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Chapter 340: Lin Feng Feels Powerless!

Chapter 340: Lin Feng Feels Powerless!

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When Lin Feng heard them, he felt even more under pressure. Everybody hoped he’d regain face for them.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and looked at the old man in grey clothes.

All the people from Gods City looked at him with their eyes wide; a five hundred thousand bluestone boulder? He was insane!

“Was he dreaming? Even if he wanted to show everyone he was strong, he didn’t need to do that, did he?” said a man bitterly and sarcastically. Many people laughed.

“Right, if you want to regain Gods City’s face, you don’t need to do that.”

“The most important thing is that you succeed. If you fail, you’re going to make us lose even more face.”

“Piss off! You piece of trash! We don’t need you to win back our honor!”

More and more people made fun of Lin Feng.

It was really strange. Those people felt humiliated, so they humiliated him? Even if Lin Feng won, those people would still be trash!

“Never mind, never, don’t change it,” said Lin Feng, sighing and waving.

“Sigh, as expected, he was just pretending.”

“What a disgrace! He was lying about such an important thing. Piss off!”

“Piss off!”


Kacha, kacha, kacha…

The gigantic four hundred thousand kilo boulder started cracking and then broke into a billion pieces, before turning into powder. Some people were still laughing jokingly.

Lin Feng was already done.

Those who were making fun of Lin Feng suddenly coughed and pulled long faces.

Lin Feng smiled icily. He looked at all the disciples of the Six Groups and Five Governments who were making fun of him. Then he glanced at the man with the evil demon mask and the woman, and asked indifferently, “Just a little stone. What was so difficult?”

Just a little stone. What was so difficult?

Lin Feng’s sentence echoed in people’s heads. They didn’t even dare look at him anymore.

“Fighting abilities score, one hundred and twenty, absolutely flawless, perfect!” announced the old man in grey clothes. He seemed stupefied and happy at the same time.

“He’s from Gods City, so?”

“Did you see that? He’s the pride of Gods City,” said many people, even some people who had made fun of Lin Feng before.

Lin Feng was extremely disappointed. Those people were hopeless.

Lin Feng smiled coldly and declared, “I am not from Gods City. I am from the East of the continent!” Suddenly, everybody was astonished and looking at him furiously.

“How could you say that? Why are you humiliating Gods City?!”

“Indeed, you’re a traitor! You don’t deserve to be from Gods City!”

“People like you don’t even deserve to participate in the Great Competition of the Gods List. Piss off!”

“He’s right, piss off!”

Many disciples looked at Lin Feng angrily. Lin Feng merely smiled, really disappointed.

The old man in grey clothes looked glum, but he didn’t say anything to Lin Feng. He looked at the hundreds of thousands of disciples, and was even more disappointed.

“Shut the hell up, everyone!”

Godly Emperor Lei was furious, he raised his head and looking at the sky angrily while shouting furiously.

Many weaker people’s circulatory systems exploded. There were a lot of screams.

Nobody dared say anything anymore after that.

Godly Emperor Lei looked at the crowd and finally at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the impression a million-ton object was putting pressure on his chest.

He instantly coughed blood and was blown away. He nearly crashed down at the foot of the mountain.

Lin Feng was furious. Godly Emperor Lei dared treat him like that!

Lin Feng clenched his fists angrily. However, he didn’t show he was furious. He knew he was extremely weak and couldn’t compete with a Godly Emperor.

But Lin Feng was perseverant and convinced that one day, he’d be able to crush people like Godly Emperor Tian or Godly Emperor Lei, and he would.

The person they considered a piece of trash would become their worst nightmare!

“You’re here representing Gods City and you dare mention the East, you must be punished, piece of trash!” shouted Godly Emperor Lei furiously. Lin Feng was blown away again. He coughed blood, he was in bad shape.

“You want to die!” shouted the man with the golden mask at that moment. He jumped in Godly Emperor Lei’s direction and threw a punch.

“No!” shouted Lin Feng and then jumped in front of him hastily. “Stop!” said Lin Feng. He knew that the man with the golden mask was his son.

However, Lin Zhe Tian had just infuriated Godly Emperor Lei. A tiny little cultivator dared humiliate Godly Emperor Lei? He really wanted to die!

“Little brats who don’t respect elders should die!” shouted Godly Emperor Lei, throwing a punch at them. Golden energies rolled in waves around his fist.

Lin Zhe Tian couldn’t even compete with a Half-Godly Emperor, so what about a Godly Emperor? He would probably die instantly if the punch reached him!

“Godly Emperor Lei, I am really not happy to see you bully younger people!” shouted the woman with the rainbow-colored dress. She still sounded sweet, but people knew she was extremely angry.

The female Godly Emperor blocked Godly Emperor Lei’s attack. She also threw a punch and smashed Godly Emperor Lei away.

“You dare cause trouble during the Great Competition of the Gods List!” said the woman, narrowing her eyes and glaring at Godly Emperor Lei, who was injured.

Many people shuddered with fear. The woman was really scary. She had injured Godly Emperor Lei!

There was a difference of one Godly Emperor layer between them, and it was huge.

Lin Feng grabbed Lin Zhe Tian and pushed him behind him. Lin Feng had been really scared. His son could have died. If the female Godly Emperor hadn’t gotten involved, he definitely would have been killed!

Lin Feng was furious and clenched his fists. His nails pierced through his palms and drew blood.

Lin Feng promised himself he would become much stronger and he would be able to protect his family and friends, but he felt powerless at that moment. If a Godly Emperor wanted to kill Lin Zhe Tian, what could he do?

Lin Feng felt like back in the days when he felt extremely weak and threatened by his enemies. He would definitely kill Godly Emperor Lei someday with his own hands.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the woman who was wearing the snow mask, Zhe Tian was behind her..

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he just looked at them. They felt like him, powerless.

Godly Emperor Lei didn’t dare offend the female Godly Emperor, but he hated Lin Feng and Lin Zhe Tian. If it hadn’t been Lin Feng and Lin Zhe Tian, he would have never tried anything. He was a Godly Emperor, he would have never lowered himself down to that level.

“Lei Long, check their status and kill them,” Godly Emperor Lei said to Lei Long icily.

Lei Long was a bit surprised, but he couldn’t go against a Godly Emperor’s orders.

“The preliminary competition is over. Those who finished in the top ten can come here,” said the old man in grey clothes after a long time. A golden Gods List appeared in his hand.

When the crowd saw the words GODS LIST written on it, they were astonished. It was the new list already?

Many people were excited and silence covered everyone.

“Tenth, sword pieces!”

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