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Chapter 348: Let’s Cooperate!

Chapter 348: Let’s Cooperate!

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“Hehehehe, Lin Feng, I wouldn’t have thought that you’d even manage to kill Lei Guan. You crushed all the members of the Thunder Gods Government,” said Ye Lü Qi, coming out slowly. When he saw Lin Feng looking so grim, he smiled indifferently.

Lin Feng frowned icily, “When you die, the Celestial Gods Government will have nobody left, either!”

“Hehehehe, Lin Feng, I have to admit that we cultivators at the top of the ninth layer can’t compete with you anymore. You killed Lei Guan, you can also kill me. I am perfectly aware of that,” said Ye Lü Qi. He didn’t look angry anymore. On the contrary, he looked calm and thoughtful.

When Lin Feng saw how Ye Lü Qi reacted, he was quite surprised. Ye Lü Qi was smart. He had noticed that before when he had fought against him.

“So, how do you intend to remain alive?” asked Lin Feng grimly.

Lin Feng understood that Ye Lü Qi had stayed there, even though he had seen Lin Feng kill Lei Guan.

Ye Lü Qi was smart, Lin Feng was smart, they didn’t need to talk nonsense.

“Lin Feng, I want to collaborate with you,” answered Ye Lü Qi. He seemed determined.

Lin Feng was completely astonished. Ye Lü Qi wanted to collaborate with him? Had he heard that properly?

“You want to collaborate with me?” repeated Lin Feng, frowning.

“I want to become the new leader of the Celestial Gods Government. I want to kill the current leader, but I am afraid because he is Godly Emperor Tian’s biological son,” said Ye Lü Qi, clenching his fists.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was really surprised. Ye Lü Qi was a Great Elder in the Celestial Gods Government, and he already had lots of privileges. Why would he want to become the new Celestial Gods Government’s leader? Indeed, he wanted to kill the current leader?

When Ye Lü Qi saw that Lin Feng seemed reluctant, he told him everything.

“Lin Feng, there are tensions between the leader and me. He killed my biological son and stole my wife. He also killed my father, a Supreme Great Elder. He did those things with one purpose, to become the leader.”

“Eh? Hehe. Ye Lü Qi, it’s not a funny joke. You think I’ll believe such a story? It sounds cruel, it can’t be true,” said Lin Feng mockingly.

Killing Ye Lü Qi’s biological son, stealing his wife? Was the leader of the Celestial Gods Government completely stupid? Why would he have let Ye Lü Qi live on top of that?

“Lin Feng, I know you don’t believe me, but you have to. It’s the truth,” said Ye Lü Qi, grinding his teeth. His eyes were filled with murder. He really hated the leader for real.

When Lin Feng saw Ye Lü Qi’s expression, he believed the story was true.

“So, what’s that supposed to mean? He stole your wife, he killed your son, he killed the Supreme Elder, why didn’t he kill you?” asked Lin Feng.

Ye Lü Qi sighed and told him the truth.

“My wife is Emperor Tian Long’s biological granddaughter. He’s wildly ambitious. Because of that, I practice cultivation every day really hard. I used to communicate with my wife secretly, but after a long time, she started liking and helping him.”

“He’s Emperor Tian Long’s son, so Emperor Tian Long also recruited him as a disciple. Then, Emperor Tian became a Godly Emperor. That’s why the Celestial Gods Government became Godly Emperor Tian’s group.”

“One night, when I went back, I saw my wife and him, they were talking. I heard what they were talking about. His father is Godly Emperor Tian though, I am just an ordinary elder, so I don’t have any particular privileges.

“He gave the order to capture three members of my family and to kill my biological son right in front of me! He was less than one year old!”

Ye Lü Qi’s eyes were bloodshot. He clenched his fists so hard that his fingernails pierced through the palm of his hands and he bled. He looked really furious.

Lin Feng remained silent. So, that’s how the whole story went. The man had even killed a baby…? But considering Godly Emperor Tian’s personality, it wasn’t difficult to imagine his son was rubbish too.

“My father was a Supreme Elder back then, he died because of me. Initially, he wanted to kill me, but my wife asked him not to, so he didn’t.

“How could I forget those things though? And the night when I heard them talk? I’ve never felt that humiliated, but what could I do? I could only suffer in silence. Each time I see him, I wish I could kill him…

“Hehe, therefore, Lin Feng, you only see me as someone you hate, but now you also know what I’ve been through,” said Ye Lü Qi, smiling self-deprecatingly.

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds. If Ye Lü Qi’s story was true, Lin Feng didn’t mind collaborating with him. Ye Lü Qi couldn’t do much before, but with someone who could help him, then he wouldn’t mind becoming a traitor.

“Ye Lü Qi, I need proof” said Lin Feng, taking a deep breath.

Ye Lü Qi ground his teeth, but finally nodded, “Alright, I’m going to kill the remaining disciples of the Celestial Gods Government and show you.”

“Eh? What? There are more disciples of the Celestial Gods Government?” Lin Feng was stupefied. Then, it meant that even without Di Shu, Lin Feng would still have been in danger.

Ye Lü Qi nodded, “Yes. Two of them. They are also geniuses of the Celestial Gods Government,” Ye Lü Qi nodded.

“Who?” asked Lin Feng frowning.

“Pan Mei and Du Chen are not only the sixth and ninth cultivators of the Gods List, they are also part of our group,” said Ye Lü Qi.

Lin Feng was surprised. Did the Thunder Gods Government also have some hidden members?

“The Thunder Gods Government doesn’t have hidden disciples. Don’t worry,” said Ye Lü Qi smiling as if he could read through Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded, not worried anymore. But how could Ye Lü Qi kill Pan Mei and Du Chen? They had the strength of the top of the ninth layer, they were probably much stronger than him.

Lin Feng was starting to trust him. The fact that Ye Lü Qi was ready to risk his life to kill the two others proved he was trustworthy.

“Ye Lü Qi, you know what kind of people I hate the most?” Lin Feng asked with a neutral expression.

“I don’t know,” said Ye Lü Qi, shaking his head.

“Petty people and hypocrites,” said Lin Feng, smiling stonily.

When Ye Lü Qi heard that, his heart twitched and he asked, “And which category do I belong to?”

“The first one, but I admire you because the fact that you are vile and petty can be useful,” said Lin Feng, clapping Ye Lü Qi’s shoulder.

Ye Lü Qi laughed. Indeed, he was vile, but he wanted to get his revenge!

“Lin Feng, what about the one called Di Shu?” said Ye Lü Qi. He seemed worried.

“Sigh, we’ll see. But he can’t possibly know that we’re cooperating, so you should be safe,” Lin Feng nodded.

Ye Lü Qi shook his head. Lin Feng seemed surprised.

“I wasn’t safe, but now I should be,” said Ye Lü Qi. He took his golden plate and broke it.

Lin Feng was surprised, then smiled. He was safe now, indeed.

Now, all the disciples and elders of the Celestial Gods Government were eliminated, so nobody would have doubts about Ye Lü Qi.

“Come here, I’ll punch you too,” said Lin Feng, then punched Ye Lü Qi and hurled him away.

Some of Ye Lü Qi’s bones broke. That way, he was completely safe!

Ye Lü Qi and Lin Feng both laughed.

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