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Chapter 339: Mockeries!

Chapter 339: Mockeries!

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In a very short time, a hundred people punched the boulder. The strongest one was the one with the unicorn mask who had scored eighty-nine. The others all had around seventy or eighty, only a few scoring sixty or less.

Only Lin Feng and a dozen other people hadn’t tried yet. Lin Feng wasn’t in a rush. He was sixth in the temporary ranking, so if he managed to get a good score, he would probably stay in the top ten.

“Come,” said the old man in grey clothes to the woman with white snow mask.

The woman didn’t say anything. She walked up to the gigantic boulder, rolled up her sleeves and an ice-cold Qi filled the air. She threw her fist and it was like an iceberg had smashed into it, it flew a hundred meters away and cracked.

“That’s… impossible.”

Everybody was completely astonished, including Lin Feng. That girl’s fighting abilities were just too incredible. A hundred meters? Cracks? She would probably score ninety-five at least!

“How is it possible to have such terrifying fighting abilities?”

“Right, it’s incredible, especially for a woman!”

Everybody was astonished. If she had punched them instead of the stone, they would have died!

All the Half-Godly Emperors were astonished, too. With such fighting abilities, she could probably compete with cultivators of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, but she seemingly only had the strength of the seventh.

“Could it be Meng Qing?” whispered Jian Shi.

“Ninety-six. Outstanding!” said the old man. Everbody was amazed. That was just incredible.

“Next one. You,” said the old man in grey clothes to the one with the pill mask. She was also a woman. Everybody thought he was having the two women pass one after the other on purpose.

She was a Half-Godly Emperor, so everybody was excited.

The old man in grey clothes changed the boulder. The new one was four hundred thousand kilos, heavier than the other one. Everybody knew it would be more complicated at that size.

The woman glanced at the crowd indifferently and said, “Heroes of Gods City, eh?”

Then she walked to the boulder like a cute little girl, but people knew she was anything but.

As expected, there was an explosion, and the boulder exploded into a thousand pieces.


All the Half-Godly Emperors were completely astonished. There was no way they would have been able to break that boulder into a thousand pieces. The woman was astonishingly strong.

The Godly Emperors, including the female Godly Emperor of the Gods Government, looked a bit surprised, but just for a few seconds. The female Godly Emperor couldn’t wait to see the one with the demon mask try.

The female Godly Emperor glanced at Lin Feng.

“Fighting abilities score, one hundred and ten, perfect,” said the man in grey clothes. It was the second time that the man he actually showed emotion.

“One hundred and ten, really stupefying,” the man with the unicorn mask sighed. That girl could make all the heroes of Gods City feel tiny. She was way too strong.

After that, a few more people who were in the top ten tried, and they all scored above ninety. What was incredible was that the one with the evil demon mask even managed to break the four hundred thousand kilo boulder and scored one hundred, only a little bit less than the woman.

After the evil demon guy’s performance, the woman said, “He’s not a hero from Gods City! The heroes of Gods City can’t be that good!”

The heroes of Gods City did their best, but they didn’t manage to do any better, they scored around ninety at most.

“I’ll try,” said the man with the blood mask, taking the initiative to walk over to the bluestone boulder. He glanced at the woman and smiled coldly before punching the boulder.

The resulting explosion was quite loud. Everybody’s eyes went wide. They looked at the four hundred thousand kilo boulder, whose top had completely exploded. The remaining part was probably about twelve thousands kilos, tops.

“Eh… how strong.” Jian Shi and the Elder of Punishments frowned.

He was about as strong as the pill woman!

“Fighting abilities score, one hundred and seven, perfect,” said the old man in grey clothes. He was strong enough for the woman to pay attention to him.

“You don’t belong here,” said the woman icily.

The man smiled indifferently. “I am not better than you.”

“Hehe, the ‘heroes’ of the Six Groups and Five Governments are really too weak,” said the one with evil demon mask at that moment, smiling coldly. He was making fun of them. The hundreds of thousands of disciples at the foot of the mountain were all furious. The Godly Emperors were also astonished, as the man was humiliating them, too.

But what could they say? It was the truth, the disciples of Gods City couldn’t do any better so far. The best one of them had scored ninety-six!

“Poor Gods City, Master,” said the woman with the pill mask, shaking her head and smiling provocatively.

The old man frowned angrily for a millisecond, and then looked normal again, as if these things had nothing to do with him.

“You’re the last one,” said the old man in grey clothes to Lin Feng. At that precise moment, people from Gods City set high hopes on him. Even the five Godly Emperors were looking at Lin Feng. If Lin Feng managed to score more than a hundred, Gods City would regain face.

Lin Feng was under great pressure. Everybody stared at him, their eyes intense. If Lin Feng didn’t do great, some people would blame him. If he succeeded, everybody would forget about the previous failures.

“You’re no good either, you trash,” said the man with the evil demon mask, smiling icily. All the people from Gods City looked angry again.

“Master, is it possible to switch to a five hundred thousand kilo boulder?” Lin Feng asked.

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