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Chapter 341: Moving On to the Finals!

Chapter 341: Moving On to the Finals!

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When the old man in grey clothes announced who was in the top ten, the man with the sword mask took a deep breath in relief. He wasn’t sure whether he would finish in the top ten or not.

Many people looked at him with admiration. Even though it was just the intermediary competition, being able to finish in the top ten at that point was already something great.

“Ninth, stone pieces,” said the old man in grey clothes, looking at Zhu Deng Si.

Many people had already guessed that the stone pieces guy was Zhu Deng Si because of his stature.

Many people sighed, because Zhu Deng Si was ninth. He used to be seventh, now he was ninth; even if that ranking was just temporary, it was still a surprise for many.

When Zhu Deng Si saw many people looked disappointed, he just smiled because he was convinced he was going to rise up in the rankings.

“Eighth, evil demon pieces,” the old man in grey clothes said calmly.

“Seventh, fire pieces.”

“Sixth, blood pieces.”

“Fifth, axe pieces.”

“Fourth, white snow pieces.”

The crowd looked at them all in admiration. No matter what the final rankings would look like, these people were extremely strong, and in the future, they would probably become extremely influential in the whole world. They would become overlords, or at least, they’d become the dazzling stars of their respective groups. They would help their respective groups rise even more.

“Third, demon dragon pieces,” said the old man in grey clothes. The hundreds of thousands of disciples at the foot of the mountain looked solemn and respectful. They couldn’t wait to know who first and second were. Some people guessed that the first and second were probably the ones with the demon and pill pieces.

The old man in grey clothes could feel that the atmosphere was strange, and was amused. He made them wait even more.

“The second one is..,” said the old man, looking at the hundreds of thousands of disciples at the foot of the mountain and paused again.

The crowd looked angry, the old man was making them wait on purpose.

“Second, pill pieces!” said the old man finally. Many people started whispering.

“So the one with the demon mask is first?”

“What a pity. He’s not from Gods City, how could he become the champion?”

“Right, but the one with the pill pieces isn’t from Gods City either. The geniuses of Gods City can’t seem to compete with them.”

“Indeed. There is no excuse.”

Many people were whispering. Many of them were not happy to see Lin Feng finish in first place, but what could they do?

“First, demon pieces,” finished the old man. Lin Feng was temporarily in first place, but it wasn’t over. What would happen during the rest of the competition?

But no matter what, Lin Feng could be proud of himself. With the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he could oppress Half-Godly Emperors, he could be proud of himself. The news would spread everywhere.

“Now, we’re going to move on to the finals. Those of the top ten will take off their masks,” said the old man in grey clothes. He waved his hand and the masks of the top ten cultivators disappeared. Their clothes returned to normal as well.

The whole crowd was completely astonished. Some people looked jealous and envious, others looked disappointed. Some people looked conceited. They were convinced that if they had participated in the competition, they would have done better.

There were arrogant people everywhere, but then when they realized someone was much stronger than them, they were scared and alarmed.

“Lin Feng is first?”

When Lin Feng’s mask was removed, many people were just dumbstruck.

Back then, when Lin Feng had just arrived in Gods City, he had quickly become famous. Everybody knew about him, but now he was becoming incredibly famous. Back then, he had killed someone from the Gods List, now he would be in it officially!

“No wonder he said he was from the East, he didn’t lie,” said someone coldly. Many people nodded. Indeed, Lin Feng had come from the East. Everybody knew that, but they were still surprised that Lin Feng had dared say it out loud.

The East was considered the weakest part of the continent, they couldn’t compete with the other parts.

But now things were changing, thanks to Lin Feng. If someone like Lin Feng came from the East, then how could people continue considering it a place where there were only pieces of trash?

Actually, the East used to be the strongest part of the continent. Many extremely strong cultivators came from there. Some legends even said that Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was from the East.

“The second one is a girl. She looks really cute,” exclaimed someone, looking at the girl who had taken off the pill mask.

That woman was wearing a pale yellow dress and white shoes. She didn’t look devastatingly beautiful, but she looked cute and mischievous. She had big twinkling eyes, which made her look even cuter.

But that cute woman was a hero, a fighting machine!

“The third one is Xuan Long from the Dark Gods Government? Surprising.”

“Xuan Long? Isn’t it the one who killed twelve people alone with the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer a while back? Hasn’t he lost his senses?”

Many disciples started whispering while looking at the man in black clothes. They were really surprised.

When Lin Feng heard them, he looked at Xuan Long, who had the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Lin Feng didn’t like Xuan Long’s Qi at all, and he seemed extremely strong. It was better not to mess with him, was the first thing he thought of when he saw Xuan Long.

“Fourth, wow, so beautiful, she looks like a celestial being.” Everybody looked at Meng Qing. She was the one who had the snow mask. She was in fourth position so far.

Lin Feng walked to her and grabbed her cold hands. By doing this, he warned everybody that she was his.

As expected, many disciples looked disappointed or angry when they saw that, but what could they do?

“Fifth, Lei Guan from the Thunder Gods Government.”

“Seventh is Pan Mei? But he lost one rank this time…”

“Zhu Deng Si is ninth, as expected.”

“Su Zi is tenth, as expected. The reputation of the Sword God’s disciple isn’t undeserved.”

Everybody recognized those two, but there were also two people they didn’t know: the one who had the evil demon mask, Di Shu, and the one who had the blood mask, Zhen Mo!

Lin Feng remained vigilant. Di Shu and Zhen Mo, especially Di Shu, were both extremely dangerous, and Di Shu and Lin Feng were sworn enemies. Di Shu probably hadn’t even really come for the Great Competition of the Gods List. His sole purpose for coming was to kill Lin Feng!

At least, Lin Feng was convinced that it was the case…

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