of the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer, so he couldn’t compete with those people.

“If Lin Feng had been a disciple of Sword Mountain, it would have been better, nobody would have been able to defeat him at the same level,” sighed the Cabinet Protecting Elder, shaking his head.

“Lin Feng is an elder, it’s pretty good already. At least, he’s a friend of ours, not an enemy,” said Jian Shi indifferently, nobody added anything more.

“The first one…” everybody’s heart started racing. Finally, the first one… Everybody was staring at the old man in grey clothes.

The old man in grey clothes still looked indifferent.

“The first one is the one with the pill pieces!”

Finally, the old man announced who the first one was. Everybody looked at the one with a pill mask.

It was a woman, probably very young. Even though she was wearing a mask, a yellow skirt, and had two snowy-white shoes, one could see some parts of her skin, and many men let their imagination roam when they looked at her.

“That girl is young!” exclaimed Godly Emperor Lei.

The other Godly Emperors nodded. She was young, but extremely strong, which made them sigh.

Half-Godly Emperor!

“She… she is a Half-Godly Emperor!?”

Everybody was completely astonished. A Half-Godly Emperor could easily create a sect…

That young woman, how could she be so strong?

“Some Half-Godly Emperors participated in the past, all the cultivators of the top five were Half-Godly Emperors. For example, Tian Di’s son, the Son of Destiny, was first.”

“The Invisible One, nobody knows whether they’re a he or a she, they’re very mysterious, but they became a legend in the Gods List. They only lost one strike against the Son of Destiny.

“And Dong Fang, Tian Xia, Fu Su Rong, and Yan Ran Xue, they’re all incredible heroes. Therefore, seeing a Half-Godly Emperor here is nothing surprising,” said someone calmly, but no matter what that person said, most people were still amazed.

“There were five in the previous competition. This time, there’s only one. It seems that the average level has decreased a lot,” whispered a few disciples. More and more people were thinking that. Had the level decreased a lot?

“Let’s see. It’s too early to say that,” coughed Godly Emperor Du Hu.

Everybody stopped talking then. Who would dare saying anything after a Godly Emperor had spoken? All they could do now was watch.

“You still can’t be in the top ten because only a third of the intermediary competition is finished. There are two more rounds. Let’s continue!” said the old man in grey clothes. Everybody stiffened.

Only a third of the intermediary competition? What was going on here?

“Don’t worry. When the intermediary competition is over, we’ll know which ones are in the top ten,” said the old man in grey clothes. Everybody remained silent. He was in charge of Gods City and a Godly Emperor.

“So now, take the pieces back off the chessboard!” said the old man. The crowd burst into an uproar. How was that possible?

The pieces were now stuck on the chessboard, how could they take them off?

No matter how powerful their vitality strength was, how were they supposed to take the pieces off?

Everybody looked grim, not just the disciples of the Six Groups. How difficult!

“Master, can we not take the test? This one is too difficult,” a disciple asked the old man.

“You can withdraw from the competition,” the old man in grey clothes replied to the disciple. Nobody dared say anything else after that.

“The new round can start,” said the old man, his hands clasped behind his back. He stepped away from the battlefield.

Lin Feng looked composed. He was happy he had decided not to use too much vitality strength in the first round.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he looked at the four pieces and released an explosive brightness strength, controlling it with vitality strength. His strength surrounded his four pieces.

“Rise!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His eyes were bloodshot, and his face turned pale. He trembled and bit his tongue, but finally, the pieces took off the chessboard and moved back to him.

As he was about to grab them, he suddenly sensed an ice-cold wind behind him, so he instinctively threw a punch.

There was an explosion, and a silhouette was smashed back. The man’s mask exploded; his seven apertures were bleeding, and he was blown off from Feng Qi Mountain and crashed at its foot.

A few seconds later, there was a wailing scream, fading away as the man died. Lin Feng then grabbed the four pieces.

“Will anyone else dare try to stab me in the back? I’m waiting for you!”

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