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Chapter 342: Half a Month of Cruel Killings!

Chapter 342: Half a Month of Cruel Killings!

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“Lin Feng, you’re soon going to die,” Di Shu said provocatively. Lin Feng turned his head. Di Shu was smiling without the slightest scruple. He didn’t look beneficent like in the past. He just looked evil now.

“You can try. I managed to defeat you once, I can defeat you twice,” said Lin Feng smiled icily.

Di Shu’s expression suddenly changed. He had almost forgotten Lin Feng had defeated him back then. He had never felt so humiliated in his life. He just wanted Lin Feng to die as soon as possible.

Therefore, six months before, he had looked for an evil teacher and had learned as much as he could from him for the sole purpose of killing Lin Feng.

That’s exactly what Di Shu had said, and his evil teacher had thought it a very acceptable reason.

“Lin Feng, you couldn’t kill me the first time, and now I will kill you,” retorted Di Shu, smiling mockingly.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and ignored him. Wasting time speaking with him was useless. Lin Feng would remain vigilant though.

Di Shu was different from before. He looked evil and sharp. His only purpose had become to kill Lin Feng!

“Lin Feng, you should be really careful, it’d be a pity if you died.”

Lin Feng didn’t even have time to rest for a few seconds when he heard someone else threaten him. It was Su Zi this time.

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Lin Feng icily.

Su Zi smiled icily, “How could the Assassin God want to recruit you as a disciple? Pffff, I will show him. I will kill you and then what will he say? Haha!” said Su Zi, smiling evilly and cruelly. He ground his yellow, disgusting teeth in agitation.

Lin Feng understood that Su Zi initially wanted to become the Assassin God’s disciple, but the Assassin God didn’t want to recruit him. So, Su Zi was jealous!

Lin Feng was infuriated because of that. He’s jealous, so he is causing trouble for me? Why?

“You really think I’m a pushover?” Lin Feng asked icily.

Su Zi nodded mockingly and asked, “Isn’t it like that, though?”

“Hehe, you’re very self-confident,” said Lin Feng, smiling coolly. He didn’t know what those people were thinking, how come there were so many people who were so extremely arrogant and always thought they were stronger than everyone else, without even looking at how strong people really were.

“Why do I feel so confident? Because I am strong. You defeated some pieces of trash like Song Tian and Ye Lü Qi, it doesn’t mean you’re strong. If you think you can defeat me, a disciple of the Sword God, you’re very naive. Do you even know what kind of trump cards I have, and how many?

“No matter what you do, you can’t win against me. The only possible outcome of a battle between you and me is your death, and then the Assassin God will regret having ever asked you to become his disciple, he will also realize that not recruiting me as a disciple was a huge mistake!” declared Su Zi. His eyes reddened as he thought about these things, and his heartbeat also accelerated. He was furious.

Lin Feng started feeling some sympathy for Su Zi when he heard that. At least he wasn’t evil and despicable like Di Shu.

“Since it’s that way, we’ll see, but I’m sure that the Assassin God’s sense of judgement can’t be that bad,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

Su Zi ground his teeth and stared at Lin Feng, understanding perfectly what Lin Feng was telling him.

“Yes, you’ll see. During the finals, I will definitely kill you,” said Su Zi, clenching his fists. His eyes were filled with murder.

Zhen Mo overheard them and glanced at Lin Feng.

“What kind of knowledge has that young man received?” whispered Zhen Mo, before glancing at the female Half-Godly Emperor.

She’s a strong opponent, Zhen Mo frowned. That girl seemed even scarier than Lin Feng, as she was a Half-Godly Emperor, after all. Of course, Zhen Mo was convinced he could exchange a few attacks with her without any problem. That kind of thing that was possible thanks to knowledge accumulation and different trump cards.

“The top hundred list is already determined, everyone please have a look,” said the old man in grey clothes after a few minutes. He rolled up his sleeves and a golden list appeared in the sky. There were a hundred names on it.

Lin Zhe Tian was temporarily seventeenth. That wasn’t bad at all. Ye Lü Dan Xing was twenty-first.

Those two people had recently been rising, so their respective groups, Sword Mountain and the Celestial Gods Government, placed high hopes on them. They hoped these disciples would do well during the competition, so they paid careful attention to them.

“You hundred people, go into the depths of the forest of Feng Qi Mountain, there are many valleys and mountains there, stay there for half a month. Those who didn’t finish in the top hundred can’t go in.

“During these two weeks, you will need to light up this plate. It doesn’t matter how you do it, the most important thing is for you to light it up. The more you duel, the brighter the light of the stone plate will be. You must have at least five duels before it can light up.”

“Good luck, everyone. When the finals are finished, we’ll know the final results of the two competitions, and the winner will hold two titles!

“That person will be remembered eternally in the history of this place, so good luck!” said the old man in grey clothes. He looked excited. He hoped that the winner would be from Gods City, and not from outside, like the woman with the pill mask.

Not many people knew who she was, but he knew. She was from one of the Four Temples, and a direct disciple of the Elixir Temple, Dan Nü!

He knew what the Four Temples’ purpose was, to finish first. During the previous session, it had been different because Godsland had also sent people to participate, but this time, they had sent Dan Nü!

“Let’s start,” the old man sighed. The hundred cultivators flew towards the depths of the mountain. There were many evil beasts there!

Some of the beasts had the strength of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, or even higher. They were quite dangerous.

Lin Feng also flew towards the depths of the mountain. While they were flying away, small golden plates appeared and attached to their waists. they weren’t bright yet since the fights hadn’t started.

During those two weeks, fierce battles would take place. Some people were going to get injured, and some were even going to die.

Lin Feng was really happy about this round because his life and death Dao was already level seven. He hoped that during this time, it would rise to the eighth level.

At the beginning, maybe Lin Feng had chosen that path because he wasn’t confident enough. He had chosen a path few, if not nobody, chose, and hoped he’d reach a level unprecedented in history.

Because nobody chose the path of death.

Especially strong cultivators. As people became stronger, they were afraid to choose the path of death.

However, Lin Feng had chosen that path, death Qi was his strength. Lin Feng was convinced that he would be able to become a death god someday…

Lin Feng glanced around and saw many golden trees, reaching hundreds of meters in height. The forest looked desolate and eerie. In the distance, he could see sheer precipices and overhanging rocks.

Lin Feng also saw Lin Zhe Tian and Meng Qing, but he wasn’t worried about them, they were strong enough to protect themselves.

Making your battle plates shine is your duty now.

Lin Feng sighed and took out a mask from his ring. He didn’t want people to recognize him here, either.

That mask could also hide his Qi, so it was almost impossible to recognize him.

“The battles can start!”

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