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Chapter 338: Fighting Abilities Score!

Chapter 338: Fighting Abilities Score!

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Lin Feng grunted icily and looked at the contestants who were ready to make trouble. But nobody dared attack him after seeing him punch that guy.

“Pieces of trash. You’re jealous because you can’t even take your own pieces off the chessboard, so you attack those who can?” the man who had the fire pieces shouted at those who were ready to cause trouble. At the same time, he slowly walked towards Lin Feng.

The few contestants glanced at one another. Then they shouted furiously and ran towards the man who had the fire pieces.

“You want to die!” shouted the man furiously. His robe fluttered, he looked like a fire god. He raised his fists and threw punches and kicks. The three guys were instantly hurled away.

“You’re so weak and dare attack people by surprise?” said the man, smiling in icy disdain.

Fire Mask released an aggressive energy, and all the cultivators of the eighth layer and under were all oppressed and didn’t dare offend him and Lin Feng anymore.

Fire Mask looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently without saying anything, before turning his eyes to his own fire pieces.

“Absorb!” Fire Mask ground his teeth and did some hand seals, releasing a terrifying vitality strength. He reclaimed his four fire pieces and took a deep breath. His face was pale under his mask.

But the man remained determined and didn’t faint, even though he had the impression his head was going to explode.

“You’re stronger than me,” Fire Mask said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his head.

Two explosions rang out. They both raised their heads and looked at the chessboard, where four golden pieces had disappeared. Even though they weren’t within a hundred meters of the center, it still drew people’s attention.

Lin Feng looked at the man with the golden mask, who also looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had a strange feeling, that person was familiar, but Lin Feng didn’t know who it was. Lin Feng stopped looking at him.

After that, the woman with the pill mask took off her pill pieces, then she made some hand seals and the pieces drifted towards her like snowflakes floating in the wind. It seemed so easy for her.

That was the difference between the Godly Emperor layer and the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. It was a gigantic difference.

After that, nothing strange happened. Many people found the second round boring. Nobody was stirring with excitement.

Those who had the potential to be in the Gods List were not just fighting machines, they also needed vitality strength, they needed control, and all sorts of essential skills. Assessing those strong cultivators’ skills was the purpose of the great competition.

The purpose of the Top-Class Great Competition was to assess people’s fighting abilities. Therefore, the two competitions were combined in one.

Before sunrise, the second round finished, and there was a new top ten.

“Tenth, golden pieces,” the old man in grey clothes announced. The man with the golden mask seemed surprised. He hadn’t thought he’d be in the top ten. Not bad!

“Ninth, stone pieces.”

There was a new cultivator in the top ten. He hadn’t finished in the top ten in the previous round.

Everybody looked at the man with the stone mask, who looked tall and sturdy. Many people thought he was probably Zhu Deng Si, seventh on the old Gods List.

“Eighth, sword pieces.”

“Seventh, axe pieces.”

“Sixth, blood pieces.”

No surprises there.

But then something surprised the crowd.

“Fifth, white pieces.”

When the old man in grey clothes announced the fifth one, everybody looked at that person, a weird man in white clothes.

He was lying near a tree asleep. People were stupefied. Who could that be?

Lin Feng looked at him in a strange way, as well. Who could that be? He seemed so unrestrained.

He had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Whenever someone who had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer was in the Gods List, they were usually 30th or something.

But this one was in the top ten, that was really good.

“Fourth, white snow pieces.”

“Third, fire pieces.”

“Second, demon pieces.”

“First, pill pieces,” finished the old man. The crowd was stupefied by the new rankings.

This time, the evil demon pieces cultivator had disappeared from the top ten, as well as the ones with the black dragon and the unicorn pieces. The one with the white pieces, the golden pieces, and the stone pieces had replaced them.

“Third round. Fighting abilities,” said the old man in grey clothes. He lifted a gigantic boulder weighing fifty thousand kilos without the slightest effort. Many people were stunned; the City Lord was really strong.

“Piece of trash. Back in the days, I could lift things which were billions of kilos,” blurted out Godly Emperor Blood at that moment. Lin Feng shook his head, but didn’t say anything. The old man was bragging again.

Lin Feng ignored him, which made him angry. Godly Emperor Blood wished he could teach Lin Feng a good lesson.

Back in the days, Yan Di was a bit like that, then Song Zhuang spent lots of time with Lin Feng. Was Godly Emperor Blood going to replace them now?

“Let’s start,” said the old man, pointing at the man who was temporarily ranked fiftieth.

The man walked over to the gigantic bluestone boulder, took a deep breath, clenched his fist and threw a punch at the boulder.

The boulder shook a little bit. The old man looked indifferent. He drew some numbers in the air.

“Fighting abilities, thirty-five, not enough!”

When the man saw that, he was disappointed. His fighting abilities were only worth a thirty-five?

The man tried a few times but his score stayed around thirty-five, it didn’t go above forty. Many people seemed disappointed.

In the previous Great Competition of the Gods List, the weakest cultivator had scored forty something. Had all the influential groups regressed?

As everybody was disappointed, two sounds spread in the air. The old man wrote sixty-five!

Everybody looked at the man competing. He was wearing a panther mask and had the strength of the top of the seventh layer, not bad.

The competition was getting back to a good pace.

When the man with the stone mask attacked, he punched the boulder and pushed it back five meters, everybody was completely astonished and gasped with amazement.

“He’s incredibly strong!”

“I know, right. It must be Zhu Deng Si. Who else could be so strong?”

“Not bad, eighty five. Outstanding. Ten more points than last year,” said the old man in grey clothes, smiling for the first time since the beginning of the competition. Everybody was now convinced that it was Zhu Deng Si.

It wasn’t over, though. He punched the boulder again and this time, he pushed the boulder ten meters away!

Everybody’s eyes were wide open. The cultivator with the unicorn mask punched the boulder and silence invaded the atmosphere again.

“Eighty-nine, outstanding.”

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