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Chapter 343: Shiny Battle Plates!

Chapter 343: Shiny Battle Plates!

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“There’s someone there, let’s go and attack him.”

Two men holding swords gazed into the distance and saw Lin Feng. They didn’t recognize him and they couldn’t see how powerful his Qi was.

They both looked excited and smiled proudly. They flew towards Lin Feng and landed in front of him.

Lin Feng frowned, “Eh?”

“Little boy, you’re going to lose against us. If you don’t, well…” trailed off one of the men, smiling confidently.

“Otherwise, you’re going to be completely eliminated from the competition,” finished the other man, smiling mockingly. They were both holding their swords and slowly walking towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at them. They had the strength of the top of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer. It wasn’t too bad, but against him, it was far from enough.

Poor guys… Lin Feng wasn’t the best opponent, they were unlucky to bump into him. And on top that, they had provoked and threatened him. They were probably just going to give him points. If he defeated them both, then that’d count as two victories.

“Alright, let’s fight then,” replied Lin Feng, expressionlessly and indifferently.

The two men glared at him furiously, one of them holding his sword ready; it was a medium-level godly imperial weapon. He ran towards Lin Feng.

“Don’t try and resist! Argh!” shouted the man, throwing his sword at Lin Feng. In his eyes, Lin Feng had already lost, which made him smile even more.

The other man didn’t seem like he intended to fight. He just stood there and smiled, waiting for the battle to finish.

Very quickly, the battle was over, but the two men were panic-stricken.

In the end, Lin Feng used a sword, stabbed the man and then kicked him. Blood splashed, and then Lin Feng kicked him a hundred meters away.

His partner’s legs were shaking violently. He could see that Lin Feng was extremely strong. He knew that Lin Feng was extremely strong, but he just didn’t know who actually was.

“I… I… stop! I am a disciple of the Thunder Gods Government, if you dare…” spluttered the man, stepping backwards and clutching his sword. His face was pale.

“You like talking shit, don’t you?” said Lin Feng. He kicked the man hard, and the man crashed a thousand meters away.

The two men’s golden plates broke, which meant they had lost.

Lin Feng saw his own plate became shinier. Some Qi undulated around, but it was subtle. The golden plate wasn’t lit up. He needed to win at least five battles for it to become completely lit up.

Lin Feng continued flying through the forest. Winning five duels and making his golden plate shine wasn’t a problem for Lin Feng. He didn’t need to worry.

The only problem was that the more battles a cultivator won, the better their ranking would be…


The atmosphere in Feng Qi Mountain was very oppressive. Those who were weaker had to hide and be extremely cautious, while people who were extremely strong, like Lin Feng, attacked each time they saw someone.

The atmosphere was oppressive outside of the forest too, many people were nervous, especially the leaders of some groups, or the members of the Five Governments. They were just staring at the mountain.

“A plate has been lit up!” exclaimed a disciple at that moment. Everybody looked at the beam of light. When the crowd saw who it was, they were astonished.

“Di Shu? Who is he?”

“Di Shu is the one who finished in the top ten in the previous round, the one who had the evil demon mask,” remembered many disciples. They were curious to know who Di Shu actually was, however.

The five Godly Emperors pulled long faces. They were disappointed and angry, the first one who had made his plate light up wasn’t from the Five Governments, but from the Gods Government.

“Another one, ah no, three!” many people exclaimed.

“Zhu Deng Si, Dan Nü, and Xuan Long’s plates are lit up,” said Godly Emperor Tian slowly. His eyes gleamed.

Godly Emperor Xuan was really satisfied when he saw Xuan Long’s plate was lit up.

“What about Lin Feng? Where is he?”

Many people looked surprised. Lin Feng had been doing great so far, so what was happening this time?

Some people started making fun of his lack of results.

“Dan Nü must have defeated him, and now he must have been eliminated. Hehe!”

“Maybe some other people defeated him. There have been no real battles so far, who knows how strong Lin Feng really is? Maybe he looks more impressive than what he really is. Hehe!” said a shifty-eyed disciple of the Celestial Jewels Sect, smiling mockingly.

“Right, Sword Mountain is going to be eliminated! Haha!” shouted an elder of the Unicorn Sect mockingly.

Jian Shi looked nervous, but he was confused. Lin Feng was quite strong, his plate should be lit up already. What was going on?

“Lin Feng is a piece of trash,” said an elder of the Sealing Clan, smiling icily.

“You…” When Jian Shi heard him, he looked furious.

“Hehe, and the members of the Sealing Clan are not trash? They can easily defeat Lin Feng? Lin Feng killed none of you? You also have so many people in the top fifty?” interjected Tang Zhen at that moment, humiliating the Sealing Clan.

“Hmph! Wait and see, you!” spat the member of the Sealing Clan angrily, clenching his fists furiously. He didn’t provoke him any further, however.

Tang Zhen ignored him and walked over to Jian Shi, “Brother Jian Shi, could it be that Lin Feng…?” Tang Zhen asked softly, pulling a long face.

“Nah, I have faith in him,” said Jian Shi, shaking his head. He seemed determined. He didn’t have any doubts about Lin Feng’s strength.


As many people were talking about Lin Feng, he had killed a few beasts and gathered a few hearts. Evil beasts’ hearts were good, they could be transformed into pure Qi and help cultivators become stronger.

Eh? I had forgotten. When you take the heart of a beast, it doesn’t count as a duel, so I killed those five beasts for nothing, thought Lin Feng looking at the five carcasses around him. When he took the beasts’ hearts, it didn’t count as a duel to the plate.

I’ll need to fight against three more contestants then. People outside must be gossiping, thought Lin Feng angrily, and disappeared from there.

After that, he appeared in front of three contestants and defeated them in the blink of an eye.

The three cultivators weren’t extremely strong, they were only in the top fifty in the previous list, so Lin Feng didn’t break their plates, and didn’t eliminate them.

After winning five duels, his plate started to shine. Lin Feng looked at the golden lights and smiled.

However, thirty people’s plates had already lit up. Lin Feng was just one of them.

“Lin Feng’s plate is finally lit up.”

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