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Chapter 346: Killing, Killing, Killing!

Chapter 346: Killing, Killing, Killing!

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“Next targets, Lei Guan, and the Thunder Gods Government.”

Lin Feng stopped and looked at the Gods List. Lei Guan’s name was in the ninth position. He had the strength of the top of the ninth layer, he was really strong, no weaker than Lei Long.

The members of the Celestial Gods Government had already been all killed. Lin Feng, controlling three people, had killed them.

Now, he wanted to kill the members of the Thunder Gods Government. Thinking about that, a big smile appeared on Lin Feng’s face.

“Hehe, Great Master Godly Emperor Tian, Great Master Godly Emperor Lei, that’s what happens when someone humiliates me!” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder.

Lin Feng went looking for his target, Lei Guan.

Right after Lin Feng took off, a man in white clothes appeared, looking after Lin Feng.

“Hehe. You want to kill Lei Guan? I’ll tell him then, and I’ll tell him to tell all the members of the Thunder Gods Government. We’ll see who kills whom!” Di Shu smiled wickedly. A cloud of black smoke appeared, and he disappeared.

Lin Feng bumped into a few people on the way and defeated them. The competition was becoming a nightmare for those people. The weakest cultivators had become the strongest cultivators’ prey.

Lin Feng won a few more battles and surpassed Zhen Mo, he was now third in the rankings.

Around noon, Lin Feng arrived in a valley, he looked down inside, where there was a black fog. The place was strange…

Lin Feng could sense that Lei Guan was in the valley.

But Lin Feng also sensed danger lurking. He didn’t know why, but he had the impression that Lei Guan knew he was coming to attack him.

But how was that possible? Lin Feng sighed and jumped into the valley. No matter what was waiting for him in there, he had to kill Lei Guan and the other members of the Thunder Gods Government.

Lin Feng disappeared into the black fog. He landed in a dense forest. There was brush everywhere, Lin Feng couldn’t see the ground clearly anywhere.

The cliffs around were eroded from rainwater, and seemed like they were about to collapse.

The valley wasn’t small, it was thousands and thousands of acres and there were many, many places to hide.

“Maybe Lei Guan came here to rest?” thought Lin Feng aloud. It wasn’t the only explanation, though…

“Hehe, of course that’s not the reason. The reason I came here is to kill you,” said a voice in the valley. Lin Feng turned toward the gloomy voice, and noticed Lei Guan in the distance. Lei Guan was half-hidden beside a bush and smiling flatly.

When Lin Feng saw Lei Guan’s indifferent smile, he understood that Lei Guan probably knew what he intended to do.

“You knew I was coming, so you got prepared?” Lin Feng asked emotionlessly.

“What? You noticed something unusual?” said Lei Guan, his smile turning icy. He raised his left hand, and eight silhouettes appeared to surround Lin Feng.

They were all disciples of the Thunder Gods Government, and they were quite strong. They had the strength of the eighth and ninth layers.

Lei Guan had the strength of the top of the ninth layer, so he was the leader of the group.

“Who told you about my plan?” asked Lin Feng, glancing around coldly.

Lei Guan was still smiling. He shook his head and said, “I’m sorry. The one who told me told me not to tell you. I’ll crush you until you have one last thread of Qi left, and then I’ll hand you over to him,” said Lei Guan casually. His Qi was growing thicker and thicker. He was very confident.

“Alright, so we’ll see if he comes out after I kill you, then,” Lin Feng nodded. He raised his left hand and took out his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword.

“Hahahah! Little boy, you’re a funny one! A medium-level piece of trash?!”

Lin Feng was speechless. It was Godly Emperor Blood. “If you’re that strong, give me a good weapon then?”

“Nah, I won’t. It’s your destiny. If you die, it’s your fault,” said Godly Emperor Blood.

Lin Feng looked at Lei Guan, but Lei Guan just smiled calmly and took a few steps backwards. He raised his left hand, “Don’t kill him. Just capture him alive,” said Lei Guan. The eight disciples of the Thunder Gods Government threw themselves at Lin Feng.

However, he wasn’t afraid. Alright, a bunch of cowards fighting against one guy?

Die, die, die!

Lin Feng shouted and his voice echoed in the valley. He raised his huge sword and looked at one of his attackers

The man was alarmed, but not in time. One of his arms fell off and blood splashed before he was hurled back. But the seven other fighters’ hands moved towards Lin Feng’s back extremely quickly.

Lin Feng grunted in annoyance and released brightness strength, but he was still smashed away. But he kept hold of his sword and landed on the ground.

“Hurry, don’t give him any chance to have a rest!” shouted the smiling Lei Guan.

“I’ll come, hehe! I’ll kill you!” the man who had lost an arm shouted furiously and threw himself at Lin Feng.

“If you want to regain face, you at least need to be strong enough,” replied Lin Feng smiling thinly. He flashed forward again, raising his gigantic sword which rotated extremely quickly. Energies surrounded the man, and he instantly turned into a pile of bleeding flesh, his Qi disappearing.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His hair fluttered in the wind, his eyes were bloodshot. He glanced around.

He threw his gigantic sword and cut someone else’s arm, hurling the man back. Lin Feng was on a killing streak.

Lin Feng also got injured, but he didn’t fear death Qi. On the contrary, he enjoyed it.

In the matter of a few seconds, Lin Feng killed three disciples of the Thunder Gods Government. Lei Guan didn’t feel as confident as before. He looked much more focused and solemn.

“Move, I’ll take care of it,” Lei Guan finally snarled, after he saw all the disciples were getting crushed. He regretted making them fight against Lin Feng, and he was furious. If he gave Lin Feng any more time, Lin Feng would kill them all!

Was the same thing that had happened to the Celestial Gods Government going to happen to the Thunder Gods Government? Lei Guan couldn’t let that happen!

Lei Guan jumped and at the same time, his three friends moved away, afraid of fighting against Lin Feng. Lin Feng knew how to fight in so many different ways!

“Lin Feng, I have to admit that you’re an incredible fighter!” said Lei Guan, clenching his fists. Purple lightning appeared around him and lit up the whole valley. The sky became purple. “However, I am quite scary too, and I will kill you!”

Lei Guan’s hair fluttered in the wind. He looked like a real thunder god.

Lin Feng threw his sword at Lei Guan’s chest.

The two men started fighting!

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  1. Waqas April 23, 2019 at 6:36 pm - Reply

    Where is lin feng god sword? When they created it they said it will grow along with him getting powerful.

    • Gray June 11, 2019 at 11:13 pm - Reply

      You believe the New AUTHOR in this PMG 2 will remember that thing?
      He is so stupid at writing the PMG 2 story, much less remember things like that.

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  3. Gray June 11, 2019 at 11:20 pm - Reply

    Right after Lin Feng took off, a man in white clothes appeared, looking after Lin Feng.

    “Hehe. You want to kill Lei Guan? I’ll tell him then, and I’ll tell him to tell all the members of the Thunder Gods Government. We’ll see who kills whom!” Di Shu smiled wickedly. A cloud of black smoke appeared, and he disappeared.

    So Lin Feng with his Strength cant even feel someone near him? what more is that person is Di Shu and not even Half-godly Emperor yet.
    What kind of bullshit is this?

    Where is the “The Stronger the cultivators become, Their sense become more acute and can even notice the slight different dust in the air”

    PMG 1: AM I A JOKE TO YOU???

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